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    posted a message on Reynad picks the 10 most OP The Grand Tournament cards to craft

    New Mukla in new Midrange beast Hunter works so super! With 2/2 hyenas from Savanna, dogs, spiders, boombots and other our usual stuff... And it costs 5 mana - Elekk value! Tested it on NA. Somehow even Ball of spider can be not so bad, should try.

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    posted a message on Increased deck size, what're your thoughts?

    More game-modes! In one classical 30 cards. In second 40. In third - 50 or more. It would be nice!


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    posted a message on Cards that deserve MORE

    Just little observation of some really not bad cards, sometimes even awesome themselves - however still not playable even in the most famous fun-decks, and of course - in ladder-decks. I want to discuss - why we have this situation, and can it be fixed somehow?

    Clockwork Giant - even in existing mill-decks he has no place (I mean best versions of this decks). Hm, even in average match not against the most cancer-decks it's easy can be 5-6 mana (6-7 cards in opp's hand). I guess if cancer will be at least 10-20% less in ladder after TGT - we'll see this guy, of course, already! In heavy meta he even can do work of Fel River for new more solid mech-decks (sometimes little more expensive though).

    Onyxia - can be so great for Druid and even Bloodlust Shaman, but too expensive for current meta - the same problem as with previous card. I see her in new heavy Druid deck with Aviana (maybe heavy Dragon Druid also - if it won't the same deck). She's just 2 mana more than OP-Boom and do pretty the same and even better for some reasons - make board it's not enough only AOE or only hard removal against!.. Maybe even some other classes will try her also?

    Twisting Nether - ultimate AOE, never playable. Saw it in some Savjz's and P4wnyhof's last decks though - and... if I obviously dust it before (probably 2 times already), now I left 1 example for some reasons. Think it will be the thing soon.

    Chromaggus - one of my the most favourites cards, can't find really good using for it still - and it's make me sad... New potential dragon decks give me some hopes;)

    Foe Reaper 4000 - was as unplayble as almost Thermaplugg! But: Aviana and Varian, maybe even Fizzlebang - and it's not so slow already!.. Notice: in new expansion will be some new really pesky 6-hp-minions, and it can be awesome answer.

    Gahz'rilla - can be some last resort in new more or less heavy Hunter with Eleccks. What do you think - can it be real? Combo-decks with Tundra Rhino/Thaurissan(Call Pet)/cheap activators - for turn10 OTK (12-24 damage)? If meta will become slower - who really knows!

    Malorne - can he become king of the late? Will see, will see. At least in more viable in the nearest time mill-decks he will have some place, I guess.

    Rend Blackhand - one of the key card in possible meta without cancer (almost without). The best tempo-removal for Ysera and other 'awkward' Legendary minions.

    Stormwind Champion - (well, not only Legendary/Epics deserve more:D) one of the best arena-card, competely unplayable in ranked even in 'proper' decks... Paladin, Shaman, even Warlock - why, just why this dude so abandoned?.. Must to say in some my hobo-budget decks on Asia he makes some work and always surprises opponents - noone definetly play around it;)

    Troggzor the Earthinator - the main problem of this card - you can't force your enemy to cast spells (and sometimes he even have no them in hand and almost have no in deck if he eg Zoo). Maybe if, say, Varian will throw it on board(especially empty) - it can becomes new card of Victory? Great protection against hard AOE after Varian enter!..

    Anima Golem - yes, weak to BGH, but so many minions weak to BGH and still playable! The problem is weird card-text: we can avoid this drawback but mostly in awkward ways (give it taunt, spam the board, play minions with stealth - all this ways are weak and can be punished by, say, BK or AOE...). Maybe Dreadsteed will fix this, really not sure.

    Argent Commander - really don't know where he can works well, but he so awesome anyway! Just: too expensive for aggro/tempo, too weak for CTRL/combo. Maybe his new young 3-mana brother will see some play?

