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    Quote from Fluxflashor >>

    What was the inspiration behind the competition's theme?


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    Holy shit this was completely unexpected.

    Jeez, has been a long time since I've been actively commenting on stuff, really, I still remember my early beginnings making trashy cards and being critically panned, I would regret that if it wasn't for me to learn from that. As it is actually fucking cringy to remember.

    Then I went to make a lot of cards and expansions, somehow I got in here, weird, but y'know, I've had a great experience at Hearthpwn, I don't regret ever existing in here, or even keep creating cards since those were so bad (And copied mainly from Hex, but that's something I don't want to remember lol), the fact that I don't regret that is that I feel that I improved, at least in the sense of not doing random stuff, but, actually making something, instead of making nothing and be an annoyance. I've met great people like Pirciboi, Demonx, Technician, and of course all the great mods in here and in the discord! You've made a great fucking job raising this newborn baby to a wise elder, and made it have it's own identity, I'm gonna miss Shadows fun posts, the incredible cards people have made and just, having fun in checking what people have made and posted everyday on the site!

    I'm specially gonna miss the weekly competitions and class/expansion creation competitions, that was the best part of all the site, how people brought in their ideas into one single solid spot of beutifulness, supporting each other and giving their honest opinion, even if those were harsh sometimes lul :P.

    What an amazing community this has grown into, thanks for all the amazing staff up there for making this a dream, including the moderators, how fun, wonderful people you are.

    I'm gonna hecking miss this site. Also walrus if your prophecy isn't true im gonna fukin sue u

    fUCk iM nOT sOBbing

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    As most announcers (like soccer and so) they react completely exagerated when the combatant/player is defeated or humiliated, as so, they call in the next challengers to fight each other in the Arena. Keepning a constant steam of entertainment is complex, but not when you are as loud as the crowd.

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    Quote from Vilegloom >>

    Well, I guess everyone expected this one. Thoughts? 

    Even though I love Searing Hellfire there's a problem I'm not sure it's big or not.


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    "qǝᴉuƃ ɐu ɐuɔᴉǝuʇ sɔɹᴉqqlᴉuƃ poǝsu,ʇ ɯǝɐus ᴉʇ,s ʍɹᴉʇʇǝu qɐɔʞʍɐɹps' ƃǝuᴉns"

    The card will be added after you draw a card at the start of your turn.

    Also LoE for flavour, not much more.

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    Alright, got some ideas here though i hate that all of them have 4 Health tbh

    I may change the expansion watermark if it's reccomendable, I just chose it because of the "flavour". Kind of.

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    And if you urgently need a tool, he can make them too.

    Take in mind that, even though Warrior uses the "take damage" stuff, the minion's effect fits more into Rogue, why? Firstly, it gives you a kind of free HP everytime it takes damage. It's versatile enough, at least, it's a 3/6 that equips you a 2/1, at best, this takes damage, you strike, then this takes damage and equips a weapon for you and so on, so instead of using mana for your HP you can use this.

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    Quote from joedarke7 >>

    As for the fossil:

     Any thoughts?

     I find it okay, probably working similar to a Runic Egg summoner but with slight more flavour to it. I don't dig the art though, I think a more wow-ish art may work, I don't have any though, but I think this idea is okay, nothing outstanding.

    I may find another card to make, this is just an idea I had and made it in a few minutes. Probably not the best but I'll brainstorm some when I have time.

    Minus kudos for not naming the Bone like a real skeleton part, I mean spine could work anyways.

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    And for clarification both "For each Treant you control" apply to gaining Mana Crystals and restoring Health.

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    "On the case stayting calm doesn't stops the beast, just make everyone panick"

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