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    Awesome deck! Loving it so far. Thanks for the share!

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    Quote from Sherman1986 >>
    Quote from Disappointed >>

    Ah well, I’m a casual browser of hearthpwn/ player of hearthstone, so I don’t really know where I can post this, or if I am even allowed to discuss such a topic. But this is something I would really like to gain some perspective on and rant about, whether this comment gets reported or whatever…

    Summary: I was trying out a self-made Galakrond quest Priest, and matched up against this face hunter player. The game basically lasted 4 turns. I played my quest and the Renews in my hand since he decide to deal face damage early via leper gnomes and kobold sandtroopers. He abruptly conceded and then sent me a friend request which I naively accepted… Big mistake.

    He proceeded to send this abomination to me, and then blocked me… I mean this is beyond rude. I am flabbergasted.. What is this community coming to? I remember when players would add one another to congratulate a game well played. This guy basically tried to go face, failed and then decided to throw personal insults at his opponent for playing his hand whilst hiding behind a screen.

    Did I do smething wrong? How was what I did worthy of such an attack to my person?

    Btw Toxxyn, if you happen to see this, just wanted to let you know the things you insulted me with were the very qualities you lacked judging from your behaviour. The least you could have done was to hear my side of the story before blocking me and then hiding away.  

    Even random women on Tinder just add me to throw me some random insults. You have to be f..king kidding me...

     Chicks add you on Tinder just to insult you? Holy shit man...

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    Its not worth the spot in your deck, I played about 400-500 matches with HL Mage this past few months, tweaking the deck as I climbed, once I was in Diamond especially it became clear the card just wont cut it. 

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    My Totals

     For 55 Packs

    Golden Common - 4
    Rare - 63
    Golden Rare - 8
    Epic - 10
    Golden Epic - 0
    Legendary - 2 (#5,#30,#55)
    Golden Legendary - 0

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    Battletag: Sx2Extreme#1271

    Region: NA

    Trade Only? Yes


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