    Drakonid Crusher - really don't understand what wrong with it? 6 mana 6/6 - too 'meh', 9/9 - [annoing voice] BeGeeEich - and that's all?.. But: dragon-synergy, but Alexx-synergy, but super body if opp have no BGH and hard removal (shit happens - right? we can always 'to pull' those removals earlier)! I obviously will experiment with him in new dragon-decks!..

    Frost Elemental - some time I tried 'Total Freezing Mage' and this card there(some midrange with Ice lances, Frost novas, Water Elementals). Or I played not really well, or deck was not really well - but I refused of this idea some how. And where you can imagine him, guys? (except of arena and dust, lol)

    Gazlowe - not really hard to trigger his card-text, and even deck will be, yes, specific, but without 'weak cards' as someone afraid before (especially Warlock and Shaman). I crafted him (even over Toshley and Old Sneed's Shredder!) and - no regrets. So have a pretty lot experience of gameplay with this funny dude. The problem - fucking random, and well, must to confess - most of possible mechs are rubbish. And of course he have place only in, say, 'midrange' (even with elements of 'combo') mech-decks, that not really competitive if compare with aggro/tempo mechs...

    Trade Prince Gallywix - the same problem as and with Troggzor. And Rogue even won't get personal Varian, but only'll get personal Thermoplugg-upgraded. What a joke?..

    Dark Iron Skulker - next 'dead' Rogue's card. Even hard to imagine: in which meta he will see some play? But still great idea, Blizzs!

    Darkscale Healer - should be Priest's card like 'by default'! Well it's more expensive Yeti, but still 5-hp (for Priest!) and HUGE effect for possible Priest's board and it will be even huger after new 4-mana class-card will release. I understand so: possible place usually take more viable Holy Nova and maybe Belchers also... But... at least try, I guess - it worth that! If I'll get this new biggest 4mana-Lightspawn x2 - I'll try and some crazy combo with this moderate but really usefull card;)

    Druid of the Fang - it's simple: just more beast-synergy and so - more play for this tempo-card. Prepare your 'oldman-rifleman' x2, ladder, 7/7-snakes will come!)))

    Floating Watcher - I played with this guys in my 'Injured Demon Lock' - with Moltens, Hellfires, Flame Imps, Dread Infernals - and it was really fresh deck with unpredictable for enemy synergy, but unfortunately - not too competitive. If these face-'geniuses' will calmed down a little - I'll try to play it again not only as fun-deck already.

    Frostwolf Warlord - easy 5 mana 6/6 for proper decks, and if you want to protect from BGH(silence), say, Malganis - even can be 7/7+. Ppl prefer Sea Giant over - can't judge them. But as some possible replacement is he so bad?..

    Spectral Knight - had some play in old-school Druid-decks. Now he disappeared... Why?

    Spiteful Smith - Rogue, Paladin, Shaman and of course - Warrior, why not? Too slow? Maybe, but can give a tempo-charge, not expected trade... Can even work in couple with new useless 6-mana Warrior's epic( why it gives this 1 damage to all YOUR minion not as battlecry? just why, Blizzard?....).

    Mass Dispel - saw 1 example of it in some rediculous decks, but still mostly unplayable. Maybe if it's often will be Ysera with Sylvana on board in the same time - will see more play? Maybe new Priest's 3/3 epic and needs to make it just cheaper (such a cards like this I mean - with too high manacost for normal value)?

    Master of Disguise - weak stats for her effect. And main problem - can't give stealth to Malygos in the same turn)) Can anyone still offer some intersting possible combo with this lady?

    Windspeaker (and Windfury, spell) - main reason not to play: usually you have no huge minion from previous turn on board - enemy kills it in 90% scenarios... But still can give some crazy combos with, say, Leeroy/Rockbiter or other charges at least.

    Shadowform - with new inspire mechanic can be new meta, easy! It's far better to damage enemy on 2-3 than even heal own minions - mostly.

