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    The Chronomancer :

    Boomsday Project

    "Hey you ! Feels like it's been forever since last time ! Maybe that's because I've been really busy solving paradoxes and chasing troublemakers around the Timeways. Fortunately, I found this super cool lab in the Netherstorm where they have all kinds of gizmos and contraptions that help me set the timeline straight."

    Advanced Puffin - Look ! How cute !? And it built a little robot friend !

    Doc's Time Capsule - Perfect to revisit old memories and rebuild your reality once it crashed and burned.

    Suspension Project - Science is exhausting... Let's take a little pause while Dr.Boom isn't looking.

    Rinse and Repeat - Ran out of new ideas ? Just reuse you old ones !

    "And they have more ! The little gnome inside me is jumping in excitement !"

    "Challenges this week got a little more complex, which I love ! And I can count on the Doc to help me figure it out."

    Boons: 1. You may showcase a 4th card + 3. You can bring back an old cycle from a past expansion = 3 points

    Banes: 1. You must showcase at least two common cards + 2. Only three cards in your pre-core set can have four lines of text + 3. No Taunt in your pre-core set = 3 Points

    I showcased 4 cards of different rarities. I made a Portal card, a cycle from One Night in Karazan. Only Doc's Time Capsule and Forward Momentum have four lines of text. None of my cards have Taunt.

    I followed the rarity distribution of Ashes of Outland for the Demon Hunter as that's the closest comparison I found for the Boomsday Project.

    "These clockwork helpers are really handy when it comes to eliminating timeline anomalies. And they're super cute !"

    "Let me tell you, I had a blast talking with the Doc about all his amazing invention !"

    Dimension Shifter - "How did you manage to build something that works no matter which way you turn it ?"

    Racing Clock - "I always put a timer on tasks, otherwise I get sidetracked too easily."

    Acceler-O-Bot - "How fast can this thing go ? Depends which way it's going in time."

    Forward Momentum - "Let's get the ball rolling !"

    Future Researcher - "Science is all about finding new things we don't understand yet. Timetravel is just a super efficient way of doing that !"

    Like Clockwork - "Why did I forget to put a snooze button on these bots ? I just need five more minutes..."

    The Doc - "This guy exists in every reality I've been to, but he always has a different face !"

    Time Saver - "Automation is such a blessing. Do it right once, then watch the little guy do it again the next 1000 times."

    Gnomeregan Portal - "I've been trying to explain general relativity for ages. Finally, a people that understand's English !"

    Turn Back Time - "At some point, it becomes easier to go back rather than deal with the mess."

    "So that was all great fun ! Things got a bit crazy, but don't worry : I can feel a big convergence coming up. Reboot time ?"

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    Alright I'm pretty much set and I need to submit soon since I'll be on vacation, so here's for a last round of feedback. I've read concerns over Racing Clock and Rinse and Repeat but I think they are fine. Might still up the cost a little in the end.

    Feedback is always appreciated :)

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    Inspiration truck ! (sorry for double-posting)

    So I'm going for aggro and combo cards that play on a swarm of little bots ! I think that gives a new spin to the class. Would love to know what y'all think !

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    Alright, time for me to write some reviews ! To be honest, I've been slacking off my own set but I think I actually needed to take a step back and reassess the core. Boomsday is built with a lot of intentionality in each class so I should try to do the same instead of cobbling cool ideas together. I think I might end up going for fast-paced aggro mechs. Anyhow !


    Your legendaries are really cool ! Not sure how easy/hard the quest is, I would go back to all your sets and looks at how common shuffling is. Adding 1 or 2 more synergy cards for this quest would also be a good direction.

    Ankhaten Hotspot is weird to me. Summoning creatures doesn't seem like a sickness kinda thing. Plague of Plagues is underwhelming design imo. It has this sense of a master-plague but it also feels like you couldn't think of anything cooler. Oasis Corrupter is broken 'cause you can't discover on your opponent's turn so it can't be a Deathrattle.

    Overall, your Deathrattle theme is great, keep it going.


    Your set is a little all over the place. Expansion sets tend to be more focused on a mechanic or playstyle. Dragon synergies with Formation sounds like a plan to me.

    First Dwarven Dragonrider seems more straightforward to me. For Korialstrasz I'm not sure... The first version might be cool if you do go the Formation route but I'm not a super fan of the transformation thing, doesn't feel like your class. The second one is too similar to Alex I think.


    I can't stress enough how much I love Scholomance Academy !

    Pretty cool theme for your Priest cards. The trendsetter should be the one that wants to get targeted, no ? (in terms of flavor) Totems seem to make sense for your class, maybe put more emphasis on Kin.

