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    In a typical Agro Hunter deck this would be a bad card, but I see this could have some great potential in a Control Hunter. As a few others have mentioned it is a flexible card at a cheap mana cost, allowing you to either finish off a minion in the early game, or give one of your 3+ health minions to trade with Poisonous later in the game.

    If I open a Deathstalker Rexxar from a pack, I think I might actually try to craft the tools for a Control Hunter :3

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    The only popular 5+ attack minions I've seen Priests play are Elise the Trailblazer, Drakonid Operative, and Medivh, the Guardian, and most really only run Elise. So unless you are adding in vanilla body minions with higher attack, there is little risk of killing off your own guys.

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    You do realize the majority of minions a control styled Priests runs a all 4 attack or less, right? The only minions this doesn't work well with is Drakonid Operative and Elise the Trailblazer.

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    Says spells bro, not minions. Hunter's 1-cost minions are all unaffected.

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    Aaww, why couldn't this be a Priest card :'(

    Don't get me wrong, it's great for Hunter, but man this would have helped Quest Priest...

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    Well, everyone kept asking for a way to tech against Quest Warrior :D. I mean sure, this only helps once the Quest is completed, and they can still use removal an/or creatures against it, but I've had games where Quest Warrior already used both their Executes and Brawls by the turn they played Sulfurous. If you're able to bait out their removal, I think this card can at least buy you a turn.

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    In principle this is a nicely flexible effect which is what I love to see in my Shaman cards. At 2 mana it can either combo well with a Firefly from turn 1, bolster a taunt minion (including your taunt totem), or be used to stall a minion for 1 turn. Even excluding the potential synergy with the new Shaman legendary, this is quite literally a cool card, near-perfect for control styled decks :D

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    Wow! They actually did it, they gave rogue a class healing card.

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    While the 3/1 stat line does seem a bit weak for 3 mana, I can actually see some use for this card in a Quest-Kazakus Priest deck looking for deathrattle minions that don't all cost 4. And that's not even counting the possibility you could get Thalnos, Bloodhoof, White Eyes, or even a Tirion off this guy!

    I know I'm certainly gonna try out a Quest-Kazakus deck, possibly even with the Death Knight Hero for Priest depending on the card's effects.

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    My god... I think this card might ACTUALLY be viable in an "All-1-Drop-Beast" Hunter deck with Dinomancy!

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