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    Knights of the Realm
    Expansion woohoo

    The lands are in chaos...
    Nations at war demand retribution. Once called legends, now vile criminals. Chaos has struck. The furious battle against the nine classes has begun, and only one will be victorious. The strongest swordsmen have come to the task, and display their new colors so all others quiver in their chainmail. A war is here, and armies are rampaging. Only one shall survive.
    Will it be you?

    Expansion Information

    My expansion that I will be working on for some time is called Knights of the Realm! I've been thinking about this for awhile, and decided it's finally time to start my first custom expansion, so please I Hope you continue reading.

    Knights of the Realm is an expansion that introduces many chivalrous new minions and brave new combatants that are, well knights!

    The Golden Warrior:

    The hero portrait you get with Pre-order. Famous knight, known for never revealing his true identity has joined the fight in Hearthstone as a customizable hero of the warrior class.

    So...whats in the set?

    Included in Knights of the Realm are:

    135 cards
    45 Neutral cards
    10 cards per class

    The substantial amount, however,
    the class cards is a little different Scroll Below to Find out.

    Also this class includes two new keywords which are...


    A Unique (that also is popular in swordsmanship terminology) technique that requires a number from the minion, like Overload, and performs an action. Minions with parry will take X less damage when getting attacked or attacking minions or heroes.

    Justice, which is a usual word tied with knights, is more chivalrous, such as making the minion stronger against those who've killed his allies. They deal X more damage against minions that have destroyed friendly minions, which requires planning when to use it, or even who to kill what with.

    Both keywords play into each other, one is used for defense and the other offense, which I think really fits into the theme of the set.
    Now the most important part....

    New Cards:

    I will show off a few new cards today, seeing how it is the first day of my expansion.

    Firstly, here are some examples of the previous mechanics, Parry and Justice:

    Vengeful Knight:
    A Simple one drop that showcases the Justice mechanic, for example, it would deal 3 damage instead of 1 against a minion that has already killed a friendly minion.
    Mega Knight:
    Mega Knight is a defensive minion that takes 1 less damage against other minions. Since it has taunt, minions must target it, it preserves itself on board even more for sustaining less damage than necessary.

    Secondly, each class in this set will have a different Weapon. Since this is Knighthood in all, it seems fit to give every class a new weapon to use. For example, the shaman weapon...

    Boosted Mace:
    A Mace that gains an upgrade with Overload. In exchange for its higher cost, weaker attack and lower durability it gets a remarkable ability that can preserve it for many more rounds than just 3. 

    Spells, don't appear as often as minions in this class, however, they are just as important. For example, the Druid spell...

    Come Little Ones
    A simple draw card, they appear often in druid, however similar to Raiding Party, it draws the race Beasts instead of normal minions, which helps because it thins down the draw amount if your looking for a certain card.

    Now the legendaries, in this expansion, each class will get two legendaries. One minion legendary and one Hero. For example,

    Bors, The Holy Knight
    An angel from the heavens, here to fight for the priest class! Bors hold tremendous capabilities. In the case that your hero is under 5 health, you can fully regenerate, completely annihilating your opponent's plans. Even then, his stats are impressive, well enough to put up a fight against others.

    Theria, Beast Rider
    Beast tamer from the wildlands, said to be able to speak to all animals and control them at will. Theria is a major card for beast decks, considering that her hero power gives beasts 2+/2+. Similar to dinomancy, except you also get two animal companions with her being played. 

    IN conclusion:
    All class sets will have:
    2 commons
    2 rares
    2 epics
    2 legendaries

    Which will consist of:
    3 spells
    4 minions
    1 weapon
    1 legendary minion
    1 hero portrait

    Newest Card Showcase:

    Next Card Drop: April 22, Monday
    Tweak Update: April 21, Sunday

    Cards: (88/135)



    Hero Power-

    Hunter (10/10)



    Tokens/Hero Power:

    Mage (6/10) 


    Token/Hero Power:

     Paladin (6/10)


    Token/Hero Power-

    Priest (6/10)



    Shaman (6/10)


    Token/Hero power-

    Rogue (6/10)


    Token/Hero Power:

     Warlock (6/10)

    Tokens/Hero Power:

     Warrior (6/10)


    Tokens/Hero Power:

     Neutral (30/45)

    Commons (12/22)-


    Rares (4/9)-

    Epics (5/9)-

    Legendaries (3/5)-


    Thank you for reading! Even if you scrolled all the way down that's fine!
    Please leave an upvote if you enjoyed my post!
    Timer for card drop is above. 

    The Latest Updates will always be at the bottom of the Thread, if you want to read my thoughts making this card. 







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    Quote from Garra >>

    Sub for Catrina?

     Catrina is literally one of the only cards you need for this deck to work.

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    Enterance: Give em the One-Two Mac!
    Destroyed: Good Hustle Mac!
    Flavor: He's supposed to be a boxer famous for being incredibly small, but he's just the Underdog.

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    This good af with lab recruiter, scheme, academic espionage

    will be a staple in thief rogue for sure

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    so will the free legendary when you login for the first time after Rise of Shadows drops be this? or will it be this and you get another free legendary? ofc non pre order wise

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    The Glass Knight + this card = never ending divine shield (aslong as your getting attacked by a minion and are damaged)

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    This card is very versatile and useful in species-themed decks. Especially decks with multiple species, giving them the power of choice.

    Flavour Text: " Jack's good at many things, but decisions aren't one of them. "

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    Hooktusk + Togwaggle's Scheme after sitting in your hand for like 20 turns


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    Quest Rewards:

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