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    Oh that's hot, that's hot

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    Hello, I would like to change my name back to KungFuMaster

    Thank you! 

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    The deck is super slow, needs to have hadranox AND astral tiger dead, druid shell just got nerfed, and it was already bad vs aggro, now it's worse. + The deck is very weak vs silence if u can't kill your Undatakah on the same turn u play it. 

    Meanwhile shudderwock has tons of removal options, can stall the game pretty good, and plays cards that do stuff on board (chain gang being defensive, Lifedrinker giving back health etc...) 

    I would say the deck is annoying to play against if ur a control deck, but most decks can steamroll it since it's just a worse version of normal taunt druid 


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    posted a message on Biggest winners of the expansion are: Hunter Warlock and Shaman

    I don't know what you're talking about, but Mage got better things than this whole discolock thing IMO. We only got a big loser this expansion, and that is Druid, since a lot of their cards are just terrible 

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    To all the people who are hating on this thread, i'm not whining, I'm making predictions and look what just came up?

    The people that think I will have all 5 wrong: read my post again before commenting because I literally stated in my nerfs which won't get nerfed probably...

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    posted a message on Predictions on nerfs?
    Quote from FieselFitz >>

    I agree with some of the Nerfs you mentioned ...

    Giggling Inventor - strong but i don't think it needs or will see a nerf because of the Tech Cards you can play against it like Mossy Horror or Blood Knight

    Spreading Plague - got nerfed already and i don't see this card as a big problem! Again you can use Mossy or Void Ripper for example to trade into it! Not that problematic in my oppinion, therefor no nerf needed!

    The Caverns Below - this one is a bit tricky - saw 2 nerfs already and with new Tools in the last 2 Expansions it is good again - not OP but Good - maybe a complete Rework for the quest could do it ! But i still think it will not see a third nerf! Maybe they could nerf Key Cards for the Quests, or some Key Minions ...

    Branching Paths - With this one i agree completely !!! Druid has a lot of Armor Gain and Draw - maybe change the possibilities of the card like gain 2/3 armor instead of 4? I mean the card is so versatile that i would change the mana cost or all of the effects you can choose from! You can use this Card not just in Control-like lists - you could also use it for token buff etc.

    Vilespine Slayer - no! this card is fine as it is - i mean Rogue doesn't have much lifegain and survivabilty Cards so no nerf needed there ...

    So i totaly agree on a nerf for Branching Paths and that The Caverns Below needs some rework ! but Giggling, Spreading and Vilespine are fine i think!



     I'm glad someone is still professional here in this site. 

    Giggling Inventor reached 35% of decks, and has 50% playrate, which is higher than the previous record holder Corridor Creeper

    Ok yes it has counters, but U most of the time run 1 copy of it, and U don't even alwasy have it in hand, which is why Giggling is still good. 

    Same with Spreading Plague, if u don't have mossy in hand, what are you gonna do? Insta concede? I mean in some decks like Odd Pally U can't even play that card. 

    I'm just curious how long people can hold on to their 'just play blood knight or mossy horror lul' statement. I'm pretty sure they are gonna bitch about not drawing them and blaming Blizzard again.  


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    posted a message on Predictions on nerfs?
    Quote from agon_EU >>

    The only card requiring nerfs of the ones you listed is giggling inventor. 

    Branching Paths is also really strong but Druid is not really strong right now (standard only obviously).

    The rogue quest has always been a problematic card, but nerfing it a third time might be a bit too much xD

      About druid, I know this card isn't the main problem, but I think nerfing it seems the most fair. Nerfing UI makes sense too but it's not the problem of UI, it's the problem of druid getting to UI is too quick. 

    Quest Rogue is just a problem in case Giggling doens't get nerfed, because it's the main carry atm

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    posted a message on Predictions on nerfs?

    It's been almost 4 weeks after Boomsday, and the meta is beginning to become stale. There are not a lot of decks really overpowered, but some cards need to be nerfed (maybe?)

    Nr1 on the list: Giggling Inventor: Everybody saw it coming, turn 5, absorb 4 minion attacks, deal 1 dmg to them, just totally broken. https://hsreplay.net/cards/#showSparse=yes. It is in 35% of decks atm, which is at powerlevels of unnerfed Corridor Creeper. I think everyone can agree on that

    Nr2 on the list: Spreading Plague: Even today, this card is on the high spot of 'to nerf list' because of its controversy of playing Druid. Normally, in the past u can punish Druid hard by going wide on board and smorc them down. These dayz u need to play around this one card that kills every small token deck that exists today. The power level of a potential 6 mana 7/35 taunt is still boggling me. 

