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    Been away for so long, let me see if I remember how to host and post images... xD

    This is a collab. with my girlfriend (doesn't have an account here). We tried really hard to avoid Hero Powers, since that felt a bit like the obvious thing to do.

    The idea here is that Mages will destroy their mirror to AOE their opponent's board, while Warriors have a threat that their opponent will struggle to remove with spot removal/direct damage. Warrior has the fewest direct damage spells, so they are very unlikely to be able to use this the way Mages will.

    eta: explanation text

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    Hi guys. I just wanted to apologize for not submitting... especially to those that were close to making it last round. Life kinda kicked my butt this week and I basically just went straight from work to sleep to work again. Last time I did one of these comps (and made it to finals) I was unemployed... and now with a full-time job (that ramped up last week - I'm an academic/career advisor at a university and it was first week of classes/last week of add period) things just did not come together.

    Good luck to everyone moving on, I'm so impressed and will continue to follow the progress and vote in polls :) :)


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    welp I've been so busy at work I only just realized I made the finals. hahah. congrats to the winner!!!

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    Thanks!!! :)

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    ...anyone else's notifications really backed up?

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    Quote from CheeseEtc >>

    1- The Hero Power

    I've received mixed feedback for my Hero Power (except the topdeck screwer which nobody liked), so I will post them all again!

    Option #1 - Random damage (current)

    Option #2 "switching Hero Power"

    The player will start with "Deal 2 damage"


    Option #3
    wasn't liked so I don't repost it.

    Option #4 with my custom "Roast" mechanic

    At first I didn't want to put my keyword on my Hero Power (simplicity etc.), but I noticed that a lot of people did put their keyword on their Hero Power. Also Blizzard themselves didn't bother expliciting what a "basic Totem" is on Totemic Call.

    Option #5 - Add to hand.

    2 - The cards

    The cards I want to show

    The other cards




    • The "regurgitate" on "Eat Alive" means "resummon", like on Moat Lurker. I'm not sure this is adapted for a classic set...
    • "Old School Cooking" might seem underpowered but it allows you to choose 2 different targets so its flexibility makes up for the cost. Also, it indirectly get double bonus from Spell Damage.
    • Challenge #3 is done with "Have the cake and eat it too".
    • "Have your cake" will necessarily burn (aka roast) you some cards 99% of the time. This, I think, justifies making it cost as much as Sprint.

    3 - Substitutions I'm thinking of

    a) "Have your cake and eat it too" --> "Bacon and eggs"

    I just noticed that the guy is frying bacon on my "Fry" card. If I rename it "Fried Bacon" I would complete #3 in a much easier way, which could free me the 2 slots of "Have your Cake and eat it too". However, it's less fun.

    b) Eat it Too

    This is more useful for my class in general and would make the synergy with "Have your Cake" stronger, so that you really had your cake and ate it too!

    c) Beefy Vegetarian

    I plan to do a couple of "fully heal" cards, and this makes Beefy Vegetarian more resilient. The effect works the same as Stoneskil Gargoyle.

    d) Eat it Alive

    "Eat it Alive" is rather complex for a basic card, though no more than Tracking or Charge and I consider the word "regurgitate" comprehensible in this context. However, if you don't agree with me, I have this other hard removal in store.

    Note that is isn't a transform effect! The target's deathrattle WILL trigger!

    e) Old School Cooking

    Much straightforward direct damage which would also free me a "3+ lines of text" slot. Is it a powercreep of Fireball? Yes but only in limited cases. Mages can burse for 13 with 2xFireball and Hero Power, by comparison my class could burst for 14 with this. Hardly game-changing. Also, this direct damage doubles down as removal.

    f) Have your Cake

    The future Roast mechanic will make playing build-arounds cards (e.g. C'Thun) much harder. This card would allow you to secure your win condition from your Roast mechanic.


    g) Eat Alive --> Vegan Diet

    Again, this removal is simplier than "Eat Alive". The second version has the advantage of sometimes being good on friendly minions as well.

    So, what do you think?