     Hope that helps !

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    Hi everyone ! I'm excited for this Boomsday set, it's one of my favorite expansions ! For the rarity spread, I'm using Ashes of Outland as a base. It has the same 3/3/2/2 spread as Boomsday for most classes and was the introductory set for Demon Hunter. For Boomsday, I'm making a legendary spell as well as a Project card, and of course a ton of mechs ! The set might not be as cohesive as some of the other classes were for that expansion but I think that makes sense given the fact that it's the first expansion for the Chronomancer. I'm still basing a lot of stuff off of clockwork and time travel since that's what makes sense for both the class and the expansion. Here goes !

    I've gone a little crazy with tokens (again), hope it's fine.

    For challenges I thinking Boons 1 and 3 as well as Banes 1, 2 and 3.

    What do y'all think ?

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    @McF4rtson I really like this new challenge system ! Choosing from a list of positives and negatives gives a wide array of inspiration points. It's also cool to work with restrictions you chose. I think it will also make every submission a little more unique which is great !

    Maybe it would work better if each Boon had a Bane attached, so you don't have to deal with as many cornercases and can design them to complement each other. It kinda looks like you wanted to do that anyways. That would also get rid of the point system which seems unecessarly complex to me.

    Very happy to see you're always willing to experiment with the formula of these competitions !

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    The Chronomancer :

    Apprentice Set

    "I'm late ! I'm late ! This week blitzed so fast ! I've been overrun by members of the infinite dragonflight and breakers of the rules of time !"

    Blitzing Flight - Speed, I am speed ! I am lightning !

    Time Dilation - Are my enemies too slow or am I too fast ?

    Chronomage Inara - Guardians of the timeways and skincare companies HATE her.

    "I guess I'll have to give you the advanced course right away ! We need to get rid of these breaks in the timeline ASAP !"

    Since Timekeeper Kairoz was 5 mana last week, I didn't have to fulfill the first challenge.

    Time Dilation fulfills the second challenge.

     "Look at Inara's powers ! She's just cheating at this point."

     "A few comments on the new stuff before I go back to fighting chronic anomalies !"

    Innovative Chronicler - What's my source ? Just trust me, I went there.

    Alternate Timeline - Alright, that's enough, let's just start over.

    Time and Place - Nope, I don't wanna deal with that this turn.

    Forward Thinker - Sometimes it can be really useful to know what you're doing.

    Scaled Menace - It's the kind of problem that you swear you're gonna get to eventually. And then it becomes worse...

    Take Your Time - Bruh chill ! I don't know why you in a big time rush.

    Patient Matriarch - Oh she can wait all day, but she'd also like it better if it was, like, now, you know ?

     "I have to leave, but I'll be back soon ! I found a ripple in spacetime, a place outside of Azeroth and reality as we know it ! A place where surely they can build some kind of crazy contraption to help me set things right !"

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    Hey I'm running late and I'm a little confused witht the schedule. This thread has this week's phase ending on August 2nd while the submission thread says August 1st. I'm a little confused with the tomezone thing so how close are we to the deadline ?

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    Hi everyone, sorry I didn't the part in much of the discussion this week. I'm really tired... Well still I want to do this class justice and I can really feel it this year so here we go ! The set isn't quite done yet, I have a hard time with commons but oh well.

    Sorry this is a little rambley... I'll give feedback this weekend since I will only have mobile access so looking forward to that :)

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    @McF4rtson oh okay that makes sense !

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    The Chronomancer doesn't appear in the poll. Don't know if it's intentional because I'm immune to elimination this time around. Even then, it would be cool to see what voters think of my set...

    Good luck to everyone !

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    The Chronomancer :

    Apprentice Set

    "Chromie back at it again ! I'm so happy with the greeting you all gave me last time around, thanks so much ! I guess that means you're wanna see more of me !"

    Time Heist - What do you mean you 'don't have time' ? You know you can just take it !?

    Endless Futures - Time waits for no one. No one but me !

    Stasis - *Record scratch* 'You're probably wondering how I ended up in this situation.'

    "Here's the first half of the classic tricks a Chronomancer like me uses all the time. I wanted to jump straight into the more complicated stuff but I figured simple things are cool too. Watch out for what's coming next week though !"

    Desperate Times fulfills the first challenge.

    Eternal Dragon fulfills the second challenge with the Hatchling mechanic from Journey to Un'Goro.

    The Chronomancer's first expansion will be The Boomsday Project.

    "The bronze dragons have voiced a lot of concerns recently, I might have to investigate that a little more..."

     "More jokes if you're into that ! I'm having fun with it so I'll keep going anyways !"

    Twin Paradox - These two could never get along.

