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    Bumped after title change. Thanks FirePalyHSplayer.

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    It's really impossible to spell it out specifically because it is subjective so it's a ballpark estimate.

    If toptier tourney decks are 90-100% and classic-only no real collection FTP noobie decks are 0-10% then make an educated guess as to where yours sits on that spectrum. We're all adults i'm sure one person's 20% is not going to be another person's 90%.

    The rules are fairly simple - when you make a deck you want to play in this way add the percentage to the front of the deck name (in case someone wants to use the borrow deck function and so that you can keep track of your own power levels) and don't bring anything higher than 70%.

    Post your battletag in this thread so people can add you, you add as many others as you wish, and play away.

    If anyone is running around here with top tier decks then people will take screenshots and post in the thread so everyone else can ignore that user in friendslist.

    EDIT: Spelling

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    Quote from Mojomaker >>

    I see people complaining about the decks being played in casual all the time. But no one seems to have a possible solution method. I rarely play casual, so I couldn't care less tbh. But shouldn't you be able to play what you want in a mode called "casual"?

    You can play with your homebrew decks and you can also try a tier 1 deck without sweating it up in Ranked. 

    I, personally,  try my shitty decks in ranked because beating a rank 24 guy who is playing with basic cards is not fun for me. I'm not judging anyone, it's just my personal opinion. 

    So, my question is: Why is casual problematic for you? And how would you fix it?

    If it helps I started a thread with an idea on how to fix this. Anyone interested in joining the REAL casual network is welcome to post there and have some fun:


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    I disenchanted my golden Raza 2 days before the nerfs were announced. Blizzard declined to reverse it twice.

    I'm saltier about that than any losing streak i've ever had.


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