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    Vs Shaman and priest use void contract, especially shaman.

    Combo/Druid, fill up there hand and immolate OR play immolate on turn 3-4.

    Everyone other matchup, try to mill/draw all your opponents cards THEN cast curse of agony with an elekk,vargoth, tasmin on board. Your curses should have stacked enough dmg that 6 agony draws is lethal.

    Wicked shipment + phylastery + defile for giant mill turn (rarely have done this and just milled all or most of deck then gave them 6+ agony curses.

    It's close to a strong deck but not quite there. Should probably toss out protector because i win a lot of games without using contract.

    using cards like immolate/contract that dont instantly change board is good when you have customer in hand so you can clear next turn.

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    Have been playing curselock more than this. Probably needs needs cheaper early game removal like lightning storm. Tourguide is only for pre-cthun turn. Could cut one at least. Doomcaller is a bit greedy. Well shit I just realized the deck in my game. snowfall is a reasonable cut. Hex is necessary big priests and there was a lot of big shaman on ladder for a while recently. 

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    I dont like Bola shot but i think your list is probably better as long as you dont play more than one carrion minion so you always have shellfish as an option from nine lives. I'll try with play dead intact. I like it though. Might try it. You added another draw engine instead of pet collector so thats probably more ideal.

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    I never felt that in my games...if i were to remove 2 it would be the tradable ones. The sunken one is the one I always want. the other are just to make sure i can proc cannoneer and puffer.


    Faelin/depths combo is an option, Or 2 cost amalgams just because they are good in everything.

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    The quest is fucking awful. If you wanna be a cheesy pal, no reason not to just go baku. possibly worst questline. I've never seen anyone play it. I only played it one day. Sad legendary to open.

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    If removed a spirit guide, id probably add hysteria instead.(i think thats name of the 5 cost spell that makes everyone fight). From playing if i ever get stuck on a card cost it is usually 3 or 5. that being said maybe -1 sceam, -1 twlight call for lash. I considered the 3 cost dragon spell at one point as well. Glad youre having fun. Of the quest priests ive used this is my favorite.

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    Unamusing that are more effects like that. Newest quest priest literally does that. Unsure if this post was before or after mechathun. Mechacthundruid in wild currently is beyond braindead and the combo technically shouldnt even work because poison seeds destroys mechacthun but summons treants. HS stays a completely garbage imbalanced game.

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    lmao what kind of priest are you?!!!

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    That's correct. I forgot I had to remove it.

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    This is just dumb bullshit. Period. I had right minion's deathrattle activate while it was still alive and screwed up my samura cheease by killing the other two minions. This made me regret reinstalling hs just to check out new buddy system in bgs. Dev team is ass and everything that's new in last year or two just looks like desperation for purchases,

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    This game is a shitshow. The card that rotates all minions a certain direction was the nail in the coffin for me. I was considering at least using my gold for new card packs but last time i opened up program I saw a new terms of privacy which was honestly even shittier than the game so this was perfect time to quit tcgs. GL in your games. Hope you manage to create some cool interaction/combos and not just play same braindead meta deck everyone else is playing.


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    sword and board is the weakest card in this deck

    -2 S and B

    if the new yogg is good +1

    Minefield is a decent early removal

    Cthun the shattered is only other card that caught my eye but id have to actually play with it to know how easy it is to pull off.

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    I no longer play this this game(its just getting worst). Ill take a look for you though.

    I only like grand empress and maybe malevolent strike. I wouldn't craft empress for just this deck though. The value of both of them depends what kind of rogue decks you often play.

    -1 scheme/+ 1 empress

    would consider dropping eleks for MStrike

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    posted a message on Dear Blizzard / Activision, please stop bullying Shaman.
    Quote from Zukuu >>

    It's a conditional better card than Swipe. Fire Breather only deals 2 damage. You swap a body for 4 direct damage - potential 6 on a single target.

     Someone said it before me.

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    In general, its not a good or balanced game. Something like mark of lotus should have never even been printed. There's so much braindead dumb crap I cant even meme anymore.

    RIP TCGs

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