    Imp Master - great card! I remeber had some play in ladder some time. Now she's gone. But still we can try it in some not too low-winrate fun-decks (with Hobgoblin or for Bloodlust/Savage Roar, or with both this options).

    Lil' Exorcist - tried 1 example in Taunt Ramp Druid, and she was not so bad, sometimes even perfect against exactly that decks I need this 3-drop. Only reason I stoped use her - don't really like this boring deck-type))

    Scarlet Crusader - old-school-star! I can remember at least Zoo and some Paladin's decks with her. I even use it 1-2 monthes ago in Oil Rogue (deck or Ryzen's, or someone else - don't remeber) - and she's not so bad there (but mostly as replace to Farseers or even Teachers if you see half a ladder of Patrons). So maybe she still can take some place in meta-decks?

    Shattered Sun Cleric - great tempo-card, maybe not so good already. Can she find second life?

    Misdirection - misdiREKTion, really one of the most trololo card)) Bad against cancer-decks, SUCH a good against heavy decks if only one minion on board and he don't expect Freezing or a fotriory Misdirection! 8 damage from some Molten (he except that he return to hand and just to put it again, or Snakes, or Explosive) to own face instead to enemy face - that's what I call pure VALUE! And even if eg 2 giants kill each other - is it so bad?

    Rampage - powerfull buff, easy activated because of class specific. Just we have no extra-place in current decks, just have no place... Was played only in OTK Worgen Warrior, half a year ago. Hope for some experiments with this card in the future.

    Crazed Alchemist - intersting card, just really hard to invent realiable usability for some deck. Maybe it will be ahead.

    Echoing Ooze - part of my favourite 2-cards combo in the game: turn 6(5with coin) - Echoing Ooze + Blessing of King = 2 minions 5/6 for 6 mana only - value!... But can have some play only in Hobgoblin-decks that still fun-only.

    Nerub'ar Weblord - can be annoing tempo-breaker in meta with really lot of battlecries. But don't works well without Hobgoblin (too weak) and decks with Hobgoblin too specific...

    Steamwheedle Sniper - good attempt to divert Huntards from the face, Blizzard! At least you tried.


    That's all. Maybe you say here some your variants of cards that deserve more, guys?

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    posted a message on With TGT release almost here, what deck are you going to play and why?

    Machine Gun Mage, Dragon decks for some classes (Mage, Paladin, Priest, Warrior, Druid, maybe Warlock), Varian/Justicar War, Taunt War, maybe CTRL Paladin, Beast Druid, Beast Hunter (as more or less heavy Midrange), of course some fun deck (if have necessary cards) - like Random Hunter or Spellslinger Mage. If I will be lucky to get some new shaman's key cards and Priest's new Legendary - I'll obviously try some decks and with them.

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    posted a message on Alleria's The Grand Tournament Tavern Brawl Hunter Deck

    Won about 70 brawls (on 3 regions together). It's seems to me that winrate of Mage near 80% - no less (I have many wins with Hunter, of course also). The main problems: too many random for hunter(it's harder to adapt yourself to it), and pretty straight and clear playing for Mage, great 4 removals in Mage deck and only 2 Marks and some combos with Acidmaw in Hunter's deck while in Mage deck there are at least 6-7 very dangerous creatures (drakes, giants, Ronin, Kvaldir, Kodo rider) and 4-6 pesky, with huge potential and with not bad stats. If Hunter loose at least couple of jousts - he loose the game, if Hunter get nothing or almost nothing from Lock and Load - he loose the game, if Hunter can't protect himself from early mage's aggression - he loose the game. And when Mage loose the game? Only if he have a really bad start, and his opponent have almost perfect answers every time. I really like this week Brawl (maybe the most among all other). But it was really dishonest to a Hunter. (I wrote that  got rekt in this Brawl start - but then I got a taste;) )

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    posted a message on TGT~Meta will get reallly slow?

