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    The Oracle - Visionary Set Part 2

    Hello again folks! No fancy border from me again, was too busy this week! Here's a quick refresher of the class:

    Basic Set | Visionary Set Part 1

    No fancy talks this time, again?

    Nope! I'll let my cards do all my talking! I did have fun making some Battlecry/Deathrattle synergies though!

    Showcase Cards

    Spoiler Cards










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    Visionary Set

    Hey everyone, no fancy border from me this time since Imgur does not seem to like it! Here's a link to the basic cards in case if you have forgotten: https://www.hearthpwn.com/forums/hearthstone-general/fan-creations/249984-custom-class-competition-8-submission-thread-week?comment=20

    Where does Oracle come into play?
    No need to jump the gun so quickly, sheesh! But anyways, Oracle will be proposed to come in during the Witchwood expansion! Fortunately, Kriki has brought some friends along! Some big and some small. But you might even get Fatigued by some of them... Fatigue works the same way as when you run out of cards in the normal game! Slow, but sure doom awaits for those who delve deep...

    Anyways, enough of the pleasantries! I'll let the cards speak for themselves! Enjoy and good luck other contestants!






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    The Oracle Class

    Showcase Cards

    Hey everyone, Logovaz here. You may know me from the r/CustomHearthstone subreddit and/or the Discord. Decided to throw my hat into the ring for this competition.

    What class is this and what is it about?
    The class I am gracing showing you today is the Oracle class. Oracles see into the future! And the future is the Old Gods taking over the world, wahoo! This class uses the power of the Old Gods to power up to destroy the enemy. There is a catch however... the Old Gods don't give their power without consequence...

    What is Oracle good at?
    The Oracle class loves to use various different ways to destroy a poor, unsuspecting peasant for evil. Maybe even turn one or two into big ol' powerhouses. The Oracle seeks to further delve deeper into madness which powers up them up who is ready to bring the Old Gods power!
    Translation (Strengths):  Single Target Removal, Single Target Buffs, Transform Effects, and Card Draw

    What is Oracle okay at?
    Oracles aren't by any means strong fighters or casters so their power to inflict pain on other Heroes is a bit limited. Also, just like any Old God loving ritualist, they have some tools to restore their health. They're not very versed in the whole blood sacrifice or actual healing, they just look at the future, okay? And since Oracles are very particular about the future, they tend to stick to their prophecies, but timelines can change!
    Translation (Limitations): Direct Damage, Healing, and Card Generation

    What is Oracle bad at?
    Since Old Gods aren't physically around to help curb-stomp any mass resistance, Oracles have to be wary about angry mobs. Speaking of angry mobs, Oracles are hard pressed to create their own mob since most beings find them very... cuckoo.
    Translation (Weaknesses): Swarming and AoE

    Basic Cards Set


     And that's all for now, folks! Praise C'Thun, Yogg, Y'Shaarj, and N'Zoth!

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