     WOW. hahahha. I feel like I missed seeing this in phase 1. This is hilarious and ridiculous and cool. Thoughts in spoiler:
    For your hero power, honestly I like the first/original one!! What can I say, I like simplicity. I definitely don't like the changing hero power because it just seems weak on top of being complicated. Also not crazy about keywords in the hero power... so if you end up changing it, I vote for the one where you add a hot meal card to your hand. But I like the original most.
    I prefer your bacon and eggs set to the cake and eat it too. I agree that the cake set is fun, but the effect is... a bit much. Save those concepts for other sets. HOWEVER, I just noticed your 2nd idea for "Have your Cake" and I much prefer that to the draw 10 cards one. Okay. I would go with your Fried Bacon and Fried Eggs for basic, and use the "Draw highest cost" spell in classic.
    If you go with the self-healing Beefy Vegetarian, I'd drop the attack, maybe to 5. Seems a bit too good as is. I prefer Butcher to Eat Alive, esp. for Basic. Also prefer Butcher to either of your Vegan Diet cards... Butcher just has great flavor, hah, I'd showcase that one. I'd keep Old School Cooking, especially if you stick with your original hero power. I'm not crazy about Roasting Drake, especially since there are no Dragons in basic (I know! it's true.) but I mean it's fine, I personally just wouldn't showcase it.
    I don't like Oven Malfunction's burst. It just doesn't feel right for the class... What about 6 mana deal 8 damage, that way you can't double down in one turn? Or make it target just minions. And Giant Barbecue is TOO STRONG. I would not include both this and Oven Malfunction... personally, I'd ditch Oven Malfunction and change Giant Barbecue to 7 mana.
    SO, I vote for:
    (but changing Giant Barbecue to 7 mana... also while you're at it, the text should say "next to it") and for your 10th card, I'd consider using Oven Malfunction's name and art and coming up with a new effect, maybe something with RNG because of the flavor of a malfunction ;D And if you're going to ditch a minion for an extra spell, I'd ditch the drake. He can fit into Classic pretty easily :)
    Hope this helps, and as always all my thoughts are just my own; you do you!!!!


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    Introducing Deathwing's future BFF...

    The inspiration for absorb came from the idea that Mystics, in addition to being seers, aspired to 'absorb' the holy and become one with God. Thus, their minions take the power of spells thrown at them and turn it into something else (and yes, if an opponent spell kills the minion, the effect DOES go off). Combine a bit of clairvoyance, religious fervor, and a desire to harness magic, and you get my Mystic class.

    Basic Set - Example Cards

    here is a mock-up of how Seer of the Forest (a mechanic that will be seen again!) works/looks:

    huge thank you to NiRaSt!!!! How cool is this?! :D

    Basic Set - Other Cards

    Nuts // Bolts Challenge: Hoping it's obvious, but since I split them up... it's Lucky // Charm ;)

    Thank you Cogito for the fantastic banner, and to my amazing discussion thread friends for the feedback! <3

    edited to change 'Charm' art, thanks Schlauchneid!!

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    Quote from McF4rtson >>
    Quote from Livienna >>
    Okay this is my first review for this class... let me start by saying I think the hero power is problematic since you will never, ever fatigue. I'm not knowledgable enough about the ins and outs of game design to feel like I can definitively pass judgement on whether this would break the game, but I think it's definitely not good, since no other hero power is doing that. However, the HP is not the worst I've seen in this competition xD and you've got great flavor in this class.
    Before I forget: remember that your 0-cost card MUST be an EXAMPLE card, as per the challenge, i.e. not under a spoiler. I'd switch it with Finding Mobus... I'm not even sure why but it's just not doing much for me. Also, this way you can include the token right next to the card in the spoiler (check out how I did that in my submission - post #14). Also, I like Go With the Flow... it's interesting and flavorful. 
    Scry Me A River is... interesting. You're gonna be drawing a LOT haha. But since a main mechanic is adding to your deck, that makes sense. Hilarious title xD Spearmaiden is basically always a 5/5 for 4... I'm not nuts about it but I can understand where you're coming from with the design. I wouldn't showcase it. Maybe replace with the Staff, which I like! And if you end up deciding to ditch a minion, I'd ditch this one.
    I'd make Sea Elemental either a 2/2. As it is now, you can coin it out on 1 and hero power on 2 to have a 4/3 and that just feels too good. Especially because you are going to have a lot of ways to add cards to your deck. And while you're at it, add the elemental minion tag ;)
    I would consider making Frostfire only target minions. Not a huge thing, but I'd def think about it. Water Blast is fine but boring (which I mean, is fine for Basic, but I bet you could get something better in here). Stormseer is nicely made. And finally, Three Fathoms Below is... hard to judge. hahaha. which make me think it should not be showcased. I'd prefer Frostfire.
    And yeah, I did not get the ref with your Nuts // Bolts entries? And sorry, I totally just jumped around/did this is a dumb order, haha. Hope it was helpful!!!
    Spearmaiden can go to 4/6, allowing Chillwind to trade evenly with it.
    I outlined Finding Mobus' role, I feel like it should be kept as an example.
    Sea Elemental should stay at 3/2 because: If you coin out a 2/3 or 3/2, then you play another 2-mana minion, you get more stats than a 4/3 and "passed" turn 2. In addition, 4/3 is well within the realm of turn 2 removal. And yes, I know I'm missing the tag.
    Yes, I'll try to think of something else for Water Blast.
    Three Fathoms was either a 5 or 6 mana card, I'm still thinking of which it should be.
    Do you mind telling me the reasoning behind Frostfire being able to target minions only?

