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    posted a message on Corrupt Card Quest

    and I was wondering WTF why is it not progressing if i play discard warlock all time. Now i know. Counting only un-crrupted cards.... I'm just speechless right now...

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    posted a message on Scholomance Expansion Confirmed

    6340 gold, 92810 dust, and VISA I think i can handle it ;)

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    posted a message on Should Blizz rework Murlocs or are they Ok?

    Remove Gentle Megasaur and add Scalelord

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    posted a message on Hof dust question
    Quote from czapejro >>
    Quote from Bruiz3 >>

    And if i have non gold Leeroy and craft golden one I get  3200 for golden one and disenchant for 800 one

     if you already have non golden one then you dont have to do anything

    if you craft golden one: 
    crafting golden one -3200
    hof refund +3200
    disenchant golden +1600
    disenchant normal +400
    = +2000

    if you don't craft golden one: 
    hof refund for normal +1600
    disechant normal one +400
    = +2000


    only exceptions are common. If you own only regular craft golden you will earn +10 dust per each

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    posted a message on Cards That Should be Good

    well, perhaps it should never be considered good, but in this topic Lady in White deserves her spot. I think one of the most over hyped cards ever (I do admit i jumped in a hype train back in the day)

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    posted a message on Community abusing the emote function more often nowadays?
    Quote from FreshJive >>
    Quote from vNihilism >>

    You have to click a few buttons to mulligan at the start of every game too, you also have to play cards. But clicking twice on a hero portrait to squelch is too much "menial labour"? I have to wonder about the mental fortitude of some players, no wonder many can't apply themselves and play a deck that isn't just ripped from the internet. 

    This has reminded me that one player actually blew up at me yesterday because I emoted Well Played (once) at the end of a game. He added me after to ask me why I "BM'd", called me names and told me I only won by luck. Then he unfriended right away. Unstable people venting their frustrations on character voicelines. It won't be long until these players are making the excuse that because they forgot to squelch it tilted them for the next game and affected their performance.

     I say well played after every game once. I feel like its the polite thing to do. Like shaking hands afterwards. Your right, it more than likely threw off any following match for that guy, funny stuff tbh.

     Thats what i do. I used to play a lot of SC2 back in the days, and gl, hf at the begging and gg at the end, was basic manners.

    Tbh i don't really care if other think its bm from my side, i would say its rather their problem with treating everybody like bm dicks.

    of course, you can easily see when some one is bm you spamming hello, and so on, that is when i use squelch. But hello at the begging and well played at the end i would never consider as a bm.

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    posted a message on Getting 1000th win with Mage and unclockin fire mage Jaina

    congratz !

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    posted a message on Custom Expansion - Call of the Ocean (DONE!)

    really like some of the cards.

    +1 for all the work.

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    posted a message on Move Whizbang to classic

    If Whizbang the Wonderful should be moved to classic, I state hereby I shall craft him in gold.

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    posted a message on Mage Packs - Don't Buy

    +1 well written.

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