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    Hi All

    TLDR: Come join a growing community of likeminded players looking for a proper casual environment without the risk of running into top tier tourney decks over and over.

    Set some decks aside specifically for this purpose - no top tier stuff that is plaguing casual right now. We only want meme decks, budget decks or nooby decks from restricted collections (i.e. the kinds of decks SUPPOSED to be in casual).

    THIS IS NOT A PLEA FOR BLIZZARD TO DO SOMETHING. THIS IS NOT A WHINE THREAD. THIS IS US DOING SOMETHING CONSTRUCTIVE OURSELVES. So please kindly refrain from negative comments about how Blizzard won't listen or how casual is fine/not fine because that is not the purpose of this thread.

    Original post:

    After spending a few years barely getting to 10 in ranked due to limited cardpool and getting spanked all over Casual by top tier tourny decks  I began to wonder if we could just create a defacto third option without Blizzard's help. We would do this by creating a dedicated friends network for this purpose only using this thread as its base. Ideally it would be a truly casual environment for people wanting to play around with fun/meme decks and those without huge card collections.

    I figure that a good first step is to do what MTG Commander players do and rate your decks. Top tier decks are obviously going to be way up there from around 70% to 100% so only power levels up to 70% would be welcome.

    Obviously this is subjective and reliant on human estimates but you all know what up to 70% means so as long as nobody is a tool about it and justifying Zoolock as being 69% then we're fine. Leave the other 30% for Ranked or Casual (i.e second ranked). Then add your tag to this thread so people can add you and challenge using only decks that fit this criteria.

    This would also help the noobies that have almost no cards a lot because they could just use the 'borrow deck' function in friendslist challenge to pilot one already checked and rated by the other player.

    This would be super easy to police because you could just post screenshots of any knobs that decide to bring a fox into the henhouse with a toptier deck and they are shamed and unfriended by the people using this thread.

    If you're interested in playing fairer HS in a friendlier environment post your tag in this thread and add some other peoples'.

    Happy gaming!




    1) Keep deck power under 70%. Make an educated guess.

    2) Only screenshot and post pic if someone is bringing an obviously >70% or high tier deck into these games

    3) Keep it clean - we want this to be a safe and fun environment. Keep the salt to a minimum.

    DISCORD SERVER: https://discord.gg/ry3PJK

    (permanent link now)

















































    - New and improved - added Discord server and battletag lists

    - Deleted deck rating system - too many people asking me how to estimate a deck's power out of 100. Just tell people what you're playing.

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    Quote from scorpyon >>

    Hang on. Who determines what decks are allowed here?
    Considered one man's meme is another man's top tier, there's a heck of a lot of subjective opinion involved.

    For example, I see Mecathun decks as the ultimate memey type of deck - yet some would consider them top tier which I would disagree. 
    And let's assume they aren't - the best way to combat them is to use a high-aggro deck or similar, which are definitely top tier. 
    So removing decks you just happen not to like means other decks that others hate will become forefront instead. 

    It's a slippery slope...

    I think i've addressed this kind of query before but i'll reiterate:

    What you've described would be a problem if you were still queueing in casual where you have no control over who you queue against or what they play. But you're not in casual. You're here with friends.

    This means that instead of hitting CASUAL - GO and facing your 17th top tier meta opponent in a row you hit up someone on your friendslist from this thread or join the discord and go from there.



    YOU: Hey, up for a few games?

    ESTEEMED COLLEAGUE: Sure, im running sillypally with all weapons and no minions. What are you playing?

    YOU: I saw a ridiculous shaman deck that plays only minions that look like they taste nice. Let's go!


    You see there isn't really a risk of you having a massive disagreement about power level or meme vs meta unless one of you are lying, or neither of you know how to speak.


    EDIT: Spelling.

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    I was screwing around with a Tess thief rogue last night and had an interesting interaction that I probably should have foreseen, but still didn't expect.

    I played a variety of rogue spells throughout the game and one of the cards that I stole was Hagatha which I played and was perfect because she kept feeding me Shaman spells for my weapon durability.

    Eventually they rebuilt a big board and I was afraid of a lust so I played Tess thinking that it would replay Hagatha and clear him - But I was not a rogue at that moment - I had Hagatha as my hero so I was technically a shaman. So Tess then replicated all non-shaman spells I had played (i.e. replayed all my rogue spells) which kind of screwed me a bit but I ended up winning out of sheer value.

    I just though that was a cool interaction and didn't realise that a playable hero actually altered your class.


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    Lots of activity in Discord very happy guys.

    Also the battle.net group is starting to get a following too. We're becoming a phenomenon!


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    I asked Fluxflashor to pin it last week but no word yet.

    Also guys i've been super busy lately changing jobs and prepping for exams etc so I won't be on much. I was thinking of setting one or two of you as mods for the network. Jody already asked so is anyone else interested?

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     Guys I've spoken to some streamers who have agreed to let me leave our links on their channels for exposure.

    Also I'm opening the Discord up to TESL players because they have the same problem with their casual. They will have one dedicated channel but can always chat with us in the main lobby.

    Lastly happy 100th post!

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    Quote from xX_Clerk_Xx >>

    this is the most pro-active thread i have ever seen. you really went out side the box and tried to do something about this problem people have been complaining about for months. maybe years (i haven't been here that long). 

    very nice job with the formatting and amazing idea for a friend network. the only thing is that if you have enough friends then it might be confusing telling apart those who are for playing casual, and those who are just normal friends.

    The point about too many friends is true but it's a problem i'm willing to have if it means I get to meme my little heart out with all you crazy folk. Playing using the LFG rooms in Discord helps with this and the Discord app for mobile is really good.

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    Would you guys be interested if I created a room in the discord channel for our own mini tavern brawls? Like for a week I might have it as a "only decks with female minions" room or another week it can be a "who can kill themselves the fastest" room.


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    Quote from 10100110 >>

    It's cool but I dont think Blizzard gives a fuck

     I think some people are missing the point.

    We're not asking blizzard for anything. This is a user driven replacement for the Casual that should have been. All you have to do is add your tag to the list and you can join the discord.

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    This is taking off nicely in discord. A nice little group is starting to form.

    It would be fantastic if we can get this to grow enough for the mods to pin it so please tell your friends to join if they're interested.

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