    We'll got at least 3(!) great taunts for all classes! Well, not all of them 'taunts' obviously (I mean like Master Jouster and Twilight Guardian) - but anyway it, I guess, will be the key-tools against the most cancer-decks in new meta. Aggro will get some tools also though - I have some doubts about this Gromok - it can easy become some idol-card for aggro, like personal Boom for cancer... Face Hunters and Aggro Pally can use it easy with value most of the time, even Zoo after succesfull Imploison. But they get only it and we can't say if it will work really well (kinda slow - 4-drop - for their manacurve). And rest of archetypes will get really more. So I am optimistic about post TGT meta. 

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    posted a message on New Mage Card - Spellslinger
    Quote from Noctunejump

    not sure if theres a list yet, but lets take a look at what spellslinger can fetch that are mage friendly.....

    Druid:  Tree of Life, Force of Nature, Savage Roar, Starfire (its face damage), Nourish, Starfall, Swipe, Bite, Soul of the Forest (if you are aggro), Mulch, Naturalize (its a removal), Healing Touch, Mark of Nature (funny tempo mage card), Mark of the Wild (funny tempo mage card), Power of the Wild (free doods!), Wrath, Claw, Wild Growth (yeah lets not imagine this...), Innervate (Tempo mage's dream? Flamewaker, Innervate, Frostbolt?), Living Seed

    mehs:  moonfire, savagery, poison seed, recycle, dark wisper


    Hunter:  Ball of Spider (well, it could be funny), Power Shot, Bear Trap, Lock and Load (again, Tempo mage with flamewaker out?), Cobra Shot, Explosive Shot, Multi Shot, Animal Companion, Deadly Shot, Kill Command (play a owl, 5 dmg, if not, 3 dmg for 3), Unleash the Hound, Freezing Trap, Misdirection (that frothing will not kill you now), Snake Trap, Explosive Trap, Snipe, Quick Shot, Tracking, Arcane Shot (its a faceable Arcane Blast), Hunter's Mark

    mehs:  Feign Death, Call Pet (well, not as meh, at worse its draw a card for 2), Flare (not bad for mirror, but its a draw spell for everything else),  Beastial Wrath


    Mage:  Frost Bolt, Fireball, Effigy, Mirror Entity, Duplicate, Counterspell, Spellbender, Arcane Blast, Polymorph, Polymorph: Boar, Pyroblast, Flamestrike, Blizzard, Cone of Cold, Dragon's Breath, Frost Nova, Ice Block, Ice Barrier, Arcane Intellect, Unstable Portal, Flame Cannon, Arcane Missile (if you are playing tempo mage), Ice Lance (if you are playing frost mage or maly mage, this is funny), Mirror Image

    mehs:  Echo of Medivh, Flame Lance, Vaporize, Arcane Explosion


    Pally:  Blessing of Wisdom, Blessing of Might, Blessing of Kings, Solemn Sigil, Avenging Wrath, Seal of Champions, Competitive Spirit, Avenge, Lay on Hands, Consecration, Hammer of Wrath, Muster for Battle, Equality, Holy Light, Seal of Light, Noble Sacrifice, Repetence (big dood, gets shot by hero power), Redemption (flamewaker at 1 health?)

    mehs:  Hand of Protection, Divine Favor, Enter the Colessium, Holy Wrath (could work in echo mage), Blessed Champion, Eye for an Eye (could tie a game), Humility, 


    Priest:  Velen's Choosen (Arcane Blast buff!), Power Word Shield, Flash Heal, Convert, Power Word Glory, Shadowform, Mind Control (depends on meta), Shadow Madness, Thoughtsteal, Holy Fire, Light Bomb, Holy Nova, Mindgames, Shadow Word Death, Shadow Word Pain, Mind Blast, Resurrect, Holy Smite, Light of the Naaru, Mind Vision, Silence

    mehs:  Confuse, Mass Dispel, Divine Spirit, Inner Fire, 


    Rogue:  Sprint, Vanish, Assasinate, Sabatoge, Fan of Knives, Shiv, Preparation (prep pyro?), Headcrack (tempo mage goooooo), Gang Up, Eviscerate, Beneath the Ground, Burgle, Sap, Cold Blood, Conceal, Sinister Strike, Backstab, Shadowstep, 

