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    posted a message on CecilTV streaming Hearthstone Beta gameplay!!

    MTG Regionals '03 top 16
    Regionals '04 top 8
    PTQ '05, '06 top 16
    FNM... too many to count

    Accomplishments of Cecil

    WoW TCG
    Placed 1st in sixteen (16) realm qualifiers
    Winner of the region's Realm Conqueror competition
    DMF 1st place in side-events
    Placed 1st in numerous local store events
    Realm champs placements:
    + Top 16 - 4 times
    + Top 8 - 3 times
    + 3rd-4th - 1 time

    He is very knowledgeable of the game and strategies!

    Come check him out at http://www.twitch.tv/ceciltv#/w/6852834176

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