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    Can't see this working in a pure aggro deck:

    1. Not enough cheap rush minions and spells available to warrior (Broomstick could help if it actually works which needs confirmation).
    2. Rush minions are somewhat antithetic to an aggro decks: you need straight up face damage and not delayed minion damage that can be removed.
    3. Also, for this to work, your opponent needs to have enough minions on the board to rush into, which control decks tend not to have. 

    This could however work in an aggro anti-zoo deck. Basically, the more minions your opponent plays, the more quickly you kill him. Terrible against weapon based aggro decks such as (OP) DH.


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    I have seen reports that it actually works with Broomstick enhanced cards. 

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    I can't see this menagerie theme working for warriors. Card pool for Mechs and Pirates is too limited. Synergies between cards of different tribes is close to zero. Your deck ends up a collection of mismatched cards that gets out-paced or out-valued. And what will N'Zoth bring back to life exactly? Low stated Pirates, unbuffed mechs and Dragons without their battlecries? Not very scary 10-mana turn (remember Gul'Dan).

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