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    OMG! How can i constantly vote for this deck! Awesome creativity!

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    Hard to pick one here. Galakrond Highlander Rogue and Quest Ressurect Priest are the most frustrating enemies for me. 

    Close after comes Galakrond Warrior.


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    Quote from Scorpyon >>

    Sorry if that sounded pedantic. Wasn't intended that way - just wanted to make sure that the solution was clear for the OP. 
    Thanks for the answer ;-)

     Not at all. We all should be careful on what answers we give because we might mislead people if we do not state them correctly.

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    Indeed, i was not that clear in my statement.

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    Nope. Zephrys the Great does not take your hand into consideration.



    Notes[edit | edit source]

    <dl> <dt>General</dt> </dl>
    • Zephrys' Battlecry allows the player to choose a card from the Basic or Classic set to add to their hand from a selection of three cards, from any class. The three cards offered are based on what is best for the current gameplay situation, as calculated by an internal algorithm.[1]
      • Zephrys' algorithm will consider both players' board state, your available mana after playing Zephrys, your available mana for the next turn, both players' health totals (health and armor), both players' classes, both players' deck sizes, and how many cards are in your hand and in your opponent's hand.[2][3][4] Zephrys also considers the number of Secrets the opponent has, and the opponent's weapon if they have one equipped.[3] Zephrys also considers both players' Basic and Upgraded Hero Powers, but not most other hero powers.[4]
      • Zephrys will only use "public" information in selecting his card offerings, as detailed above; thus, he will not see or use "private" information, such as what cards are in your hand.[2][5]"
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    Excuse me when we talk about Hunterstone are we referring to Face Hunter here? Because i think Highlander Hunter is far more decent and interesting as a deck.

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    Highlander Hunter

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    Quote from Exitium >>

    I think you mean "bug"

    Not experienced this myself

     Yeah i mean "bug" (just fixed the title)... Well with so many Santa bags around these days....:P 

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    Hello people and a Happy New Year!

    I recently face quite often a bug in battlegrounds and i want to know if there are others who have the same problem.

    There are times when i can't purchase any new minions from the tavern although i have enough gold coins and i recieve the message "Not enough gold". I can refresh, normaly, i can sell minions normaly but no matter what i can purchase new minions.

    I haven't seen any similar thread around (though i admit i did not search deeply in the forum) and i was wandering if you know why this happens and if there is a way to fix this or if Bliz has announced something concerning this.

    Thank you in advance.


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    Greetings people.

    I am wandering if there are other players around that have the same feeling i have, concering classes in current arena setup.

    Accoring to HSreplay Druid is number 3 class in win rate having only Hunter and Palading above. However, after taking enough arena runs with various classes (mostly Palading, Mage, Hunter and Druid) i can't see how can there be any other class that can make it better than Druid.

    Druid has some extraordinary cards in its card pool that can simply devastate almost any other class.

    The one that shines above all, at least to my opinion, is Emerald Explorer. It is a card that gives outrageous tempo and control. Needless to say that the fact that the chance to discover another Emerald Explorer while playing one are extremely high.

    In addition to that if you have at least one Dragon Breeder in your arena deck value is huge.

    Add to this Enchanted Raven, Swipe, Starfire, Ironbark Protector, Wrath, Starfall to name a few.

    And then come neutral cards that just support all the above like: Evasive Drakonid, Amani War Bear, Hippogryph, Blazing Battlemage, Twin Tyrant.

    Druid has the awesome cards to gain early board pressure in order to reach mid game when he starts taking full control of the game with lots of heavy taunts, dragons (with their synergies), and spells.

    Whenever i face a Paladin either on 0-0 or on 5-0 the result is the same. They are getting heavily stomped.

    Only decks i find resistance while playing druid are actualy Hunters and Warlocks and ofcourse other Druids.

    Do you people experience the same thing? 

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    I have been playing this deck since last expansion up to now with the new additions made.

    It is a fun deck to play indeed but you won't get that much success with it according to the current meta.

