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    Could you imagine this in Wild? Carnivorous Cube, Twilight's Call, Mirage Caller, Vivid Nightmare, etc.

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    Any of the 5 Dungeon Run adventures have the same issue: they are extremely inconsistent. Now this may seem stupid to you, but please just hear me out.

    These adventures are really fun when you get to draft that perfect deck with the best passive treasures. I remember how I was able to get a deck full of 0 mana Witchy Lackeys and I drew 3 cards a turn because I got some really good treasures. However, you only get one of these really fun runs once every several attempts. For every time you get to draft a full on C'Thun deck with double battlecries and 3 C'Thuns, there's six other attempts where you're offered crappy treasures and good cards or great treasures and crappy cards.

    Another issue is the fact that they didn't really change the formula that much with the new solo adventure. What's new? Well, now you have to play the solo adventures multiple times just to kill the last boss. If the boss doesn't kill you, fatigue sure will. The large healthpool doesn't add anything to gameplay, it only makes it so that you have to replay the adventure to progress to the next chapter. You don't get to choose to replay it because it's fun, you have to replay it because it blocks your progress otherwise.

    This is only the first change they made. Dual classes is a good idea, and I think everyone likes this idea except for Gul'Dan. However, I don't think dual classes will be good in a Dungeon Run format. This is because it makes the pools of cards you can choose from even more inconsistent and even harder to get a good and reliable deck. Think about Elise. With her, you'll get offered Deathrattle Synergies, Zoo, Ramp, Heal, Hand Size, Treants, Ressurection, etc. That's a lot of different options now.

    Quite honestly, I think that such inconsistency is discouraging. Like, I don't want to replay Rise of Shadows because I know that I won't be able to replicate the same crazy combos I got before without a LOT of grinding.

    That's why I think that the hero treasures are a step in the right direction, but having to grind for them sucks. I would love if they just let you make a 10 card deck. It would at least help you set up a strategy that you wanted to go with, but that's just what I think. If you like these adventures, that's perfectly fine, but I think we all can agree that after 4 other incarnations of the same thing, they haven't really changed much and there are still the same underlying issues with the format.

    I get how the idea of Dungeon Runs is that you have to play with random cards, but I think that at some point, the RNG crosses the line from fun to frustrating. I would love if Blizzard would release an original solo adventure in the next expansion, or at least a massively altered version of Dungeon Run that addresses a few of the underlying issues.

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     So obviously this card works in Deathrattle Hunter/Rogue. However, I believe there are 3 more far more interesting applications of this card.


    APPLICATION #1; Hadronox Synergy

    With Astral Tiger, you can go infinite with Da Undatakah and make infinite waves of taunts, just bait out their silences and you are good to go!!


    APPLICATION #2; A 3rd Prelate

    Don't you just hate that buff Paladin can't be good because of those pesky spellbreakers? Well, after your opponent exhausts their silences onto your unsuspecting Immortal Prelates, you can use the Undatakah as a 3rd Prelate, but here's the thing, he will keep his deathrattle enchantments from his battlecry, so as long as you have played at least 1 Spikeridged Steed, it can go downhill FAST for the opponent. (Not to mention the Primalfin Chamlion synergy)


    APPLICATION #3; A Shudderwock Safety Net

    It sucks when your Grumble is the first battlecry to be triggered by the infamous Shudderwock, but if you use Spirit Echo on just 1 minion (to ensure your hand doesn't fill up) Shudderwock can copy Da Undatakah's Battlecry and get the ability to be returned to your hand!! Of course he can be silenced, but Shudderwock will hopefully summon copies of himself after Da Undatakah triggers that also get returned to your hand!!

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