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    Thrall deathseer doesn't work in this deck with shudderwock i'd replace that with Hagatha, dollmaster isn't the greatist either, i am unsure what this deck is attempting to achieve sadly as the shudderwock seems outta place, right now there are two types of shudderwocks, the value deck shudderwock that doesn't run murmuring or harbinger and mainly relies on getting around 4 shudderwocks down each time yo uplay him and deal about 6 - 9 damage total each time to face, and then there is the combo oriented one that runs both murmuring and harbinger and is attempting to one turn combo someone down from 30 hp - 0 hp. 


    My idea is make a value deck have the deck kinda revolve around Bogshaper and Hagatha as their abilities work hand in hand with one another. can ass in value battle cry effects like the frog and elementals to refill your hand i think an elemental heavy deck with shudderwock would be extremely powerful and im currently working on this idea myself but ya know... lacking the cards needed right now lol.

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    Ehh... this is a bad arcane missles and that's saying lot since arcane missles is already kinda bad, casting 2 arcane missles deals more damage than this and for 1 less mana

    Idk why they don't just try to make  is powerful like... 3 mana deal 7 random damage to your enemy make it like spreading madness but for your enemies board, still wouldn't see play but would be better than what it is now

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    if aggro can't kill you in the early game they can't kill you in the late game lel. getting random legendaries is just... bad malchzar didn't even see play after the first few weeks of Karazan and he literally did this effect and better  than this effect because he ADDED cards to your deck, this is transforming possibly useful cards into can be unplayable cards.

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    I smell meme deck

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    Whaatt? no these stats are total trash 5 mana for this? that's way to much for just having rush and divine shield, this just Wounds a 4 drop and is probably only good at killing 1 - 3 drops this card is just a no go 

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    a great... solid card for ragon decks. nothing else to say, you playing dragons? Well this card is an auto include.

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    they literally just reprinted shatter but allow it to freeze enemies JUST incase you get 2 of these in hand. Because damn when you get two shatters in your hand and no way to activate it? feels bad.

    Still a bad card.

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    LOL  warlock stole Pint sized potion from  priest.. and this can technically kill any card with void ripper, use this twice or 3 times  then drop void ripper and it'lls nuke everything. or you could put in that mossy thing... that kills anything 2 or weaker in attack but that's not realistic because it's a 7 cost.

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    soo... it's just a void terror? that can rush. i am unsure about this... i mean in the past we never had meta decks use the destroy your own minion mechanic really used... i mean Void terror sees no play and never have really...  

    though with that said this card might be also crazy if you use it on say.. specific demons like.. Voidlord, and this turns into a 5/11 with rush and pretty much kills anything it crashes into, skull out the voidlord... ractcatcher it yeah.. that would work out really well. they woul dhave to get through 3 taunts to get to the 5/11

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    huh... this is a really good card, and the fact you can use it on yourself to trigger the self damaging effects is pretty amazing.

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