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    posted a message on How to nerf Oh My Yogg!

    When your opponent casts a spell, counter it and cast a random one instead.


    Not same cost but completely random. 

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    posted a message on Any tips to improve my wild deathrattle shaman deck?

    You play Barnes so maybe remove lower cost minions and add a bit more removal for early game. Then you can add Ancestral Call. It does change the idea behind the deck though.

    If you want to keep playing deathrattle then maybe more taunts to survive early game + nzoth?

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    posted a message on Balance Changes Coming In 2 Weeks

    I hope Tickatus will get nerfed since i got a golden one from a pack recently. Other than that i hate Oh my yogg but they probably won’t touch that one...

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    posted a message on Wild Balance Changes Not Planned & More! - Community AMA

    Aaand chat on ios is broken again

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    posted a message on Battlegrounds - Blizzard Patch Teaser?

    Let’s hope they finally decide to share changes when i start the game. Really annoying to start a game just to see they decided to nerf/change something like with the last demon nerf.

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    posted a message on New In-game Shop Released, Tyrande & Sylvanas Tomorrow!

    How about fixing mobile chat? It has been bugged for like 2 months already

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    posted a message on Compensation for 15.6 Update & Tavern Brawl Issues

    Chat on mobile isn’t working for more than a month, every time you try to message a friend game is crashing. Also you can’t add friends. Same thing, you try to do that, the game is crashing. 

    My phone is pretty new and i do have the latest software. Doesn’t change the fact that the game is full of bugs and blizzard doesn’t seem to care.

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    posted a message on 1st place and I got +0

    I got 0 but for a 5th place so i guess that is nice.

    On the other hand i just got -1 for finishing 4th, didn’t even know i can lose points finishing top4.

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    posted a message on What Wild packs to buy?

    I would suggest looking for the deck you want to play first, go with the expansion that has legendaries and epics you actually want. If you don’t care about any specific deck at the moment, just pick the expansion that looks fun to you

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    posted a message on This forum is too large!

    Since there are replies, why would anyone close those subforums? This thread should be closed though

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