    mehs:  Tinker's Sharptooth Oil, Betrayal, Blade Flurry, Deadly Poison


    Shaman:  Elemental Destruction (when you need another flamestrike), Healing Wave, Ancestral Knowledge,  Lightning Storm, Lightning Bolt, Lava Burst, Lava Shock, Bloodlust, Ancestor's Call (turn 4 antonidas), Far Sight (4 cost antonidas), Feral Spirit, Hex, Crackle, Rockbiter Weapon, Earth Shock, Frost Shock (Ice Lance for days), 

    mehs:  Windfury (goes well with Huffer Maker), Forked Lightning, ancestral Healing, Totemic Might, Reincarnate (might work with Rhonin), Ancestral Spirit


    Warlock:  Twisting Nethers, Siphon Soul, Bane of Doom, Demonheart (its 5 dmg to a minion), Hellfire, Imp-losion, Demonwrath, Drain Life, Shadow Bolt, Dark Bomb, Demonfire, Mortal Coil, Sacrificial Pact (match up dependent), Power Overwhelming

    mehs:  Shadowflame, Sense Demon (its like putting huffer maker targets in hand), Demonfuse, Fist of Jaxxraus, Dark Bargain, Corruption, 


    Warrior:  Whirlwind, Revenge, Inner Rage, Execute, Bash, Shield Block, Slam,  Crush, Brawl, Mortal Strike, Bouncing Blade, Battle Rage, Heroic Strike, Upgrade, 

    mehs:  Rampage, Bolster, Charge, Cleave, Commanding Shout, Shield Slam

    overall, you have a pretty good chance of getting something good......

    Nice job! But you missed something: if you get some card 'for free' - I mean extra-card, not from your deck (like from Thoughts steal or Nefarian battlecry) - it's almost always value, even if it can seems 'meh'. Yes, most of that cards you put in that category - are bad and never take place in any ladder deck, but if you get it like 'for free' it's even Recycle and Dark whisper can be not so bad. Only really bad - something like Totemic might, Deadly poison etc (that mage can't use at all)

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    posted a message on New Card - Gadgetzan Jouster
    Quote from Granit jump

    Yeah well the number you calculated is that high because Handlock has creatures that cost above 10. In Handlock, you still mostly play 2 Owls, 2 Ancient Watchers, 2 Sunfury Protectors, 1 BGH which are all pretty cheap and will lose you a lot of Jousts. Zombie Chow is just far more reliable.

    There is some 'chance expectation' in Hearthstone even when you choose some deck for playing in ladder (if you not stuck with 1 class/deck of course) - you learn the meta, and choose the most appropriate deck for counter - and with 50+% it's counter the meta if your chosen was right and you play pretty well. In joust the same - of course in no one deck there will be 100% joust win, but if it will be even 55-60% it's already realiable. I guess against the most cancer deck it will be in nearly 95% 2/3, and against more or less heavy - at least no less than 55%, and even if it will be 1/2 - is it so horrible against control? I guess it doesn't matter if it will be 1/2 or 2/3 in this match up (btw in the same way LifeCoach thought on his review).

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    posted a message on New Card - Gadgetzan Jouster

    I just calculated average manacost of minion in most of popular decks, as well as in this week brawl's decks - and what I got: hunter almost always win the joust I guess in my experiense something like 4/5 or 5/6 in average and he have average minion cost near 5.3, while mage 3.96. And you know guys, how much have Handlock?? More than 6! Even CW have nearly with hunters in this brawl result. So I 99% sure that this small dude will replace in Handlock Zombie Chew completely and 1-2 Belchers will be replased with Master Jousters without any doubts.