    So it is up to you if you want to dust all your collection of legendaries to play with it.

    If i were you, i wouldn't dust a thing.

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    Quote from mortoz >>

    My opinion is that you are a shaman player.

    A part for that, a nerf occour not because a deck is unbeateble, but because a card or a deck are too common, making the game boring as hell.

    Faceless corruptor is everywhere and it's clearly too powerfull. Even without rush is a crazy card.

    Nerf are to make variety not to make people happy to win with another deck.


     Totaly understandable that you believe this. Only thing i will answer is that i have Shaman in level 36 with 28 wins through all my HS carrier :P I hate Shamans generaly and i only started playing during this meta to see how Galakrond Shaman operates. I am a Mage first and then Priest player.

    It is true considering Faceless Corruptor i totaly agree on that.

    I also agree on the reason nerfs should be implemented. And this is why i titled this thread. 

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    Hello people.

    Considering all this hype due to Galakrond Shaman and the nerfs people demanded soon after the release of DoD, Blizzard hastily reacted with a nerf/ balance patch announcement as we all know.

    However, during the days that followed right after and up today we have seen various decks that surfaced as a counter to Galakrond Shaman. Most of these decks are agro decks, which in their part are countered by all these various control decks.

    For my part i have tried some of these decks to see how they operate in Standard. Galakrond Shaman, Galakrond Zoo Lock, Face Hunter, Highlander Hunter and Pirate Warrior. Through all these games i saw that Galakrond Shaman is not that much powerful as it appears. I do not consider my self a top skilled player and i surely make mistakes in some games, but i have the perception to understand what i did wrong afterwards.

    We have a current meta that starts to get normal and stabilize. There can be various deck archetypes that can work fine (that is above 50% win rate) in Standard. It is normal to have a deck that gets smashed by specific other decks which in their part are getting ruined by others. This is how all Card Games work afterall.

    There will always be 1 or 2 decks that will have a higher win rate than others. And if they get nerfed others will take their place.

    My questions are the following:

    1. What is the communities demand?
    2. Do you people insist on having Shaman cards get nerfed (or face Hunter as it seems to getting a hype lately)?
    3. Do you think that this will bring a better more balanced meta?
    4. Aren't you afraid that such a fast response and changes will bring a new archetype on the front which might be even better than Galakrond Shaman, with no chance to have a new balance patch?


    My opinion is that current meta in Standard is one of the most insteresting in the last 2 years and we haven't seen it all, yet. Deck archetypes find their way easily in win streaks and they are very fun to play with.

    Experimenting is not punished that hard as it used to happen in previous expansion patch early days.

    And games are quite thrilling no matter if you lose or win.

    Thank you for reading and answering.

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    Quote from tripzplash >>

    shaman have been dropping and dropping since the new xpack... its under 60% win rate now if there let it stay it will be at 55% in 1 week

     Win rate drops because 80% of standard players are currently playing Shamman.

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    Relax... Only 3 days have passed since expansion release and it is expected to see a couple of archetypes owning the meta. It is indeed a bit overwhelming what happens with Shammns currently but soon things will start to get better.

    Apart from the nerfs announced community is yet to build up new meta while experimenting.

    Blizzard has proven time after time, especially during the last couple of years, that they dislike archetypes that have more than 55% win ratio in standard. Thus, they will soon make whatever changes are need to reach this status.

    What i hope whatsoever is to have more than 2 or 3 archetypes at 55 - 58% win ratio in order to make standard interesting to get involved with.

    And something last.

    It seems that Blizzard tries to have "Class Eras" since Witchwood was released. We've had Druid Era, Hunter era, Warrior Era, Paladin Era and recently Shamman Era (i might be forgetting some here). We also witness at the same time, archetypes which had previous powerful periods (like Priest, Warlock and Mage) being forced to T3 or T2 decks at best. Eventualy they will make the needed changes in order to bring back these classes to the foreground either through balance changes/ nerfs or through the release of a new expansion.

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