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    posted a message on Big priest is getting out of hand
    Quote from N0Sp00n22 >>
    Quote from Kikimyste >>

    Big priest is really fun and balanced imo

     I'm guessing you forgot the /s

    ; )


     Lul ya it isnt balanced but I love big decks. Big priest is the only wild deck ive ever made. What can I say? Ima degenerate

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    posted a message on Saviors of Uldum Impressions

    Finally an expansion post that actually contributed something other than “cards suk no hype nvr buying again”

    i agree with most of this post. I like the set a lot and am sad taunt warrior is drowned out by two already too good decks. 

    Also “Colossus of the Moon isn't as bad as people think. That is a really sticky big dumb idiot.” made me laugh a lot. 


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    posted a message on About the highlander decks...

    bombs are considered spell cards so I dont see why they wouldnt count. Which is one of the few reasons why i personally was a tad disappointed in these cards.  But then again there could be an interaction exception made, who knows. 

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    posted a message on Zilliax

    There is no reason not to craft him, he is an extremely versatile card and will net you way more than enough value for the dust you will spend guaranteed.

    you most definitely want to craft this card even now. 

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    posted a message on Why are people defending Token Druid?

    Token druid is a powerful aggro deck to be sure, but it is far from the worst we've seen. Did we al just forget that just a month ago there was an entire TWO decks at the top of the meta and both of them were paladin decks? Did we forget that this lasted a solid 3 expansions with odd paladin at the top? 

    Not saying this excuses overpowered decks by any means but the meta is more balanced than it has been in over a year and I for one will take a deck like token druid over that any day.

    Plus, token druid is far from unbeatable and has a few consistent checks and counters. Once you hit rank 5 and higher you dont see druid too often because it gets beat out by multiple higher end decks. (Mech pally, carpet zoolock, control warrior)

    TLDR: The meta is far more balanced and nobody should be complaining right now, enjoy the game as it is, find counters for decks you dont like (they exist) and wait for future balance changes. 

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    posted a message on New Legendary Card - Barista Lynchen
    Quote from 1xbenx1 >>
    Quote from KingCarnage >>

    the text clearly says hand....

    And this card is broken af. Makes Vonne look like a joke.

     They're different cards.
    This adds copies of your board to your hand.
    Vonne adds extra copies of your hand to your hand.


    It clearly says it copies your other battlecry minions (on the board) TO your hand. Every other minion with copy effects such as the faceless cards work off of the board.  

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    posted a message on Cards being underwhelming... a good thing?

    To preface, I started playing Hearthstone with Journey to Ungoro. So my experience with the game has been mostly way over the top powr level cards like kotf heroes and crazy quests. 

    With this expansion along with the rotation, im seeing a lot of posts that arent so happy with the new cards, and id tend to agree. They are far less unique compared to the previous expansions and the cards are notably less powerful.

    But after thinking about it, I personally feel like its a great thing. So many cool cards like the Loas and even the rush cards from warrior like Darius always seemed so cool to me but they were always overshadowed by the overpowered expansions previous to them. The game has been nearly the same since i played getting even worse with the odd and even cards.

    Now that the overall power level is going down so drastically with all of the changes I feel like the game is going to change so much for the better long term. More experimenting, more unique decks, games that dont always get decided by turn 5-6. 

    Tldr: Im happy that the expansion is weaker and I feel confident that it is going to restore a lot more fun and creativity to the game longterm even though the cards themselves this expansion arent as “creative”



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    posted a message on 80g Quest Trading - Play A Friend! (#7)


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    posted a message on New Rogue Spell - Walk the Plank
    Quote from Mr_NiceNL >>

    A Cheap ripoff from a MTG card just what rogue needs.

     Yes because MTG is the only card game to ever have a pirate themed card that destroys things. Youre going to dehydrate with all that salt.

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    posted a message on All this talk about card design, yet this one glaring exception is left alone.

    It’s literally a wolf........dressed as an old lady.....

    Let me repeat that, A WOLF (beast) dressed as a lady.

    a WOLF disguised as a grandmother. Not a grandmother that turns into a wolf.

    Like tf????


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