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    Thank you, I finally know what a Soul Fragment is now, been curious^^

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    Really I think this is pretty bad. Its bad on curve because you spend your entire turn playing a 4/3. Its bad later because control decks after turn 6-7 always have 9 cards in hand and the chance to get the one OP card is not good. Also control decks by this time have way more than 1 super good card in hand(DQA, Zephrys, their other highlander cards like Brann, or removal like Reno, Puzzle box, Plague of Death, Soul Mirror, Twisting Nether, Nagrand Slam...do you really care if they lose one of these cards?). Also even IF(and those were many ifs up to now) you somehow have Mana to play this card, have nothing better to do with that 4 Mana than playing this card AND get your opponents OP card(lets say Zeph), who guarantees you that he doesnt instantly re-draw it? Its not even the bottom of the deck. On top of that its an Outcast effect. Theres too much stars that have to align for our star student to make it viable.

    Sure effects like this are OP in YGO(Erebus for example) but only since its so ez to spam and replicate them. DH in Hearthstone has nothing to make this usable multiple times(yeah good luck with Youthful Brewmaster) and spending 4 mana for a really crappy statted minion with the potential of removing 1 good card from your opponents hand for possibly only 1 turn seems....reaaaallly bad. I predict this never sees play if it stays this way at least if DH doesnt get massive support in that same direction

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    Definitely no. She hardly ever sees play and if, then only in some Malygos OTK. Everything else you can do with Kael'thas way better. There are no big spells for Druid that would justify to play this without some very tedious cost reduction setup(Jepetto or the new Imprisoned guy) and even then, without Malygos what do you wanna do with say 8 Druid spells a turn? Set up one big board with Gift of the Wild and Soul of the Forest it? You can do that with Kael'thas and some 0-1 Mana spells alone. And one big board is no problem to deal with, even with Soul of the Forest in it if your opponent did not have to waste any removal until then.

    Also you can run Spell Druid completely without Minions if you don't like the KT combos. Think this is (as of right now) one of the weakest legendaries this expansion just like Lady Vashj, completely lost without some really big and tedious setup that players on ladder will not let you do. Might change next expansion though.

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    The flavor text....no words....you realize that there's really some old school devs left at Blizzard who know how to find proper texts for a card:) 5 Stars cause of flavor text alone, one of the best games of all time.

    Oh yeah and the card itself is ridiculously fun and diverse to play, absolutely awesome.

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    The more I think about this card the worse it gets.....Now we already know that in order to activate her effect and make good use of it you need a lot of spells and good control to reach that late game in your deck. But what are Shamans tools to sustain that long? Hagatha? Gone in a week. Zilliax? gone too. Lifedrinker with Quest? gone too.

    The next good heal/sustain options would be Witch's Brew and Walking Fountain+Ancestral Spirit. But do you really wanna deck 4 2-mana spells that serve no aggressive purpose that you then draw from Vashj Prime? Certainly not. That strips you off any good heal/sustain option for your deck.

    All you're left is anti-aggro tools like board clears to stay alive. And that brings up the question can you ever play Vashj Prime for 7 mana in the first place without dying if by a miracle you survived that long without any of the heals I mentioned before? You might argue now well yeah she can just draw you that hard removal that you need like.......like.....Earthquake? Cant play it(1 mana too much). Scheme? Does 1 dmg after drawing.....Lightning Storm for 3-4 dmg? By the time of turn 20 when you get Prime this is certainly not an option to  clear anything.....well but at least we can draw Spells that build up an own board incredible Taunt board to protect us like......Eye of the Storm? too expensive the same turn. Rain of toads? 3 2/4 Minions on turn 20 and Overload 3....yeah well played. Eureka and hope for Fountain that does smth actually useful?^^ I mean c'mon there is absolutely NO good option to get from Prime except Lava Bursts to finish but what if you draw those before? What can you do with this card? Its mind-boggling how bad she is really....

    Now the only thing that rescues her could be the base version...+1 Spell damage 4/3...hm well...Azure Explorer has 3 Health as well, +2 Spell damage and discovers a dragon(the attack difference doesn't matter if you want spell dmg for a spell based deck)....so no the base version kinda sucks too(its not a bad card but certainly not a great one especially compared to the other Prime base cards which are all really solid).

