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    Wrong. The moment i clicked purchase, i exchanged my currency for a commodity that i valued exactly to the amount of currency i payed for it. I was completely OK with exchanging my currency for the commodity, because, to me they were equally valuable.

    Now though, Blizzard tells me that the currency i spent, actually bought me much less than i expected them to - and when the amount i spent is quite substantial, that becomes a serious problem to me. I do no longer value the commodity equal to the amount i have spent, because the commodity has changed - I was not informed that it would change, it just did change. In essence, this change has left me feeling scammed. I did not feel scammed before, i spent the currency with eyes open - knowing full well that others dont see the same value in it that i do.
     I absolutely agree to this. Nothing like this was mentioned before, now we know about it and can evaluate future purchases better. Until now I trusted Blizzard to be a fine company. Yes, they are a company, but I almost blindly bought any game the ymade (even multiple times) to support the company and the quality of the games. Blizzard in my book stands for a company that tunes a game until it is good. Take D3 for example. While the base game wasn't bad, it is way better now even now that free patches are released to the seasons. Their behaviour now lets me doubt all my future purchases.
    Also, yes they do have my money, but aren't they interested in my future purchases as well? After all I pay for the game. I pay for it to support it. Customer types like me fund the game for the f2p players. Which is totally fine by me, but they shouldn't harm us. The lengthiness of the thread shows, that players like me care.

    Again, I want to stress. I do welcome the new cycling. Cycling is good for a fresh and healthy meta. As said otherwise changing the cards would have been one way. They chose different. So its also not obvious that this would have happened.

    I will edit the initial post later on to collect some great arguments and feedback. Keep up the work. If you have twitter. Why don't you comment with #goldennaxx to show blizzard we do not agree with their decision.
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    Quote from SithLordOfSnark >>

    You know what annoys me?

    The people on the forums who say "WE WANT NEW FORMATS"


    And then when it happened, thus giving them what they want: "OMG I FUCKING HATE YOU."

     No, the whole consensus of this thread is that we all do enjoy and love the new format idea and all, it just happens to hit us hard. A one time full dust option (for golden only) would clear anything up. After that we have full information.
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    Also, I would like to have a 1 time only thing. After that we do know that a format like this exists. So my decision has all the information avalaible. This change is unheard of and while I agree that they only full refund on balance changes, this fits this category as well. They change how the game and the expansion system works dramatically!

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    Dear Blizzard,

    I read the new announcement made by Blizzard about the rotation today. While I totally can understand it (beeing a tcg veteran for over 20 years) I find it very hard that we are not allowed to disenchant our cards to full value. I do have golden Sludge Belchers, Kel, Webspinner, Mad Scientist, Loatheb, Duplicate, Voidcaller, Deathbite and probably more I can't remember.

    This whole standard format was unannounced before. Usually, Blizzard allows a "full refund" on the dust invested when something changes. I basicly spend hundreds of Euros to get these cards golden. Yes, it was my decision, but it was made by the assumption (which was provided by blizzard) that I can play these cards in the decks I want. So I basicly bought booster packs to have enough dust for these cards to make em shiny. A mistake I will not make any more.

    Adding a rotation will be very healthy for the game, but it will also result in the players moving forward to the standard format. New players don't need to worry about the old cards, meta will be fresh and more and more players will shift away from thge old sets. Especially as they can disenchant them for the new cards they need.

    I humbly request a one time full dust disenchanting option. From now on, it will be clear, that the new expansion will rotate out. Otherwise I'm not sure if I can trust them any more, which will result in playing hearthstone full free. I know this probably still will be in their interest, but I hope it is not and they will show they community, that they will give in on this request. Many other players will feel the same.


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