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    Best deck ever, going to be meta breaking

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    Bad cards don't justify running other bad cards just because they have synergy... it's the whole 2 wrongs don't make a right situation.

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    Quote from tercentenary >>
    Quote from Darq1 >>
    Quote from inverna >>

    Light of the naaru is worse than flash heal

     I'd disagree on that one
     I agree with the disagree.
     I agree with the agree of the disagree
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    By no means is eaglehorn bow as insane as it is with secrets but without a doubt it is still a staple in Midrange Hunter. The bow acts as crucial spot removal to ensure that you don't lose control of the field, to get through a taunt, or to shut down a card before gets out of control. 

    Personally I think that secrets are still worth running in hunter even without mad scientist however I think it will take some time for most people to realize it....

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    This seems more fair than people think. 5 mana 5/5 is on par as far as stats, Card draw is valued at 1.5 mana, so that would be a 6.5 mana 5/5 and then for the additional .5 mana you have the choice to heal any target for 5 instead of drawing a card. 

    Keep in mind that unless the cards we have yet to see from WOG has an amazing healing card then druid doesn't have all that many option for healing. Cult Apothecary, Earthen Ring Farseer, Refreshment Vendor, or Ancient of Lore are really the only cards that can heal that one might consider using in druid standard decks. Assuming that Ramp druid is the new standard type of druid then it is likely it will require some sort of healing to be able to last longer against aggro or midrange. This nerf does exactly what it was meant to do, it makes the card no longer an auto include. This card now is likely going to be included more for the healing benefit with the additional bonus that if you are not in need of healing it can also be used to draw a card. I would guess this is likely a 1 of card now rather than a 2 of card 

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    This is one of the most fair nerfs I've ever seen blizzard apply to a card. When I heard knife juggler was being looked at for a nerf I was really worried that they might change the card text but I'm extremely glad to see that they only knocked 1 attack off and left the text alone. While minor this definitely will impact how appealing it is to use but I am sure that it will still fit well in decks that easily flood the board

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    Now that I think about it this card is just down right terrible, If you want to get a second use out of the battlecry then just shadowstep it

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    I feel like people are thinking that this card is going to be way more useful than it actually is going to be. This card is 6 mana so by the time it is played the responding player is going to have 6 or 7 mana if it is played on curve. At that point you have enough mana to use big removal and/or likely (if you aren't already behind) should have a board that you can use to deal with it. Yes, it is a card that likely requires 2 or more cards to deal with which makes it good but it isn't game breaking. Most 3 mana cards are only "okay" since they don't get their Battlecry. This card is more balanced than it might see because of the fact that Mage doesn't really have much that it could follow up with. The danger of the card is that 2 minions: 5/5 and likely a 3/3, that can be played for only 6 mana means that it could require too much resources and when a larger minion is played after then you will no longer have a way to deal with it.... The issue with this is that mage doesn't have anything to follow it up on turn 7. The only card that a mage might play that is 7 mana would be antonidas however they aren't going to play him on curve because they likely won't be able to make use of his effect if they do. 

    Compared with the 6 mana minions that other classes it really doesn't seem to extreme of a card: Savannah HighmaneMysterious Challenger, or Cabal Shadow Priest. Plus when you compare it to Sylvanas Windrunner I'm not sure that this card would really be a better option.

    Question: Does anyone know if minions summoned from random effects like this, when played in standard, does it only pull from the pool of standard cards or does it pull from any card that is currently in the game much like how cards like webspinner can give unreleased cards during the period between the cards being added to the game and the point where the expansion is actually released.

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    Generally I have been holding him till I can combo him since the combos are insane from a tempo stand point. 

    Unearthed Raptor = copy a deathrattle x2 (x4 if you copy a raptor that had copied a minion while Brann was out)

    Antique Healbot = heal for 16

    Dark Iron Skulker = 4 dmg AOE against undamaged enemies

    Abusive Sergeant = +4 attack

    Azure Drake = draw 2

    Dr. Boom = Summon 4 Boom Bots

     So in other words don't waste Brann Bronzebeard, he can be a massive tempo swing but at the same time don't feel like you must hold him for 1 particular combo, if you think that "X" combo will be a big enough tempo swing to put you back in the lead if behind or if it will secure the victory when ahead then it is likely the right play. Play each turn with the goal of getting more tempo than the other guy since that is ultimately how this deck wins

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    So I spent a long time talking about this card with 2 friends at Blizzcon. This card has a lot more potential than it appears at first. So what does this card do? It is a 3 damage AOE as well as a tempo disrupter.

    AOE: 3 Damage to all minions on the board ~~~ What does is accomplish? It shuts down aggro and can clear out the early minions of tempo decks. The majority of your minions would survive anyway because Priests have high health minions that normally dodge the 3 damage

    Add the card to the opponents deck ~~~ This card is the only card that can disrupt your opponent's draw tempo which is HUGE. I had a chance to talk to Firebat, Orange, Purple, and Nias at blizzcon and they all seemed to agree that the worst thing about the game is that extremely tempo favored to a ridiculous degree. As Firebat pointed out, if you look at his performance at last years blizzcon he never made any crazy plays, he simply played on curve and it won him the world championship. So what does this has to do with this card? well it makes it extremely strong against aggro, tempo, and midrange. All of these decks rely on card draw tempo to ensure that they have options every true. On top of the tempo they lose from the minions that die to the AOE they later lose more tempo due to drawing a dead card later on. They can't easily make use of the card because it kills their own board as well. If they do use the card then it will likely have to be comboed with them sacrificing their board and will give you a chance to draw it again allowing you an additional board clear. 

    What card(s) would this replace? ~~~ This would most likely replace Soulpriest + CoH combo because this combo already shows that you are willing to run a 4 damage aoe that hits your minions so for 1 more mana, 1 less damage, and 1 deck slot that it freed up (Huge for priest because they have the interesting issue of having so many good cards that you can't run them all in 1 deck without a bunch of 1 ofs) 

    So when will you run this card? ~~~ This card will be run in the tempo/aggro heavy meta. This card really bad in control matches however because it likely won't have much impact on the board but gives the other guy an additional card in this deck that can lose you the match if it goes to fatigue. 

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