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    posted a message on Grandmasters season 2 already started?

    They never stream the Swiss rounds.

    They will stream on Youtube the top 8 starting Friday or Saturday.

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    Druid is problematic, in the sense the matches are so feast or famine. They ramp and get the Kael going, as early as turn 4, with Guardians, Overflows and Survival and it's game over no matter what you're playing. In others they sit by turn 10 doing nothing. Or are pretty much dead against DH, Rogue, Warlock or Paladin on turn 4 and doing nothing but hero power.

    Paladin is too linear, and historically while these decks can be strong, they drop a lot in power once people understand how it plays, he power plays and the matchup. The higher you go in Legend, you see less and less Paladins. The gameplay of the deck for some can get boring really fast.

    Druid/Paladin are the current boogeymans due to being more popular, but IMO, Priest and Rogue is where the real power actually is. Maybe Mage. Warlock already looks really good, though it needs reifnement.

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    posted a message on So wanna talk bout the new "leaked" Battlepass for HS ?

     They are literally asking "hey, would you mind if we screwed up a huge chunk of the playerbase" and you say that there is no point in discussion, because they didn't yet... Jesus.

    Also let me tell you one thing - there is ALWAYS a point in a discussion. Even if there was no leak and this discussion was just a theory-oh, it would still be good, because it would be a discussion. By default it has both educational and entertainment purposes. If you don't want to participate - just don't do it.

     You really didn't read and understand what I posted.

    It's literally addressed to the fools in this thread saying "It's just a survey", "more F2P whining", "no point in discussing something now because it's not even out".

    Imagine waiting until this shit is just right out of the gates to start discussing and saying how we don't approve it. Even if we followed the advice of these fools asking for that, they would just come with "Experiment 3,9k over 4 months first before saying how bad it is!"

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    posted a message on So wanna talk bout the new "leaked" Battlepass for HS ?

    The only thing that can kill Hearthstone is Hearthstone itself. And this might finally do it.

    Basically you're capped at 3,9k gold, and still only acquirable by hitting the weekly EXP cap over 4 months. By comparison, a 60g quest + 40g from 12 wins gives you 100g a day, 3k a month and hardly requires excessive grinding.

    Then you get 32 packs (also over 4 months), but basically half are from older expansions. Imagine coming into Scholomance and getting 14 packs from Rise of Shadows. Or thinking they have the same value currently.

    I get the big pre-order bundle, and also buy a thing here and there, and that still looks atrocious. Combining gold with the pre-order I can have a very good experience in deck/style diversity, still not everything, but most of what I want. The pass would cut more than half of what I can get with gold and certainly reduce a lot of my option.

    Not to mention depending how they do the premium pass, it's yet another thing to spend money on.

    About people complaining about other people complaining... really, in another thread there's a very good answer to why you should already make yourself vocal against this new system. Basically:

    I get why you have it - you don't want to flip out about something that hasn't happened yet - but it's the wrong attitude. Your focus is on the wrong thing and it will cost you. You don't want to react to this after it's a reality. Trust me. You need to react now, and react harshly.

    Do you know why they're asking about this Battle Pass system? Because it's something they're clearly eyeing if not something they're already implementing. They're asking about it because they want to do it or are already doing. If this idea isn't squashed in its infancy, it will grow into something capable of dealing major damage. Possibly irreversible damage.

    Don't wait until it's a disaster. Do something now.

    To put that into an analogy, imagine your partner came to you one night and said, "You know, I've been thinking about cheating on you. How do you think you'd react to that?" If you started to get upset, that would be an understandable reaction. If the response to you being upset was, "I don't see what the big deal is. It's not like they cheated on you yet. They were just asking about it, geez," I doubt that would do much to calm you down. You don't want to react after the problem exists. You want to stop it from happening.

    Again, the reason the question is being asked is because they are already thinking about massively slashing F2P rewards and they want to see how much they can get away with. The earlier and more viciously you fight against the idea, the better for everyone. Saying that this is just about getting feedback missed the mark out how downright dangerous this is to even be thinking about as far as we're concerned.

    "Sure, but maybe they'll tweak the numbers", you think, "Maybe they scrap the system altogether". Maybe they will. But remember: they were thinking about whether players would tolerate a HUGE reduction in the F2P economy. They're trying to figure out how much they can get away with. They are thinking about whether they can do so and make you pay extra for the privilege of getting fucked with a special Battle Pass.

    Say no now. Say no hard. Say no often. 

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    You don't need the legendary for the package.

    Pre-nerf DH had turn 5 Warglaives, turn 6 Glaivebound + Warglaives hit with HP, which added to 11 damage.

    This has turn 4 weapon, turn 5 Lapidary + weapon hit to 13 damage. More damage a turn earlier, for less mana as well, while shuffling +8 healing on the deck. Killing people faster is the best way to prevent them from getting an answer to come back.

    About taunts, you would miss damage with Glaivebound as well, but it's not like as DH you're not having board to help or if midrange/control cant deal with it in another way. Specially since the new taunts coming up have Yeti stats and some also Divine Shield. 

    Glaivebound into the Warlock Earth Elemental only comes on turn 6, which means it's gonna live for a turn, while with Lapidary you can kill it on the same turn it comes.

    And it's not like we are not talking about a class with multiple ways to bypass taunt anyway. 

    However, the Soul package will most likely suck with Skull, which is the biggest detrimento to it, as you never want to see the shards picked up by Skull. The question then is how well Skull will fare into the new meta.

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    People thinking the weapon is a worse Truesilver... shaking my head.