    Nr3 on the list: The Caverns Below: Yes I know what you are thinking, this card is already nerfed twice and doesn't deserve another one. Little do they know this deck is absolutely breaking Legend right now because it pushes all slow decks out of the meta. The reason why this is so slow, is because I think with the nerf to Giggling Inventor, this deck will die anyway because that was its main carry of this expansion. but if Giggling Inventor doesn't get nerfed, I woudl expect some slight changes to this Quest.

    Nr4 on the list: Branching Paths: I think people are not gonna agree with me on this one, but this card is so flexible that it is secretly making druid so strong. I just want this change to happen: from gaining 6 armor to 5. Why? Well let's look at the options now:

    If u pick double draw, u get a 4 mana Arcane Intellect, if u pick double Armor, u get a 'better' Greater Healing Potion, if u pick double Attack, u get a 4 mana worse Savage Roar. And if u pick something like Armor + Draw, u get a slightly better Shield Block for 1 more mana. (Assuming nobody would pick Att + Armor and Att + draw) 
    If u reduce 6 armor to 5, we get a 4 mana worse GHP and a 4 mana Shield Block, which means that options now u get are still as flexible, but u actually get to pay 1 more mana for another card that already exists. If u didn't understand what I meant, basically: 6 Armor is too much, 5 armor makes it perfect. 

    Nr5 on the list: Vilespine Slayer: Card is pretty balanced on its own, but I think this card deserves a spotlight of potentially nerfed. This card might see a 1 mana nerf which means: It will not see play in Odd Rogue anymore, nerfing that deck + it will just put rogue at not such a strong spot in the meta. Rogue has a lot of different decks right now: Odd, Miracle, Kingsbane, Rattle and Quest. Most of those decks Always use Vilespine Slayer because of how good it is. Balanced? Probably but If they are going to nerf this class I think they should start with this card


    Let me know what your nerfs predictions are and let's discuss some of them!







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    posted a message on Im stuck at 15 rank

    Add me on EUW #21810 KungFuMaster, I give boosting/coaching services for free. 

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    posted a message on What makes for a good hearthstone streamer?

    I also was thinking about this, don't let your dreams be memes! If u have time for a good set up, you can Always stream and hope that people enjoy your content. 

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    Hmm, you're probably right, but I'm not 100% sure until we try it! But Drawing your whole deck is never a bad idea since you have so many shuffler's you can actually even profit from being in fatigue! I'm only worried about getting run over by aggro since I don't run any kind of defence. 

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    posted a message on Looking for advice on a BD rogue deck.


    Here's my version of this deck.

    I prefer to run the tempo version instead of the 'control'/stall version because Rogue was never good in stalling against aggro anyway. 

    My deck has a wincondition against both aggro and control, which is why I think you shouldn't run too much of the stall package (Like Vanish,Valeera the Hollow and Sap)  

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    Here are my nominations:

    Floop's Glorious Gloop: Basically, this card is a 1 mana potenially gain 10 mana. How is this card not being talked about here? Even if you don't play Treant Druid, you can play it in any kind of druid and get some profit of it.

    Pogo-Hopper: not sure about this one, but this card might be the next Jade Druid. It's either super powerfull, or just a complete failure, but I'm betting that this will be played an get a hard nerf. (like gain only +1/+1)

    Kangor's Endless Army: Not gonna lie, it's probably not that good. But I think there's gonna be a deck that only uses heavy mechs and this is gonna resummon like 3 5+ drop mechs, which is absoultely broken. Again, this card might be a huge failure, or broken if someoe finds that holy deck.

    Electra Stormsurge: There's gonne be this wierd ass shaman deck can use this to summon 2 Malygos from your hand and dealing large amount of face damage. And if not, there's also the possibility to get 5 8/8 giant on board.

    Nethersoul Buster: Absolutely broken in Zoolock. Remember the OP councilman with 1/5 stats for 3 mana? This guy can't be played at turn 3, but u can combine it at turn 4 with: Flame Imp, Kobold Librarian or Crystallizer. And it can be even more if u have more mana. I think this card will be nerfed very, very soon...


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    posted a message on Playing for more than 3 years and never hit legend.

    Well guys, you might wanna join this group then: https://discord.gg/B4zh3z

    Basically, we're a discord group full of people who were like you, stucik in rank 5 - rank 1 and never made it to legend. 

    However, I coached a couple of people and some of them were able to reach legend because of that. If you're interested in ever reaching legend u should just join for coaching, or for fun ofc! :D

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    posted a message on Players on ladder are getting more cancerous

    I have to agree that the playerbase has become more toxic. 

    I just played my homebrew Mill Druid deck and the first guy I faced, added me, told me I had no life, meanwhile he was playing his netdecked miracle Rogue. 

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