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    Yeah  idk just testing everything out at first ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    I knew that i wanted to try out the deck with these cards at first and baku seemed to be okay. Im going to change it soon

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    Patches is finally a fair card i guess. Its still a free 1/1 Pirat draw from your deck. That effect is still good and should be enough for an 1mana Legendary. Its just not broken and played in almost all decks anymore. Tho Pirates are not a thing at the moment, Patches is still played in some decks that like to draw cards and play Pirates. Although those are not many now. Could come back when Pirates get new cards, but for now it looks like the big Pirat Era is over.


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    Perfectly Balanced

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    For Control Hunter to be good they need better board clear effects...

    I hope we actually have some Hunter-Decks we never saw before.

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    Don't let your memes be dreams!

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    The return of Control Warrior. I hope at least :D

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    This card actually made a comeback for C'Thun Druid for me. Draw your buffer, Vek'lor, Brann, C'Thun. Is fun at least :D

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    Glory to the Lich King!

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