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    Hmm, so what happens when you play a 1/1 copy of Shadow Sensei alongside Valeera the Hollow on turn 10? Could the game's coding goof and treat Veleera as a stealthed minion?

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    Question: If 2 minions die at the  same time, will the spell be triggered again only one, or twice?

    Say you cast Forbidden Ritual and still have 3 tentacles left over the next turn, would Defile trigger a minimum 3 times + additional casts for any opponent minion deaths?

    Considering that would be absurdly strong I'm going to assume that the card only counts deaths by "activation round" and not the total number of deaths, but it doesn't outright say so in the card's text.

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    Wow! They actually did it, they gave rogue a class healing card.

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    A pretty nice setup, kinda makes me wish I had some Faceless Shamblers to take effect of those high-stated minions. Though, aren't you worried about the deck's lack of outright removal? Sure the majority Silencing effects can be used to cripple some enemy minions if need be, but But having no copies of Death or Pain just seems wrong.

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    You are absolutely right, in fact those 3 cards and the Quest itself (total of 4 cards) are technically all you even need to make the Quest work. I actually just theorycrafted a deck with this "Quest Package" added onto it for extra endgame resources. :P

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    That thought occurred to me as well. Like, imagine getting this guy from Forbidden Shaping or the new Free From Amber :O ! Could even work with Giant Anaconda if you're able to trade on your own turn.

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    I think people are missing the part where you can Coin this out on Turn 1, then play a discounted 3-Drop Elemental on Turn 2. Also, this can allow you to play Servant of Kalimos on Turn 4 where it's more useful on an Elemental synergy curve, instead of Turn 5.

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    Pretty interesting actually, another option for control-y styled decks alongside Mistress of Mixtures. But man, could you imagine how crazy it would be if this card also affected your opponent's minions!? XD Turn 1 SHUT DOWN!

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