    Furthermore, about the Hero Power. There is a way to circumvent the fatigue, but I wasn't sure if it would be too complex. But, seeing as many other people have introduced entirely new concepts/mechanics with their Hero Power, I figure I'll do the same now.
    Yup, I mean all of my feedback - take what you want from it :) it's your baby, in the end. hehe. And, fwiw, I prefer Fathoms at 6. Adding cards to your deck is a big advantage for your class, and worth more than 0 mana. 
    I guess the 12 dmg to face with 2 Frostfires just felt a bit out of place for the class... mage is supposed to be able to do shit like that. I could be wrong in how I'm interpreting your class. I guess it just depends on how you see it!
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    Quote from Demonxz95 >>
    Alright, so I think I might have my Basic set figured out a bit here. New additions include:
    • Dust Typhoon - It's simple, small AoE that fits the sand thematic. It may not feel in place yet, but positional effects I plan to be a theme of my class. Is it obvious that what's in the artwork is supposed to be sand?
    • Crossfire Bolts - Remade to be a Basic card with random effects, when I originally experimented with cards with multiple chosen targets. I wanted it to have a Crushing Walls like effect, but I feel like that would be too complex for a Basic card, even if I want it as a theme. As much as i want to keep RNG in my class as small as possible, I feel this will just have to do.
    • Banish - Single target hard removal. Works as an Assassinate + Convert.

    Changes to other cards:

    • Quicksand now costs 3, down from 4.
    • Done That now only copies spells. It adds an interesting flavor element where Been There copies minions and Done That copies spells. Using "cast" instead of "played" actually makes the card fit within 3 lines too. Awesome!
    So what should my example cards be? I'll be glad to get this out of the way where things will hopefully be less restrictive. I already have a lot of my Classic set figured out... and my Quest, Death Knight and Legendary weapon (when I find good artwork for it)... and a bunch of other cards... and a bunch of awesome unused artwork I need to use.
     Oh man, changes!! Let's see...
    Glad you changed Done That to spells :) nice! Also, I like Banish. Great flavor, works for the class. Quicksand at 3 is fine. Yeah, better than 4. Good call whoever gave that feedback lol cuz I know it wasn't me. Dust Typhoon seems good... art works for me! Overall you've done really well with art :) Hmmm... I still think Been There is too strong at 4 mana, but i saw someone say it should be 3... so... I just have no idea. It's probably fine. 
    As for what to showcase, I'm thinking Accelerate Time (or was that part of your set in the last phase?), Quicksand for the awesome flavor, and I guess Been There // Done That. I was going to say just Done That but it looks so good as a set that I think you should go for it. It's one of the better answers to that challenge, imho. And obvs your 0-cost card, which I don't think is too complicated for basic (see: Tracking) especially since it's a main mechanic of the class. I still like it better as rearranging 3 cards instead of 4, but that's just me ;)
    Woo! Well done!!! 
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    Quote from Demonxz95 >>
    Quote from Cogito_Ergo_Sum >>

    Alright! I'm becoming more and more busy as I grow up. We're never getting younger...

    If you want a review, presentation help, or clarification about the rules, please reply to this, and I will try to respond ASAP!

    Got 5 confirmed Basic cards and 2 I'm not sure on. Future Sight not costs 0, down from 1, to fit Challenge 1.
    Been There and Done That are the two cards for Challenge 6, completing the phrase "Been There, Done That". They both cost 4 and have fairly similar effects.
    For my other 2 cards:
    I like Sandmancer, but does the effect make sense and does it work right. I really like the effect of Quicksand, but is three 4-cost cards too many? Does it thematically fit with the class? Is the flavor right? I tried to emphasize the sand theme a bit more here.
    People have also been completing their sets a lot faster.
     Just wanted to pop in and say I really like what you're doing here! I love Quicksand... great flavor, and it feels balanced - kind of like a sap that also takes away card draw from your opponent :P Future Sight, since it's 0 mana now, could probably look at 3 cards instead of 4. I will also say that Been There feels way too good at 4 mana. Imagine slamming Sylvanas down and then playing this to get 2 more in hand... noooope. Too good. I'd say 6 mana? Also I would make Done That just spells, so that they're mirrors of each other. 4 mana I think would be fine for that. The rest I like!! Well done.
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