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    Did you even TRY your own deck?

    It doesn't work the way you think it does.

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    I thought about this for a while -- but no, you don't want to add the Quest here.

    If you add Quest, you need cards like Cabalist Tomb and maybe Babbling Book to generate spells to help clear it.

    And ultimately, it does NOT help you to win. You still lose if you could not stall long enough or don't draw Antonidas fast enough, even if you clear the Quest OR have the rest of your combo pieces.

    I would rather use the slots to put in more stall / card draw, or Hemet to thin your deck further.


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    Hey Tera! Stumbled upon your Prophet Velen Priest deck while I was looking for ideas here on Hearthpwn on how to make a C'Thun + Prophet Velen Priest deck work, at a friend's request.

    I still remember having a lot of fun with your Dragon Warrior deck from a previous season! So I was thrilled to try out your Velen Priest deck -- except with a few alterations as I wanted to make C'Thun + Prophet Velen work.

    After some testing with several card replacements, I settled on removing 4 cards from your list to put in some C'Thun minions:



    These replacements probably make the deck worse. But when I played a couple of games with it, I realize that people drop their guard when they see a Disciple of C'Thun get played -- they don't expect Prophet Velen or Mind Blast or AOE clears for days. And that's managed to net me quite a few wins -- against Zoolock and Aggro Shockadin even.

    While comparing your deck with other Control/Velen/C'Thun Priest decks, I realized that nowadays to make Control Priest even playable in the current meta, you need a core of about 22 cards -- for removal and draw.

    That's kinda sad, if you think about it. But it is what it is, and I'm thinking of taking that core of 22 cards and trying different things with the remaining 8.

    Thanks for putting out a guide for this deck.



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    No Bloodhoof Brave?

    I think you need to cut 2 cards to fit in 2 Bloodhoof Brave somewhere. Seems like this list will lose to aggro/flood decks quite easily before turn 7.

    I would also cut 1 more card for Harrison Jones which is key for Shaman and Paladin matchups IMO. Though without having tried your list I'm not sure which 3 cards I should cut. Which 3 do you feel are the weakest here?

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    I'm giving your deck a downvote because you do not turn on VIDEO ARCHIVES for your Twitch stream, and thus there is no proof that you reached Legend with this deck.

    This is not the first time I've seen one of your decks with a link to your stream and no archives whatsoever. I don't know when the hell you stream. If you don't have video archives, even if I somehow manage to catch your stream, you won't be playing this particular deck anyway -- so what's the point of watching your stream?

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    Wrong video.

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    Pretty decent list, but it definitely feels like it can be improved IMO.

    Only played a few games with it. Generally I like the decklist quite a lot. Especially love the inclusion of Alexstraza here.

    However, I do not like Twilight Elder's inclusion. Is there a point to him? He just comes out and dies after 1 turn most of the time.

    Feel that I could use a few more spells (to activate Execute, for instance) and a slight bit of draw power.

    Still not sure how I can tweak it to better suit my tastes, but for starters I am cutting -1 Twilight Elder for +1 Shield Block.

    But overall a really good list. Props for this; it was a lot of fun playing it. :D

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    Btw do you have any advice as to how many 1-drops/2-drops/3-drops/4-drops/5-drops/6-drops/7+drops to include for the typical aggro, midrange or control decks?

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