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    posted a message on Who's bright idea was to create this card??.

    aggro... :)

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    posted a message on Progression Achievement Question: play 300 murlocs

    you must play it in ranked i assume

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    posted a message on It will finally happen! Changes incoming

    problem now is that people see that bitching about something makes a change, so they will start bitching about many things more now

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    posted a message on Should we all start botting or something?
    Quote from Scorpyon >>
    Quote from Scorpyon >>

    If you truly don't want Blizzard to make money from you, stop playing the game and stop paying for it.
    If you don't want to lose your account, don't bot/automate the game. You will get banned for it.
    If you don't care about the game, don't play it any more.
    If you do care about the game, you need to care about the company that makes it and that they need to stay afloat. 

    Bottom line is : There is literally no reason for them to give ANY  rewards to people who play this game. Gold rewards and quests etc weren't even in the original game, they were added later. But people are selfish and greedy and entitled, and now demand more things even when they are given stuff for free. 

     Blizzard is generous but players are greedy. Best joke ever.

     Best misquote ever.

     blizzard created this game, and updates it, there are people working there to create more content and try to keep the game playable for all of us.. do you think they are all volunteers and do this work for free? they need to feed themselves and their families, pay their rents etc. the fact that they are giving free stuff is because the F2P players are a necesary evil and they need to be here for the health of the game. But blizzard isnt forced to give free players anything, they want to earn money...

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    posted a message on Which level 50 skin will you be choosing?

    Why not make it a poll?

    but ill be going for rogue i think

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    posted a message on Duels Mozaki Busted?

    i have a feeling that in the free mode people just retire until they get mozaki offered...

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    posted a message on what will we get for free?

    hopefully we get a promise that they will not try to milk their customers out anymore...

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    posted a message on What is Bliz doing about ropers
    Quote from guyopt >>

    Blizzard needs to suspend accounts of ropers,

    roping is a cheat and ropers destroy HS.


     why is it a cheat? if blizzard did implement this stupid time equals xp, then just queing up on games is enough to get progression... they just allow it... they actually say, just que up and gain xp... 

    I agree that it is stupid, and they need to change it to the way xp for leveling up your characters goes... 

    something like:

    start a game = 5xp

    win a game = 5xp

    play a card = 1xp

    destroy a card = 1xp

    deal 1 damage to your opponent = 1xp

    do nothing in 1 turn and cause the rope to appear = -100xp :P

    but with the system like this: nothing wrong with roping!


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    posted a message on What is Bliz doing about ropers

    i start hearthstone on my phone, and start a casual game, then let the roping begin... my opponent gets a win for his quests, and I get some xp... 

    and while im roping on my phone i go do my stuff on the pc, tv or at the bathroom... 

    my opponents get more xp because they win, and i get some as an afker

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    posted a message on Are you a bad player if you havent reached legend once for 6 years?

    no, it doesnt mean you are bad, it just means you either didnt want or didnt have time for the grind...

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