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    posted a message on Is Resurrect Unhealthy?
    Quote from Edgy_Teenager >>
    Quote from mortoz >>

    play any deck with that card, and come here to apologize.

    easy to sell as overpowered using best scenario ever.

    first is 9 mana, second you have to be good to set up a deck that doesn't fuck it up, third you have to be good enough to play minion before without fucking it up.

    try. then if you reach legend just with that card, i will say you are right.

     You miss the point entirely.  It's not overpowered, I agree.  However, it's just plain unfun.  That's the biggest issue.

    Whether something is "unfun" is purely subjective. Maybe you find it unfun because you are dealing with such opponents all wrong.

    With Rez Priest, you have a fighting chance if you play your cards right - you can burst them down before they get their high value minions up; you can dilute their rez pool with Albatrosses, Toads, Whelps, Sheep, etc; and/or you can save your board wipes for their big rez turns.

    Personally, I find playing against rez decks interesting since it forces you to play differently and think carefully. It is aggro decks like Face Hunters which are much more unfun to play against.

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    posted a message on Do you still play standard after Battlegrounds and Descent of Dragons?

    I play both but spend more time on Battlegrounds (partly because the games take much longer). Battlegrounds is more fun and addictive because of the gambling effect - you never know what hero you will get or what minions you will be offered by Bob, so that makes you want to keep replaying and trying again. 

    In contrast, I play Standard mainly out of a sense of duty - to complete quests or to reach Rank 5 before the season ends, rather than for the inherent pleasure of playing it. 

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    posted a message on New Priest Legendary Card Revealed - Murozond, the Infinite

    People are sleeping on this card. This is very strong. The fact that targets are random isn't an issue since you choose when to play this. Obviously, you wouldn't be playing it after a turn where your opponent was slinging around Fireballs. You would be saving it for a turn when your opponent played some valuable (non-Battlecry) minions or spells which aren't targeted.

    I see this as better than even Ysera. If you are building a Dragon deck, it is an auto-include. 


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    posted a message on New Neutral Legendary Card Revealed - Frizz Kindleroost


    Team 5: You're right that the new Dragons we've printed may be too weak to shake up the meta, so here's a legendary to make Dragon decks viable! 

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    posted a message on New Shaman Legendary Card Revealed - Nithogg

    Nithogg should have Taunt so that she can protect the eggs like you would expect a mama dragon to. Missed opportunity Blizzard!  

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    posted a message on New Common Neutral Minion Revealed - Evasive Drakonid

    This card is amazing. Usually big minions with the elusive effect are legendaries (Soggoth the Slitherer, Tyrantus).

    It would have been playable even without a tribe, but the addition of the Dragon tag puts it over the edge in an expansion where you most likely want dragons in your hand.

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    Quote from Wailor >>
    Quote from WhatAChamp >>

    Is this supposed to be a GoT reference? The ship ballista that Euron used?

     Huge ballistas are usually portrayed as anti-dragon weaponry in many fantastic settings. The Hobbit had one, as well.

     It being on a ship is clearly meant to reference GOT, though.

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    posted a message on Should Counterspell counter Flare?

    There's no neat way to bend the rules just for Flare - you need specific card text on either Counterspell (e.g. "Does not counter Flare") or Flare (e.g. "Immune to Counterspell") to make that happen, which is very inelegant.

    Also, it's fair since Flare is only a 2-mana card while Counterspell is a 3-mana card. If you use Flare to trigger Counterspell, you are actually ahead tempo-wise and can safely use other more valuable spells.

    So yes, I think Counterspell should counter Flare too. 

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    posted a message on Will Auto Chess games affect Hearthstone in any way?

    The vast majority of HS players don't care about streamers or what they do. I personally play Hearthstone daily and buy every expansion but don't watch streamers (never got the attraction of watching other people play a game instead of playing it personally). So I doubt HS will die just because of what streamers do.

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    Quote from serotoninronin >>

    Right, but what I'm asking at this point is,  "do you think that if Da Undatakah read 'copy the deathrattle effects of three friendly minions that died this game' (instead of "gain the deathrattle effects...") it would work like I originally thought?"

     No, it won't. Listen to what others are saying.

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