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    "Might as well toss my hat into the ring." -Krysto, 2019

    Introducing: The Engineer

    The Engineer is, at its heart, a Midrange class - meaning it aims to be flexibly aggressive or defensive when the situation calls for it. The class is represented by Millificent Manastorm, wife of the esteemed Millhouse Manastorm. She's sure to show him who wears the pants in their relationship. Able to adapt and innovate on the fly, Engineers can focus on several key strategies:


    The Engineer loves to buff its minions and reflects this with their class keyword: Enhance . When a minion is Enhanced , you get to choose between giving it +2 Attack, +1/+1, or +2 Health, meaning you can push your minions' to either trade up, survive, deal damage to face, or just become generally more resilient. Engineers can also "Upgrade" themselves by gaining Armor and equipping Weapons.

    Engineers can go wide, leveraging multiple minions for mass buffs with the Tinkertron!


    True to their calling, Engineers are equipped with a variety of wacky machines to serve their needs. A common theme among them will be effects that trigger each turn to produce long-term value. Careful: Some Inventions may explode!

    Overclock lets Engineers speed out the value effects of several cards, it's almost like taking a second turn. Almost.

    Meanwhile the Repulse-O-Matic is a powerful defensive tool - Taunt it up to make it a massive pain in your opponent's side. Smaller minions get pummeled, while bigger ones get knocked back to your opponent's hand!


    Lastly, Engineers are a wily bunch - their wits allow them to overcome tricky situations with a flash of genius. Engineers can mulligan away cards from their hand in search of more, greater ideas.

    Thought Process lets you turn a useless hand into a useful one - put those expensive cards back in your deck and dig for cheap ones, or vice versa. Who knows, maybe you might even trigger some effects in the process. Don't have any cards left to shuffle in? No worries, an Engineer never runs out of ideas - that's 4 fresh cards with no drawback!

    The Engineer's Classic Legendary is Fizzcrank Fullthrottle - he requires a reasonable amount of setup to get high value but can easily lend you the necessary punch to finish off a foe. Watch out for rocket-powered boars!

    Moving Forward

    I'm going to tinker with this class over the coming months. There's a lot of work to still be done, especially when it comes to carefully crafting the armies of robots, exploding machines (whether they're supposed to or not), and wacky experiments.

    Designer's Notes

    Although several cards display the Mech tag - this tag technically won't exist until GVG "Releases" and as such the class will not have any Mech synergy in the Basic or Classic expansions, although it will be a recurring theme in the future.

    Like the Hunter or Rogue, the Engineer is NOT a Healing class. While they may on rare occasion receive an invention that allows them to restore Health over time, these will be rare exceptions. Lifesteal will not appear on Engineer cards.

    The Hero Power refers to Contraptions - a handful of cards will help you summon more of them. Some Contraptions may be bigger than just a 1/1, and some may even sport keywords depending on what summons them. Some Contraptions may have slightly modified names such as "Rusty Contraption" or "Colossal Contraption" - these will all still count as Contraptions. All Contraptions are Mechs and have the same art. No Contraptions will have hidden effects which require the opponent to hover over them to see what they do - they're exactly what you see on the tin and can be recognized by the art that they share.

    The original Hero Power actually Enhanced your Contraptions instead of just giving them +1/+1. Furthermore, the mechanic was initially planned to be part of the class from the get-go in Basic. However, design constraints regarding following the "rules" of Hearthstone design made doing so impossible (or at least inadvisable). In a perfect world, where a class was being introduced to the game in late-stage design (ie now and not when the game came out) I think a number of those rules could be excused so long as the hero power was mechanically simple enough, which in this case I felt it was. But in an effort to not get disqualified out of the gate, I course corrected and will be saving the Enhancing Hero power for the, err, Enhanced Hero Power?

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