    Traveler of the SandsOne tourist traveling the timeways is fine, it's when they start pilling up that it becomes a problem.

    Eager Inventor - So many ideas ! I need to start building now !

    Eternal Dragon'But I already killed you !' -Frequent last words.

    Fleeting Power - I can give you immense power ! For a time...

    Time Keeper Kairoz - I'm sure his obsession with fixing the future will never become a problem.

    Desperate Times - Let's just delete this timeline and forget it ever existed.

     "So yeah a lot of fun stuff here and I'm already looking forward to the second half ! Looking forward to see you there !"

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    Hey everyone ! It's been a while... Sorry, I didn't have time to give feedback, I'll try to get to it this weekend. Still, I've been working a lot on my set.






    What do y'all think ?

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    Alright I've come up with a good portion of the set, let's see what you all think. Btw, I'm aware some of those cards lack a watermark here or a rarity gem there, I'll fix all that once I get to the final cards don't worry.

    Dragon stuff

    Some discard synergy as well cause that's fun !

    And a little bit more time stuff.

    I'd love to read what you think !



    Endure seems a little dicey to me, since a player might have to sink a lot of resources into keeping their minions alive. In a game like Hearthstone with basically no reactivity (i.e. you can't play cards on your opponent's turn), It's really hard to make sure that your stuff stays alive, especially as the game progresses. Maybe you could instead have a keyword that protects minions by reducing damage or making them hard to target (things along the lines of Divine Shield and Stealth). If you really want to keep Endure as it is, I'd suggest pairing it with such keywords and effects, as well as stat buffs.

    I think Halt Intruders! should cost 3, maybe 4 since in Hearthstone most enemy minions will have attacked last turn (except the ones that were just summoned and don't have Rush or Charge basically). Tol'vir Suppressor is fine as it is, but I think you can make it more thematic with attack reduction or Silence. The way Energized Bulwark is worded makes me think that it deals several instances of 1 damage (like Arcane Missile) but your description might mean it's just one big removal. For the latter, I would word it as "Then, deal damage equal to its Armor to a random enemy minion".

    Shield Wall Protocol is fine but I would honestly just say "all friendly minions" for simplicity. Earthrager's Axe seems interesting but board size restriction is a frustrating mechanic. I would give the Earth Spike some kind of text like maybe "When you summon a minion, destroy this and deal 1 damage to it." to make it more of a dynamic removal/disruption tool. Flame Warden's payoff is a condition on a condition... I'm not a fan.

    Eternal Protectors seems a little complicated and fiddly to me. I think you should pocket this for Uldum and make it work with Reborn instead.

    Ammunae is great but I think it would be cleaner as "Whenever this minion gains Armor, summon a 2/1 ith Rush". Again it's a much simpler way of going about it imo.


    Pirates are fun ! I think Catelyn is in a weird spot. I would remove the Tribute part because that undermines the whole 'fast' feel you want to get. That being said,this paly on turn 4 is extremely powerful for an aggressive deck full of pirates. I would bump it to 5 or 6 so it's more of a finisher. Also maybe give it Rush just so it's clear that she gets it. Would love to see more.


    I think you can use the Plague mechanic of cards that upgrade each turn but not the Plagues themselves. Also you might want to use a different flavor. Nethrandamus uses the Spellstone mechanic but not their flavor so maybe follow that lead.

    Also thanks a TONE for that visual you made ! Can I use it in my submissions to explain how Tick-Tock might look like in-game ? I'll credit you of course.


    Yara and Balgruf are *chef's kiss* for your class ! I'm guessing that they keep their stats and buffs when they fuse, right ?

    Rival Sibling sounds amazing but the wording doesn't work. Maybe something like "for each Heritage this has, summon a Rival Sibling with that Heritage". For your past expansion mechanic, you might want to look into unique dragon synergies. Think Wing Commander.

    Egg Clutch is a little complexe imo. Does the attack even happen if the welp kills the target ? Protective Mother should get Swamp King Dread's wording. Could be your challenge epic btw.

    In think Discover Your Origin should cost less. You'll still have to pay for the Heritages and the Dragon so 1 mana seems fair. Same thing for Dragon Claws, give it more Attack or make it cost less.


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    Quote from McF4rtson >>
    Quote from Klipce >>

    Concept is very good, but hearthstone UI does not do a very good job of this. You don't have a good indication of whether you are on an odd or even turn. Yes, there is a yellow highlight, but what if you have both tick and tock?

     Like I said, I'm not sure design is about coming up with these UI solutions but I think I laid out some possible solutions. Blue and red highlights ? Idk it's definitely something new and weird but I think it's worth the complexity.

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