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    posted a message on Best and worst card art of DoD

    I think for overall this expansion's card arts are really good and fitting in the already existing style. They look colorful, yet they capture the essence of the snowy wastelands.

    My favourite card art: Galakrond, the Tempest's final form. The color choices are mindblowing, it looks so action-packed.

    The worst card art (in my opinion): Dragonrider Talritha. It looks really messy, it's hard to figure out what is actually on the card. The colors are all over the place.


    What are you favourites and least favourites?

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    posted a message on New Neutral Common Card - Parachute Brigand

    No one:

    Wild turn one: Warrior with a 1/3 weapon plus 6/6 stats on board between multiple bodies. 




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    posted a message on New Warlock Legendary Card Revealed - Valdris Felgorge

    I'm one step closer to Legend with my Odd Warlock...

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    posted a message on Are you going to pre-order DoD?

    I'm a little burnt out of Hearthstone in the past months (Wild player here). This expansion looks neat, it will be relased after my birthday, I'm not sure if I want to spend my money on it.

    But more likely not. I'll just save some gold.

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    posted a message on Group therapy! Need to blow off steam? Mega salty? Here is the place! V2

    Just destroy the old Mage Quest...

    Uninteractive garbage. Infinite freeze and Ice Block. That's a fucking joke.

    The best part: opponent has the combo with Antonidas and the Sorcerers, and he starts bming me. Emotes, shoots Fireballs at every minion, plays every stupid spell he has. 

    I get it. You won. Asshole.

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    posted a message on How was your Pack opening?

    47 packs

    - Reno

    - Colossus of the Moon

    - Anka the Buried

    - Some good epics and rares


    Not the worst opening, but the Legendaries are not the best.

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    posted a message on Legendary Tier List & Crafting Guide

    Thanks for taking the suggestions! :)

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    posted a message on Legendary Tier List & Crafting Guide

    Maybe I'm gonna be a little too Brainy Smurf-ish, but I have some suggestions for the Wild section:

    Tier 1:

    Mojomaster and Bloodmage I think not THAT good or commonly used. Mojo sometimes appear in Even Lock, but she's not that common.

    Tier 2:

    Rhyssa, Kangor's Endless Army, Prince Liam sees very little play, Tier 1-2 decks do not use them, they should go lower.

    Stargazer Luna and Emperor I think are Tier 1 material. Stargazer is used in Quest Mage (one of the most popular and strongest deck since RoS) and in Tempo Mage, Emperor appears in Mecha'thun Warlock and in Big Priest (both of them popular and has a high winrate).

    Tier 3: 

    Open the Waygate should jump up to Tier 2, if not to Tier 1. Skycap'n Kragg is not that good.

    Tier 4:

    I think Grumble sees more play than the other Legs in the Tier 4 section, I think he deserves the Tier 3 floor. Shudderwock uses him time to time.

    Anomalus, Soggoth and Neptulon in the other hand - I think - should go lower.


    Tier 5 looks good :)


    These are just suggestions, not demands :D

    Thanks for reading through and sorry for the accidental grammar mistakes!

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    posted a message on Which is the most bored meta deck you ever played ?

    Naga Sea Witch decks and Kingsbane in Wild. 

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    posted a message on Poll - SoU Cards will change wild?

    I'm really-really afraid of the new quest package Mage got. Secret Tempo Mage is my most hated deck, it just disables any kind of reaction for control decks against it. 

    Fireball on a stick looks really scary.

    Some of the quests will probably find a home, but none of them looks really meta material.

    Zephrys will most likely fit in every already existing Reno deck, off meta decks will also like him too.

    Elise will probably work as a combo piece in a non-highlander deck.

    Amet boosts Inner Fire Priest.

    King Phaoris will find a home too. Most likely at Reno/Big Spell Mage.

    Hyena guy goes instantly to Aggro Beast Hunter.


    In short: The secret package makes me sweat, but I think this expansion will give some fresh air to the Wild ladder. Lots of interesting cards to build around.

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    posted a message on Why Odd Paladin Is Not Tier 0 In Wild?

    Yeah, it's really strong, but far from unbeatable. Wild has a LOT of removals, control decks are able to handle the pressure. 

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    posted a message on What card(s) are you excited to open from Saviors of Uldum?

    Call me a madman, but I really want to try the new Warrior Quest in Wild with Baku. This is Fool's Bane's lifetime chance, if it will not work now, it never will.

    Opening Zephrys would also feel good. He would go to my Burgle Reno Rogue deck immediately.

    There are a lots of good epics there too in this expansion.

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    posted a message on What's up with the giveaway?
    Quote from FurthestBen >>

    I'm seeing a lot of 0-2 trophy accounts poping up. They are obviously people making other accounts to get more entry's. I know this sounds rude, but there should really be a rule of "can't enter unless you have an account at least 1 month old". Cause if any of these 3-10 hour old accounts win I will be furious. 

     I was really mad too when I saw them. 

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    posted a message on What's up with the giveaway?
    Quote from robeiroman >>

     It has not ended yet. There is still an hour and a half before it ends. 

     The time zones strikes again...

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    posted a message on Rogue Quest - The Caverns Below got nerfed again ?
    Quote from M7sn113 >>

    No, its just same as before but the only change they are unscilenceable, dont freak out

    Nope. Sonya gives 1/1 instead of 4/4 into your hand after the Quest Reward.

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