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    posted a message on 5 cards you love that don't fit the meta
    Quote from Anasko jump
    Quote from Giorgioksk jump

    [card]Iron Juggernaut [/card] for realz. I thought that card was going to be so sick when GvG was coming out

    If you could see how yesterday Mr. Yagut play 'stupid deck'(from his words) with this card - and had when I come out from his stream already 8:2 and climbed from 1600 to 800 rank in Legend. It was 'Fatigue Warrior' with 2 Brewmasters, 2 Coldlight Oracles and maximum heal (even 2 Healbots + all warrior's heal) - it was really insane, and... it worked!.. Triple BOOM!... BOOM!... BOOM!... for 30 hp - is real!

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    posted a message on Trump's + Lifecoach's TGT review makes me depressed
    Quote from Wrathian8 jump

    I think some of you are just so easily satisfied. We don't want 100% card being playable...No one asked for that. That's just silly but if there is only around 15 cards being playable and will fit into new viable decks that's only 10% of the cards and if that's the case this expansion is a huge failure in my eye. Still to this date, I only see Naxx being the only successful expansion.

    I want at least 30% of the cards being viable and by viable.. it doesn't mean it's auto-included in most decks like Dr. Boom level. I want cards that are just good enough and maybe slight above the boundaries in some decks....they're like the 6/10...7/10 cards

    Some of these cards in TGT are just complete trash tier like 1/10....2/10 and will just never see play(e.g. the 7 mana 4/2 hunter legendary)....it's a waste of effort....waste of money on those of us who buy with real money.

    I just counted all playable post-classical cards (if card is using in more or less 'decent' fun-decks only - I count as 0.5 card). And we have more than a half usable cards from Naxx (only 6-7 never usable), 50-55/120 from GVG, and BRM was divided on 3 almost similar part - viable, average and completely unplayable (about 10 cards in every). Can we see some trend? I'm not sure - but I guess, until TGT there was at least 1/3-1/2 pretty viable cards in every expansion/adventure. I expect not less than 1/3 in pessimistic scenario and not less than 1/2 pretty good cards for TGT - in optimistic scenario so...

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    posted a message on Trump's + Lifecoach's TGT review makes me depressed
    Quote from Wingdude22 jump

    I actually agree with most stuff LC said,and why would it be bad if in six month for example only 2-11 cards from TGT will be played?

    You only have 30 cards per deck , so sooner or later only the realy  OP cards will stay.

    It's bad because to play for a monthes, maybe later and years with the same decks (or almost the same, with only 1-2 new OP) - it's really booooring. It will be far better if after every expansion there will be tons of a new pretty viable competitive deck types with at least half of a new cards - not only 'fun-decks', but decent and versatile.

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    posted a message on Weekly Card Design Competition #30 - Submission Topic [Closed]

     Just a finisher in a possible Hunter's Pirates deck. Drawback is huge but imagine: even with 2 weak 2-attacks Pirates on board you gain +8 damage/turn. 8-mana combo-wombo on empty board: 2 Southsea Deckhands + Glaivezooka + Power of Ahab = 16 damage (with 1 Southsea Deckhand = 10 damage)


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    posted a message on Tavern Brawl 10: TGT Inspire Medivh vs. Jouster Alleria
    Quote from SnakOne jump

    Maybe we're all missing the point of this weeks brawl.....

    Everyone's been like "inspire is toooooo slow, it'll never beat hunter, etc"

    So here's a inspire deck vs a hunter deck and the hunter has very little chance of winning......

    sooo point proven, inspire is ok, maybe grand tournament will have more then 3 usable cards....


    This hunter's not even fun rng-piece-of-shit-deck can't be viable even if replace half of a cards - maybe if 2/3 only!.. So what this viability of mage deck can you talk about?

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    posted a message on Alleria's The Grand Tournament Tavern Brawl Hunter Deck
    Quote from BigVanisher jump

    but its not an inspire deck...

    He meant how good is inspire mage if compare. These 2 decks half or more made of shit, hunter have far more rng (12 vs 3 cards) and so naturally sucks....

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