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    posted a message on What tracker do you use and why?

    Using Hearthstone tracker and I'm fully satisfied with it.

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    posted a message on More deck slots?

    7-9, One deck per class, but I honestly play with less as I usally favorites 2/3 classes depending on overall deck strength and my ability to pilot them.

    And I usually only play one type of deck per class because I don't want to spend time adapting from one sort to another within a class,  If I am confortably let's say with an aggro mage, I won't change until I am fed up with it, or new cards appears.

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    posted a message on Pricing for New Hero Skins

    Why no more than 5$ ?

    Why Blizzard should be cheap when tons of others aren't ? Shouldn't 'naked' iphones cost only 100$ ? Even cosmetics for iphones are pricey. Shouldn't luxurious cars cost the same price than regular ones ?

    As a company (and owner of Hearthstone), Blizzard is the one that decides the price of it. If it's too expensive people won't buy it and they may be forced to lower the price. On the other hand, it sales exceed expectations, they win.


    And it's not being a fanboy saying this kind of thing, it's just being realistic.. Welcom in a capitalist world.

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    posted a message on Heroes of the Storm card back

    And it is a question of effort/reward.

    We are talking abou something as useless (and so essential) as a card back. Sure it's a pretty one, but it's only a cardback and if MOBas really aren't your style, why should you force yourself to get it ? I mean, would do buy a luxurious car if it has a cardback linked with it ?


    I myself loves pets in WoW but never will I buy Starcraft CE just to have the pet associated with it because I know I will never play the game, even if the associated pet is the most beautiful one.

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    posted a message on "Well played" and 30-0

    Some are using emotes as a tool to disturb you, and some are certainly jerks as you can see when they try to had you to tell howmuch they care about your heatlh.

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    posted a message on Deck tracker?

    The one in his videos is added during montage I believe.

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    posted a message on So 3 expansions later, what do you think of Hearthstone?

    Played a lot of MTG in the 90s, so I can relate to the guys saying it was more fun, but I harldy HS personnaly ans I'm in line with DragonConsort statement.

    About mechanics, sure instant would be a great thing, but it works against the flow of the game because between each and every action you'll need to check if the other player wants to cast a spell. It's certainly doable but I can easily spot a lot of rage post related to connectivity issues that prevents players to use an instant at the right time, costing them the game.

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    posted a message on Can you get banned for farming at rank 20?

    Why give it a penalty? What they need to do is make us want to play competitive ladder competitively. Farming is a boring thing but rewarding, why should we be punished for working hard to get golden heroes on their game. 

    Because if they do that, I won't even play ladder, I will barely touch the game. So they are losing players, and it's not just me, it's many many many more. Most of the players in the game are centered between rank 20-18. That would be the stupidest thing they would do.


    Working hard to get your hero ? You'r just farming low ranks to get it quick.

    Trying to reach highest ranks is harder than farming level 20 players. Your way is only hard because it's boring.


    Your even telling us you'll stop playing ladder if not for the golden heroes, so corrcect me if I'm wrong, but you're only playing for a cosmetic thing you don't even bother using once you got it as you have to switch when a portrait is done.

    And banning players like you may be stupid in some point because you may be vocal about your displeasure, it won't be much of a difference for their incomes or for the feedback from new players becauses they will face fewer hightly competitves decks that makes them feel powerless. (and all their P2W critiscisms)


    You reminds me of a 18yrs old playing with his 10yrs old brother, saying he shouldn't cry because he loose everygame and instead should be happy because you're playing with him. No matter of the age, size, power differencial.

    So thank you for staying at rank 20




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    posted a message on Ogres A-Sneakin'

    A great thanks to you for this deck.


    At first I was skeptical but I gave it a try because it looks fun and I was tierd of my not-working rogue mech deck (and I don't want to use the standard oil deck), but I have to say, not only this deck is fun, but very fonctionnal with a satisfiying win rate. I love it and I love playing rogue again :)

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    posted a message on Majordomo Kel'Thuzad Zerg

    Thanks for the share

    Used crackle instead of one lava burst and one ancestral spirit. Done a few errors during  my successfull attempt (board full of totems preventing KT to resurrect a copy of him self, etc) got lucky after being unluck (he targeted my only remaining KT then stopped using his ability) but I managed to finish it


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    posted a message on BRM first wing - Too easy?

    We all have Naxx heroïc has a background experience and more cards (One year of collecting dust is important), so I think 1st wing  BRM will be easier (not opened yet on EU) than Naxx ones. And I am pretty sure a lot of players started immediatly with a freeze mage.

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    posted a message on Violet Teacher in Oil Rogue

    You mean another card that can generate creatures for board control in a spell heavy deck ?

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    posted a message on complaints about netdecking in Casual

    You mean, you only play against control warriors ? Because equally frustrating decks likes zoo or face hunter are much easier to craft for a newbie and have litterraly no legendaries.

    More seriously, even with very few games played you can builde legendaries heavy decks : If you exclude new accounts with money spent on card packs, there are Naxx legendaries.

    And matching players based on games played won't prevent you from this kind of frustration because, you know there will always be a moment where you face legs heavy decks.


    Having a fair MMR system is a science because there's so many parameters : games played, win ratio, collection size, decks cost, etc.


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    posted a message on Bad Mannered Players On The Rise

    The problem isn't the one person BMing / spamming you, it's the repetition. Not everybody can handle it with serenity.

    Even if it's only datas, you know that it isn't random ones. There's someone behind the screen on the other side, and that's a fact you have to deal with. Sure it would be nice if the guy on the other side realise that you're a human being like him, but you know, peoples loves to hate others, especially when they don't know them.

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    posted a message on This game is no fun anymore, EVERYBODY plays rush variants

    The major difference is that there is a hero cycling mechanism in LoL and more than 9 total characters available.

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