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    posted a message on New Legendary Minion - Whizbang the Wonderful

    So, so much value with this card. Any, I mean any, F2P player, no matter if newbie or hardcore veteran, would benefit from it. As F2P you would never have so much dust to craft all those cards to try out all decks. I'm F2P since closed beta, trying to craft 2-3 most interesting/top decks every expansion, but there is always some gap in my decks preventing me from truly refining my decks. Even if I get all cards I wanted, it's just one deck and playing with it gets stale after a while. 

    Consider those pros for Whizbang the Wonderful:

    1. FUN! Much fun. Good synergies, strong minions, hard to earn or craft legendaries/epics,  variety in decks rotation. You won't get bored as quickly as you would be playing your own collected/crafted 2-3 decks. 

    2. New refreshing decks for classes you normally play. Opens up new ideas for your own decks. 

    3. You can get experience with classes/decks you would never play anyway. Opens up new ideas for your own decks. 

    4. You can experiment with new cards and decks after expansion release. No risk in crafting new cards. That's enormous value for present and future expansions. 

    5. Strong, optimised or near-almost optimised decks. Yes, they are no T0 or even T1 sharply refined net-decks, but very solid T2-T3 materials nevertheless. I guess till at least rank 5 you have chances to win with every one of any of the 18. 

    6. All is gold and shiny! But you might feel a bit dizzy after a while, so consider crafting non-golden version. 

    7. You don't need any other card to enjoy Hearthstone than this one. Really. I mean it. 

    TL;DR Best 3200 dust invested in this game for my 5 years of experience with this game. I'm pretty damn sure it will be the same for you. 

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    posted a message on No new daily quests since K&C launch

     Same, no quest for me today on EU

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    posted a message on New Priest Spell - Unidentified Elixir

    So far, Unidentified Elixir carried me through couple of games in my Yogg-Lyra spell Priest. Especially good on Priest of the Feast. Any modification can be benefitial. I like the card, even though it might appear as a bit dull and RNG - based. 

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    posted a message on Ruins of Ahn Quiraji, new Hearthstone adventure?
    Quote from Japanzie >>
    Quote from SithLordOfSnark >>
    Quote from Gupx >>
    Quote from SpectraWavess >>


     hearthstone and wow are closely connected.

     oh my I have just realised this also! did you know that the Shaman hero Thrall is actually Thrall from Warcraft! There is also a movie!!
     .... How did you NOT know that? The game is called Hearthstone: Heroes of World of Warcraft.
    Hypocrite, the name of the game is "Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft" 
     Well, we probably play different games then. On my loading screen it says "Hearthstone". Period. 
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    posted a message on Best Golden Heroes?


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    posted a message on The elephant in the room
    Quote from 3nnui >>

    RNG will be the death of this game

     Rather, RNG is the success of this game, if you haven't already noticed. 
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    posted a message on Best Un'Goro Standard Decks for End of Season Ladder Climbing

    You could highlight at least one truly midrange/control deck, really Hearthpwn

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    posted a message on Which was your 1st Golden Hero?

     Hunter. Mostly with midrange variants

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    posted a message on How to keep motivated

    Stop playing after 2-3 losses in a row. Come back in a couple of hours or next day with fresh mind and better attitude. 

    If not this month, you should reach your goal next season. Start at the beginning of the season at slower pace, without hurrying much. 

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    posted a message on Journey Below

    Great one or two -of in miracle/garden rogue for cycle, early game minion and second Sherazin, Corpse Flower

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    posted a message on Link your favorite miracle rogue decklist?

    I guess you can achieve success with any variant. It can be up to your personal preference which one eventually is your favourite. 

    My only real suggestion would be to add Journey Below as one or even two -of (instead of one Hallucination. It's a great 1 mana spell used for cycle, getting minion for early game and/or, most importantly, to get you second Sherazin, Corpse Flower. Two Sherazins will give you enormous advantage against any midrange/control deck. At least one Journey Below is mandatory in nowadays miracle/garden rogue IMO. 

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    posted a message on im seriously so sick of this stupid game its not fair once your opponent gets good rng you lose.
    Quote from itachi_sharingan >>

    thing is , ive stopped and started with this game for too long. ive been playing it on and off for 3 years and never hit legend once because ive always been getitng fucked around and tilting

     You play this game for 3 years and don't already know that it's a card game already RNG induced, with puropesely RNG factored? 
    InB4Lock. Noone wants to hear your insults for no reason. 
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    posted a message on New Mage Quest - Open the Waygate
    uote from Nefiret >>

    I already said that, but nobody took me seriously...

     who da fuk are you and what did you say
    In short: people here were such deluded that overvalued the Mages' quest. Their optimism blinded them...
    Now, has been shown that all your crazy combos are just pie in the sky, basically inviable. Taking account the current Meta, this quest reward is only worth for dusting it...
     There is no "Meta" as for now. Most of people is trying cards, some are trying to exploit chaotic decks with refined aggro decks. Nothing is certain. 
    You can make any statements about viability of such cards in a week or two. 
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    posted a message on Best artwork of Ungoro

    Notice how all quest share same theme and how adorable they all are. 

    Overall, they made best arts in any expansion/adventure. 

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