    So whats left...well...a mild 2-Star rating from me in hopes that this at least gets some niche deck(that is pls not Malygos over and over again)

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    Well yeah Malygos deck could make this lethal but all in all its just worse than say galakrond rogue malygos version cuz you have to draw lady vashj, have it die unsilenced, shuffle prime, draw prime, PLAY prime(not ez to play a 7 mana 5 4 with no direct board effect) AND still have 3 spells in the deck, THEN not die the turn after you played prime, then play malygos and then finish. Its way easier in Rogue cuz Galakrond draws you 4 0 cost and Heistbaron draws 3 as well and they both are good on their own without some fancy OTK combo. I feel like Vashj is powerful yes but only in a burn OTK deck, nowhere else and even there you cannot make sure that you can always play her(unlike Galakrond and Heistbaron which are always playable and Galakrond is also searchable with Kronx while there is no search for Vashj). All in all I think this is just too difficult to build together. If she was at least some 8/8 with rush and this effect or had spellpower+4 or smth you could say you at least can play her on her own without the need of additional support to finish a game or clear a board. But the way things are now even if you draw Prime you have not only not won a game instantly but you might not even have ANY good turn to play her because of all the difficulties I just mentioned and that is different with all other Primes. They are pretty much OP to play in most turns.

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    Srsly this card is amazing. That is EXACTLY what mages needed: A way to clear big boards. The armor is nice too and the spells are RNG yeah but hey that is the best board clear in the game, better than Plague of Death(no res pool). Mages always struggled with clearing boards too large for an FS. With this and Khadgar, King Phaoris and Power of creation Mage can now clear and build up big boards nicely. 5 star because its perfect for the class(to me 5 star doesnt mean ultra OP in any deck just that its a perfect addition to some decks).

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    I guess this cards dislike posts were made prior to Rise of Shadows. The Lackey engine and the new Saviors of Uldum Quest make Shaman great again (at least in wild). This card can end a game single handedly. It can make comebacks. It can extend leads. It can do virtually everything. I've read that Bloodlust is better cause you can win the game with it sooner. How is this true if you play Lackey engine but your opponent constantly tries to clear your board so that you have 3-4 minions? Bloodlust does 12-15 dmg then...wow thats big considering all the heal cards nowadays...However this card always creates a very dangerous board out of nothing and if your opponent doesnt have a Mass Removal you've definitely won. Wild #1 Legend currently also plays this in his Evolve deck and for a good reason. Won me a lot of games since I crafted it, wise decision

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    Very nice list, was inspired by this (and my Golden Mecha'thun) to build something similar.
    Gotta say it works well with some of the suggested adds/replaces. For ex I play
    1 Doom (and only 1 Twisting as Doom in this deck with the card draw can really be amazing)
    1 Supreme Archeology
    1 Doomsayer
    2 Plot Twists
    2 Aranasi Broodmothers
    1 Bloodreaver (he is not needed for the Mecha win condition but he creates an alternate one by filling the board with void lords, aranasis, void callers/walkers which makes a lot of ppl concede right away)
    1 Fel Lord Betrug (synergy with Plot Twist is just too amazing to not play him, if he pulls thaurissan you get an additional free reduce. Only thing you have to pay attention is that he and the broodmothers are demons which a) can weaken voidcaller a bit and b) boosts bloodreaver a lot)
    1 Dollmaster Dorian (same reason as Betrug, even better considering he's cheaper and the thaurissan copy might stay on the board a few turns)
    no reno (too many duplicates now especially since plot twists shuffles the deck around a lot)
    no godfrey (dont have him still:/)
    no hemet (dont have him either)
    2 Questing explorers instead of the Kobold Librarians
    no mortal coils (you really have ridiculous draw power, through all the heals you can hp every single turn)
    no cataclysm (dusted it once and regretting it now^^)
    no soularium (again dont have it^^)
    2 Plague of Flames (it's simply the best way of triggering Mecha, however we need an alternative in case of skulking geist so I also play):
    2 Shadowflame instead of the 2 Defile (I know Defile is usually a must have but this deck has so much sustain that I could afford it (playing around rank 8-10) so for me atm Shadowflame provides better usage and synergy with Mecha'thun in the end
    Side note: I think Unwilling Sacrifice might also be an option though Shadowflame has better usage during the normal game

    decks at 8-3 so far and 1 loss was my own dumbass fault because you have to be aware now that you're playing quest+Plot twist so NEVER EVER play thaurissan before you played both plot twists or otherwise its gonna show up as the last card in your deck and smile at your already reduced perfect hand before destroying it.....

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