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    What? Glitter Moth only affects the minions currently on the board so you can only inner fire first then divine spirit the drawn card with both those cards not the other way around.

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    posted a message on Discussing the Newly Revealed Cards - Value Town #146 w/ RDU

    I'm sad that they didn't mention feral giberrer with quest rogue.
    Other than the potential of it to finish the quest by itself, it's a 1 mana 5/5 that gives you inifinite 1 mana 5/5s

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    posted a message on Hearthstone Patch 9.2 - Trigger Changes, Synergy Picks Removed, Hallow's End

    Tbh I am mostly hyped about that Dual Class Arena thing!!
    Finally we're seeing some variety! Kripp/Amaz have been wanting something like this since forever now!

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    posted a message on Synergy Picks in the Arena are Being Removed

    As a mage, it is very likely that your first pick be Frost Lich Jaina WITH the synergy picks. Now that they're removed, you'll see shittier stuff...

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    posted a message on Join the Jade Jamboree with StanCifka!

    I don't think Jade Druid should be pushed to be more powerful than it already is :p What helps winning games is that most people playing this deck aren't bright or allow themselves to make mistakes from time to time. Please don't change that lol

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    posted a message on "We absolutely don’t think players are stupid." Ben Brode Talks About Fiery War Axe

    Man reading these comments is reinforcing the claim that our community is stupid...

    If you don't get his point here's what he's implying: "They don't think players are stupid. But sometimes players, having memorized previous cards and having reflexes to play them in certain situations, will tend to make mistakes with nerfed cards, early on. At some point they'll get used to it but mistakes are bound to happen a few times."

    Do you guys always read the text, attack and health of a minion before playing it? My guess is no because if so, every game of hearthstone would take > 20 min, even if one of the players is playing Aggro...

    The mana cost change, although it can kill cards sometimes, is an easier change to spot because you can't play that card that turn. A counter argument that I would give to Brode is that: however, if you try and COIN the card, it might not be that obvious. (Example: Warrior turn 1 -> War Axe doesn't have a green boarder -> coin (thinking the weapon still costs 2) -> still no green boarder -> can't play it -> FailFish)

    There's a difference between being stupid and having habits/reflexes (that are hard to die) -.-

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    posted a message on Everything You Need to Know for the Knights of the Frozen Throne Launch This Thursday

    That's the community for you :p A valid question yet he received dislikes... like what

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    posted a message on New Mage Card Revealed: Sindragosa

    Blizzard: Mage is doing pretty bad in Arena huh... Let's give them this card to help them out!

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    posted a message on New Card Reveal: Nerubian Unraveler

    I feel that this card could find a home in handbuff paladin.

    It's exactly wjat handbuff paladin needed! Something to deal with his opponent's spells since handbuff paladin will undoubtedly dominate the board.

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    posted a message on New Card Reveal: Blood-Queen Lana'thel

    Lots of hate comments :p
    I feel this card is promising because the effect is ongoing...
    Not sure about that lifesteal part though... I could see it being in an aggressive deck

    And for people saying "You might discard it"
    Just play it first then discard later (if it's possible)

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