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    posted a message on Lich King or Ragnaros?? Who is Dr. 8

    Lich King defensive and more versatile.

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    posted a message on Let's make all Classic Cards F2P

    I will tell you why I THINK you should let new player have classic set.

    Hearthstone revenue is falling each year and the player database too.

    For example most of my friends (irl) who played HS competitively since beta with an average 2/3 hours per day.
    They also put money each(or 1/2) extensions except last year and this year.

    Today they play nearly because they don't feel to grind another CCG and they still like to play HS but most of time between them that's why they disenchanted all their cards who are not standar.
    They refuse to put anymore money in HS for many reasons.
    I know many other "competitive" players (friends of friends or net) who basically do the same.

    for other not competitve player , they don't play a lot and buy maybe 2 extensions that's and play only 1 class.
    They don't play each extension and not even the full extension.
    Most of players are casuals and will pay 50/100€ on the game and never do it again.

    You can play HS free to play, but a casual can't really play HS as F2P because they don't play 2/3h per day, they don't really feel to progress (don't really want to try hard but don't like to have lose streak), they also have some time trouble to do quest and don't really know how to do their deck and play them.

    So yes new player and casual players, need help definitively and even if I understand the fact you invested time and money and you don't want they have classic cards free. You should understand hearthstone revenues and players is falling down.

    I don't say hearthstone is dying but the fact is they do 2x less revenues each year, they still earn a lot and there is still many players.
    But in the long term, if there is no new player and people play less and less, they will have to do a HS 2 for a new hype and all your time and money "will disappear" at  the same time. That's my opinion.

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    posted a message on How will Blizzard inevitably nerf rogue?

    you can't HOF or nerf prep without buffing many rogue spell. (at least classic and standar)

    I agree prep is strong but all rogue spell cost have been created in order to be play with it and also in order to be a combo activator.
    So I don't think it s the solution.

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    posted a message on Anyone thinking about getting back into HS after rotation?

    I stopped too after Rastakhan's Rumble cause of hunters.
    Was bored of droods before for the same reason.
    I wanted to uninstall and never play again HS.
    But to be honest with the rotation it's look intresting.
    So I give HS a last try.

    I am ok with a popular deck but 50% hunter (or any class) with different viable deck.
    It s just boring.

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    posted a message on New Card - Exotic Mountseller

    Here all 3 cost beast (standar and wild)

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    posted a message on New Paladin Card - Dragon Speaker

    Remember it's dragon year, it will maybe be good.

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    posted a message on Card Reveal - Hench-Clan Hogsteed

    tip: Use Da Undatakah for more fluffy murloc

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    posted a message on Hearthstone player age survey

    Its Hearthpwn community not hearthstone player age.
    So the reality will be very different.
    I don't think the majority of young people know hearthpwn or use the forum even if they know hearthpwn.

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    posted a message on Control priest vs control warrior matchup

    Benedictus is not a good idea except if he see a lot of warrior because in the other match up it s like a dead card in your hand.

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    posted a message on Control priest vs control warrior matchup

    What's your decklist?
    You have to play like an aggro with your control deck, you have to kill him before he stack to much armor.
    A way to win is also not playing too much against his aoe because in this match up as you say is clearly not in your favor and playing "risky" can be the only solution.

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    posted a message on Top 5 Cancerous decks that ever existed.

    Hey guys, it s only my opinion but:

    For example, I don't find Jade was a cancer deck even before nerf.
    It was very popular and strong but to be honest I create my own deck who destroyed them (around 70-80%win) and decent win rate versus other deck. (So I climbed pretty fast.)

    What I find cancer is when a class is strong in multiple deck and even more in multiple archetype so you can't really do a counter deck and have trouble to mulligan.

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    posted a message on Is Hearthstone the best game in the world? (POLL)

    Best game do not turn around casual players, it s a popular game but sorry HS is not so great.
    If you look at fornite (popular game too), HS is clearly better game even if it s a casual game. (And yes, you can have pro on casual games like any game. But the difference winrate between a pro gamer and rank5/low legend player is like 10% more win rate when in a "real skilled game you enjoy and want try hard" you have nearly no chance to win vs a progamer even if you are good. Just look at SCII pro game for stay on blizzard.

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    posted a message on Stop hating Hunters!

    Keep hating them, blizzard will see we are bored of them like drood was boring.
    Nerf is coming!

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    posted a message on How do you like the balance changes overall?

    They forget to nerf UI! Kappa.
    A nerf deathstalker rexxar would have been great, at least after rotation hunter should be ok, just a bit sad to wait but it s ok.

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