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    Its okay to play anything you want as long as you enjoy it, thats the point of the game after all. Dont care about salty crybabies, enjoy the game :)

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    That is hard, each of them has a chance to win.

    Jarla had a great season and is one of the most consistent players of the world according to results. I picked cause he is from Czech republic, as well as me :D

    Silvername had great first half of the year, but got relegated from grandmasters in the second. He plays mostly bgs, but is a great constructed player as well.

    Monsanto did great this season, though he is not so consistent.

    Bloodyface was in the finals of world championship last year, he got relegated from grandmasters this year tho.

    Bankyugi, i know him for just a year, but he seems like a great player, definitelly has a chance to become world champion.

    Glory is the only one who i dont think is as good as the others, but he might suprise me.

    Xiaot is very consistent and great player, who competes succesfully for a long time.

    Syf, i never heard of him, but i never heard of VKLIION until she became a world champion last year.

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    I totally agree with what you are saying. Issue is that the people dont understand that being toxic about everything isnt going to help the game. Yes, we need to stand against the recent changes of the game (the bad ones), but we still need to be fair. Complaining about everything the game does isnt the right way to stand out. Players right now try to cash in on the hate against HS, and even though i really dislike what HS is doing for a few last months, i still think they delivered us some pretty good changes in recent years (even though they still could give us more). Toxicity jsut isnt a key to change, it is just gonna make us as a players feel worse.

    Also, anybody toxic shouldnt have a huge fanbase. I feel like HS was the most not toxic game i have ever played. But for last year, I observe that toxicity level is rising among players. Yesterday a guy playing aggro hunter called me r*tard for playing combo DH. AGGRO HUNTER called me, playing a COMBO deck (combo decks are hardest to pilot imo) r*tard. I tried to convince him the deck is actually pretty hard to play and funny as well and we even had a nice chat and are friends now. But why does he have to call me that? Because he saw somebody famous act toxic, so he feels like its okay and acts toxic even though he is actually a nice guy. I think the purpose if video games is for us to have fun, so lets have fun all together and stop abusing other players who just want to have fun.


    You missunderstood me. My point was more that we need people who are not afraid to stand out against the game in the community, than "We need Zeddy". If we proceed to ignore the problems, they wont just dissapear. But during our protest, we shouldnt incline to being toxic about everything and we shouldnt abuse the devs.

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    This is a known bug, runestones and arcane orbs are used in chinese HS servers to get around Chinas tight loot boxes policy. Simply said, it is a way they can sell packs (loot boxes) in china and not get fined. It was confirmed by blizzard that this is a china-only thing, though this screen sometimes shows to some players on different servers.

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    posted a message on Zeddy Hearthstone Needs a Slight Reality Check

    This is hard. Zeddy had kinda build his own channel around beign toxic about HS (Solem does this too for quite some time now tbh). I do not watch him, because i do not like salty people, but on the other hand I believe it is important to adress some issues about the game. We need people who are not afraid to say their opinion, because if everyone was afraid to talk about issues with the game, activision could easily get away with scamms like the new battlepass and monetisation system.

    All rounded up, ignoring issues of the game is not the right approach, so we need people like Zeddy to speak up. But we should not be salty about everything, because devs cant possibly do good job when they are under such pressure from community.

    P.S. - It is hard to not be salty about recent changes in HS.

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    My first tought is that i agree with you completely about Sap. As you said, it prevents whole archetypes (slower decks that are minion based) from existing. On the other hand, I disagree with the rest. I do not think Shadow Word: Death is a problem. Priest card identity was, is and always will be to clear board. Shadow Word: Death also activates deathrattles of big minions priest removes and thus does not allow such as powerfull tempo swing as Sap does. Kayn Sunfury is interesting. Sure, it feels bad when your opponent finishes you off with kayn, but it does not happen often enough for that card to be hall of famed. Kayn Sunfury also seems to fit DH class identity very well and i do not really see a reason for sending him to hall of fame. Brawl might actually get sent to hall of fame, but i think there is a lot of other cards that are unhealthy for the game and need to be sent to HoF earlier than Brawl.

    My guess of cards that will get HoFed:

    Eaglehorn Bow, Freezing Trap, Explosive Trap, Kill Command or Unleash the Hounds. All those cards were used in most hunter archetypes troughout the meta for last four years. All of them are unhealthy for the game, because they provide hunter to smack face for ridiculous amount of damage. Even the Freezing Trap (even though it might not look like a tempo card), provides hunter so much time and space to deal face damage it is ridiculous.

    Sorcerers Aprentice, maybe Archmage Antonidas. Sorcerers Aprentice effect is uncounterable, which in the past always meant that that card will be nerfed or sent to hall of fame.

    Lord Jaraxxus. Once a really strong card feels kinda dead in comparison with all other hero cards. He will be sent to HoF and replaced with a new non-hero legendary.

    Alexstrasza or Malygos. Those are the cards that have seen alot of play over the time. They are combo cards and blizzard does not really like combo decks. Also, those two cards are for last two years the most discussed adepts to be sent to HoF before HoF rotation.

    Also we must have in mind that blizzard sends to HoF cards, that might be problematic with the new sets coming into game (they HoFed Spellbreaker mostly because of primes in ashes of outland), so everything i wrote here might be really inaccurate. :)

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