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    posted a message on Are these Legendaries have any future in Wild?

    I have these cards in my collection for a while, but I haven't been able to use them anywhere decently. I'm thinking about disenchanting them.

    I main Wild with off meta decks.

    - Nozari: There are already better healing oprion for Paladin, it's hard to imagine (in the ever evolving nature of Wild) that a 10 cost Project Reno is what this class will need.

    - Elise the Trailblazer: Very weak value generator in 2020. Un' Goro cards are generally not bad, but they are very synergy specific. What deck needs a card that a few turns lazer MIGHT give you some synergy value. Baleful Banker or Archivist Elysiana is better if you want to avoid fatigue.

    - Lakkari Sacrifice: I REALLY like this card, but after years of experimenting, I have to admit Discard Lock is better without it. It's a tough one because I'm emotionally attached to it.

    - Rhok'delar: I also really enjoy Spell Hunter, but I rarely played this card during my games. It's too slow for 7 mana, we have a many cheaper card generators in the mid game with bigger impact on the board.

    - Dragoncaller Alanna: Opened her one year ago, I was happy about her, but I never played it ever since. She takes a lot of build up to became effective.

    - Woecleaver: Opened it a few weeks ago. I'm really curious about Big Warrior, but it's a very expensive deck. I'm not sure if I want to invest that much dust to a "maybe-decent" deck.

    - Grand Lackey Erkh: Love the art, but seems too slow for Wild.

    - Kel'Thuzad: I like him, but he's too situational to be good.

    - Prince Keleseth: He has to compete with EVERY two drop in the whole game. During his golden age lacked good two cost cards.

    - Bandersmosh: I'm not a big fan of Legendaries that create other Legendaries.

    - Chameleos: I've played him in my Razakus Priest, but he's easily replaceable.

    - Cloning Gallery: Not a big fan of Big Priest. Hard to combo with it.

    - The Amazing Reno: I ain't no Reno fangirl. I'm into my man Yogg-Saron.

    - Alexstrasza (original): How good is she in Wild? It was a long time since I've included her in any of my decks. Everyone says she's a keep Legendary, but I mostly see her only played by Discover cards.

    - Hagatha the Witch (original): I like her, I'll probably keep her, I'm just curious.

    - Fel Lord Betrug and Dr. Morrigan: I've tried some Plot Twist Warlock here and there, but it didn't turned out that opressive.

    - Kalimos Primal Lord: I generally enjoy Elemental decks, but I'm not sure about him. I'll probably keep her just like Hagatha, I'm just curious.

    - Tess Greymane: I've crafter her twice, but she generally just not good enough.

    - Archmage Antonidas: Quest just cheated him with giants and the Reno shell. He became homeless.

    - Lady Liadrin: Ehh... slow, too expensive to build around her.

    - Justicar Trueheart: Crafted her for Dead Man's hand Warrior, mostly keep.

    - Anka, the Buried: Ehh... where should I use her? Some combo potential in the future...

    - The Caverns Below: REALLY like Quest Rogue, but I don't know how on earth to make it work around Secret Mages and Demon Hunters.

    - Unite the Murlocs: Opened it recently. I've found Murloc Shaman a little boring.

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    posted a message on Double Decker - Ashes of Outland Multitype Decks

    Really good, spicy decks.

    Thanks for sharing! :)

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    posted a message on Did they change the rarity drop rates for packs?

    26 packs, only one legendary...

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    posted a message on How's amazon coins work with HS?

    I'm considering to buy the preorder bundle. It it worth to use Amazon Coins?  Is this method still usable?

    Is so, is there a guide which can help me to how to do the shopping exactly?

    I'm from Hungary if that counts in anything.

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    posted a message on Is mage oppressive in Wild?

    It's hard to nerf these Mage decks because there is no truly op card in it's own, the enormous amount of synergy is what makes these decks truly impressive.

    Printing Flame Ward and Flakmage was the biggest mistake in the past year. They erased Secret Mage's and Quest Mage's only weakness: Swarm. They did the same with Aluneth to card draw a while ago.

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    posted a message on New Warrior Epic Card Revealed - Warmaul Challenger

    Galakrond's waifu

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    posted a message on New Warlock Rare Card Revealed - Imprisoned Scrap Imp

    Looks like Hir'eek, the Bat came a year too early.

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    posted a message on Yogg saron art changed in the new patch ?

    Yeah, they've changed it a while ago actually.

    Even a few guys with some minor migraine is too much for Blizz.

    It's a shame, the new look seems a little weird.

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    posted a message on New Neutral Epic Card - Mo’arg Artificer

    How does it work with Rolling Fireball?

    Also dumb combo potential with Treachery and Wrathguard.

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    posted a message on [Spoiler] Curious about Demon Hunter's upgraded Hero Power

    As it leaked, seems like the new class's Hero Power be: 1 mana: Gain +1 Attack.


    Would it be simply "Gain +2 Attack" or "Gain +3 Attack"?

    Baku Demon Hunter will be my day one deck regardless.

    Or Even Demon Hunter. Tier 1 already bois.

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    posted a message on Enrage Warrior


    He is speaking the language of gods.


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    posted a message on Blizzard Veteran Quitting Hearthstone for Runeterra

    Bon Voyage!

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    posted a message on [WILD] 72% OTK Uther of the Ebon Blade

    The Last Kaleidosaur over Making Mummies highly improves the winrate because you clearly show dominance over your opponent.

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    posted a message on Poll: What is your favourite class?

    Just a random poll that came into my mind. Pure curiousity.

    What is your favourite class? The pick should be based on theme, cards, class identity, deck archetypes, the feeling while you play with the class, card arts and heroes, so overally everything about it. The current state of the class doesn't matter.


    Let's go!


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