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    posted a message on Community abusing the emote function more often nowadays?

    I don’t get why people always get so triggered by emotes. It’s just meaningless taunting which you can ignore or squelch with a press of the button. It’s not that hard to press a button, people.

    The more annoying form of BM is deliberate roping, since that actually wastes your time and there is no real way to counter it other than roping yourself in retaliation, which makes the game go even longer.

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    posted a message on Battlegrounds - Blizzard Patch Teaser?

    Playing a game for the inherent enjoyment of it rather than trying to climb some meaningless ranking? What a radical idea! 

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    posted a message on New Mage Hero Card - The Amazing Reno

    So do we know if Amazing Reno's Battlecry removes the minions from the graveyard as well (ie cannot be resurrected)? Or is it just a silence and destroy effect? 

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    posted a message on Stealth nerf gentle megasaur?

    It’s easier to get Poisonous on your murlocs by cycling through Toxfins. 

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    posted a message on BattleGrounds Data

    I've missed this too. I don't think any other site does regularly-updated hero tier lists for Battlegrounds so this is a feature that should help Hearthpwn draw traffic.

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    posted a message on Why no one asking for Druid nerfs?

    Embiggen Druid is slow, inconsistent and easy to counter. It's a pretty sub-optimal deck if they don't draw their Embiggens early. And it loses to any Control deck with a decent amount of big target removal.

    The only reason why it is so dominant now is because it is taking advantage of a meta that is favourable to it. Once it becomes too popular, more people will start playing decks and/or teching in cards that counter it, which will push down its win rate.

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    posted a message on Tier 6 in Battlegrounds

    I agree. Tier 6 is not worth the upgrade unless I am playing Murlocs and am hoping to get multiple Gentle Megasaurs for the dream Divine Shield/Poisonous combo. 

    Otherwise, you are better off just spending your coins on trying to get triples for your existing minions, which allows you to discover Tier 6 minions and helps you temporarily free up a board space as well (very important to cycle through your Battlecry/Magnetic minions). 


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    posted a message on Heroic Finley+Boom+Avalanchan+Krisiki

     Finley took an embarrassing number of tries, and Boom took two tries, but all the other bosses went down easily. Thanks!

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    posted a message on Why do we have to play the adventure to get the new cards?!

    This is like saying, "I already paid for WoW, why do I still need to kill monsters to get loot?"

    You are not paying for cards. You are paying to get access to an adventure which, if you beat, gives you cards as a reward.


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    posted a message on New Rogue Card - Skyvateer

    Not sure what the Stealth is for... weird card.

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    posted a message on Galakrond's Awakening - cash or gold?

    Gold because I bought both cash bundles for DOD and had enough packs that I didn't need to spend any gold on the expansion. I'm sitting on a gold pile of 8k+ now.

    I think it makes more sense to save cash for the expansion promotional bundles since they are better value - you get more packs and also card backs/hero skins/golden legendaries. In contrast you don't get anything extra by spending cash on adventures that you can't get by spending gold instead. 

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    posted a message on The adventure will contain 4 class hero legendaries, mage one already revealed

    Hero cards are usually very impactful so this should shake up the meta. Maybe that's why the GOOD classes feel so weak currently - Blizzard has been holding out on us and saving the best cards for the adventure!

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    posted a message on 1500 XP Quest Trading - Play A Friend! (#7)


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    posted a message on Is Resurrect Unhealthy?
    Quote from Edgy_Teenager >>
    Quote from mortoz >>

    play any deck with that card, and come here to apologize.

    easy to sell as overpowered using best scenario ever.

    first is 9 mana, second you have to be good to set up a deck that doesn't fuck it up, third you have to be good enough to play minion before without fucking it up.

    try. then if you reach legend just with that card, i will say you are right.

     You miss the point entirely.  It's not overpowered, I agree.  However, it's just plain unfun.  That's the biggest issue.

    Whether something is "unfun" is purely subjective. Maybe you find it unfun because you are dealing with such opponents all wrong.

    With Rez Priest, you have a fighting chance if you play your cards right - you can burst them down before they get their high value minions up; you can dilute their rez pool with Albatrosses, Toads, Whelps, Sheep, etc; and/or you can save your board wipes for their big rez turns.

    Personally, I find playing against rez decks interesting since it forces you to play differently and think carefully. It is aggro decks like Face Hunters which are much more unfun to play against.

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    posted a message on Do you still play standard after Battlegrounds and Descent of Dragons?

    I play both but spend more time on Battlegrounds (partly because the games take much longer). Battlegrounds is more fun and addictive because of the gambling effect - you never know what hero you will get or what minions you will be offered by Bob, so that makes you want to keep replaying and trying again. 

    In contrast, I play Standard mainly out of a sense of duty - to complete quests or to reach Rank 5 before the season ends, rather than for the inherent pleasure of playing it. 

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