    Lapidary is insane. Warglaives into Glaivebound was 11 damage over 2 turns, and that was starting from turn 5 into turn 6, now no longer possible with Warglaives at 6.

    New weapon + Lapidary is 13 damage for less mana, a whole turn earlier (turn 4 into 5) and not requiring an attack on the same turn. That also gives a buff that stacks with weapons, Twin Slice and even with Zeph/Doomhammer shenanigans over a game (contrary to Glaivebound).

    Freezing also often screwed Glaivebound's battlecry. Lapidary doesn't have this problem as well. Heck, it even works in other archetypes because it can combo with stuff like Blade Dance too. Glaivebound doesn't have this much versatility.

    Only advantage of Glaivebound is going over taunts and not procing stuff like Ice Barrier. And I guess not face tanking, but it's not like between Soul Fragments, Eye Beam, lifesteal weapon (another great pairing with Lapidary) that DH is lacking healing.

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    posted a message on Scholomance Academy Community AMA - Facts, Card Discussions & More

    Golden packs do not have pity timers, so they don't count for it as well. So how many normal packs you open or not do not make any difference both in the chances of your golden packs nor opening golden ones affect the timer on normal ones.

    That also means even if we had 10 golden packs, there's no guarantee on opening a legendary on your 10th golden pack (as a lot of people realized during a recent event where they were selling golden packs) , nor are you 100% guaranteed one on the 40th as well.


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    posted a message on 80g Quest Trading - Play A Friend! (#7)



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    posted a message on 80g Quest Trading - Play A Friend! (#7)



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    posted a message on Legendary Tier List & Crafting Guide

    For Tier 1:

    Maiev Shadowsong is defintiely NOT tier Tier 1. Even HL Hunter most refined lists, including Grandmasters, already cut her. In the current meta she's at best Tier 3.

    Teron Gorefiend should drop to Tier 2. Eggs and Teron got completely replaced with the Charge version with Kor'kron and Grom, and the high legend ones that also pack Greenskin and Deathwing for the mirrors.


    For Tier 2:

    Evocation to drop from Tier 2 to 3. It's not a staple in Highlander and Spell Mage is currently very weak (Tier 4 winrate stats).

    Valdris and Zzeraku should also be demoted to Tier 3. No one is running those cards.

    Priest, Hunter and Shaman quests should also fall to Tier 3, if not 4. You may still find some Ress Priests at very low levels, but Gala or Highlander Priest are the archetypes to go for the class. Shaman is dead (the same reason to also demote Vessina) and no one is also playing Quest Hunter. Amet as well should drop to 3. It's not played even in HL Priest.

    Kael'thas should drop to Tier 3. DH Combo is gone, and Spell Druid replaced him with Ysera.

    Grommash Hellscream should move to Tier 1. It's a staple in Warrior decks now and a finisher win condition.

    Chef Nomi and Catrina Murte to drop to tier 3. No one is using them anymore.

    Ysera Unleashed close to Tier 1 as recently at high Legend Spell Druid returned with full force with a new build and her being core. Probably still too soon, but one to keep an eye on.


    Tier 3

    Believe it or not, the Warlock Quest is all the rage right now in Grandmasters and high legend with a build including both Alexes and Malygos to OTK. At the very least it's a Tier 2 card now, with potential to be 1.

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    posted a message on The new MMR matchmaking system sux!

    Rogue is one of the most popular classes of the game, among the most powerful decks in the meta, and you, playing an archetype that is unfavoured against that class (even homebrewed) and after losing to a lot of said popular and powerful deck, claims it's because there's a conspiracy against you? Please.


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    posted a message on Problems with rank, mmr etc.

    You actually don't know how the MMR works.

    MMR is only active while you have at least 2x star bonuses. When you hit 1x, MMR no longer applies, you'll be matched only against players in the same rank bracket as you. Like, if you're at Plat 10, then you'll be facing Gold 1 (kinda of a final boss for them) and other players in the Plat 10-6 range. It's the very same thing as with the old system, you were at Rank 15, you would be facing other Rank 15-14 players. This didn't change at all.

    Plat 10 is the equivalent of around Rank 15 in the older system, counting the stars acquired. That's where the majority of the players playing the game actually were. So you ARE playing against the masses, no MMR involved. The masses just seem to be better than you.


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    posted a message on Question about disenchanting Hanar

    It is still confusing because on the Ashes of Outland video the dev explicitly said that you could DE a legendary you didnt want because you wouldn't open it again until owning all the other legendaries, meaning you could stop holding crappy cards in fear of opening them again.

    Of course, this would open an abuse trick on refunds, but then they said collected cards, DE'd or not, count as collected.

    Another thesis was that the system is different for legendaries, since they take too much effort to get and if you want to farm a specific one, you'll have to spend a lot of money anyway, which Blizzard probably wouldn't care if you did. But no one really knows for sure.

    So far, the common answer is like the other rarities: if you opened it, it counts as collected, disenchanted or not, so you'll get a duplicate one.

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    You can use it on turn 1 if your hand is garbage for the first few turns, like Tracking, Rotnest and Kill Command. You track to find a play for the next two instead of relying on a top deck.

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    posted a message on Conceding To Rank Up

    Nope, the devs said you can't tank your MMR below a certain point. You'll not be facing opponents with Broze-low Plat MMR just because you lost 100 in a row at Dia 10.

    Also, the system uses MMR only until you lose your star bonuses. So if you're at 1x, and you are at Diamond 10, you'll be facing only players at the Diamond 10-6 range no matter what anyway.

    If you have the time to concede so many matches anyway, might as well use it to try to actually get good.

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