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    I'm 8-2 with this now! Amazing and fun to play

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    With the mini-set we will get another Sigil, so that's potensially 6 per game.

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    Because Razorboar is a Boar, hence a Beast. And Razorfen Beastmaster is a Quillboar who also happens to be a beast master, and therefore has several Razorboars beside him in his picture.

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    I have played 5 games and won 4. Two of those victories were against Paladin, and one against Mage. I'm not a Priest main either. So I actually disagree with you. 

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    Guide to complete all the achievements from Forged in the Barrens that will grant you XP

    Hi guys! I just made this guide. Hope it's useful for you. (I think the order of the achievements, especially the Neutral ones, is different on everyone, so keep that in mind). Many of the achievement this expansion is very straight forward, and therefore can't be done with a few games. But I will try to help you getting as many of them as possible - with the help of you guys as well. This guide will be updated once new inputs on the achievements appear in the comments.

    Demon Hunter: (These can be done at the same time)

      Play everything in the same deck and  you will eventually get all three achievements.



    • Play 5 cards in a single turn that naturally cost 8 or more: play a deck with Celestial Alignment and many 8+ cost cards.
    • Cast 5 Druid Nature spells in a single turn, 25 times: Play Token Druid, and this will come to you over time.
    • Copy 5/20/50 minions with Plaguemaw the Rotting: Play a deck filled with taunts and this card. You can also copy the Plaguemaw using Faceless Manipulator Germination and Zola the Gorgon. (Thanks to TheHiddenNinja7)



    • Trigger the Frenzy on a 5th-generation Sunscale Raptor: Play a deck with a lot of small spells so that you can get the Frenzy-effect guaranteed, and draw the Raptor with Scavenger's Ingenuity. You have to be a bit lucky, but it's doable. You can also draw with Warsong Wrangler and Master's Call. (Thanks to TheHiddenNinja7)

    • Summon 10/30/75 Beasts with Tavish Stormpike: Play a Beast deck with the card, and you will get this in a few games.

    • Summon 6 Swift Hyenas in a single turn: Play Face Hunter with Kolkar Pack Runner and a lot of small spells. If you have two on board at the same time you only need 3 spells (but remeber to clear space for the 6th one).



    • Destroy 50 Frozen minions: You can go all in and fill your deck with Freeze spells and damage, such as Cone of Cold, but the most fun way is to play Hero Power Mage with Varden Dawngrasp, and the achievement will come by itself.
    • Deal 75/150/300 damage with your Hero Power as Mage: Play Hero Power Mage with Wildfire and Reckless Apprentice.
    • Refresh 8 Mana Crystals with Refreshing Spring Water in a single turn: Play No Minion Mage and cast two of these in the same turn.



    • Buff 60/200/600 minions with Invigorating Sermon: Use this card in Libram Paladin, and the achievement will come by itself. It buffs your entire deck, so it will go faster than you think.
    • Cast 5 Paladin Holy spells in a single turn, 15 times: Play Secret Libram Paladin.
    • Trigger 5 Paladin Secrets in one turn: Play a throw away game in wild. Wait until your opponent has a 3+ attack minion. Play any minion + Reckoning, Noble Sacrifice, Avenge, Redemption and Getaway Kodo. All 5 trigger on the minion's attack. (Thanks to SneezyDwarf_18710)



    • Attack and kill the drained minion with Serena Bloodfeather, 5 times: For the priest achievement with Serena Bloodfeather, since the card is total garbage and you don't want to play a deck with her I suggest you also do it in Duels. Just put her and Animated Broomstick in your deck and wait till you draw both. Should be fairly easy in the first 1-2 rounds where your deck is quite small, especially with the heal/draw hero power. (Thanks to SirJohn13)
    • Start 5/20/50 turns with a full hand as Priest: draw as many cards as you can early-game, so that you end each turn with 9 cards. You don't have to overdraw for this achievement. Drawing the 10th card at the start of your turn is enough.
    • Restore 40 Health to heroes in one game as Priest: Fill your deck with healing cards, especially Desperate Prayer, as you heal the opponent hero as well.



    • Play 6/9/12 cards in a single turn as Rogue: Play Miracle or Weapon Rogue, or fill your deck with 0-2 cost cards + Secret Passage. You also need Shadowstep and preferably Tenwu of the Red Smoke.
    • Coat a Swinetusk Shank in 4 different Poisions: Play a deck with the Shank and all the poisions, and do not attack (So that your Weapon lives). You can also save all the different Poisons in your hand so that you guarantee to play all 4 on the same weapon.
    • Yoink! All 10 Hero Powers: Play Yoink! and keep track of which Hero Powers you already have selected.



    • Deal 30/60/150 extra damage with Nature spells: SPELL DAMAGE and Nature spells together. Hint: Bru'kan!
    • Destroy 50 enemies with Murlocs as Shaman: Play Murloc Shaman (even though it's not good at all) and focus on trading and killing minions instead of going face.
    • Play an Elemental 5 turns in a row: Play Elemental Shaman or fill your deck with Elementals. Then count your turns and play only Elementals.





    • Use Bulk Up to create a 4th copy of the same minion in your hand: Play a deck with only one Taunt minion with 2 copies of it. Draw both minions, then play 2 Bulk Up. You can play a Taunt with Rush (Ruststeed Raider) and draw them with Stage Dive.
    • Gain 14 Armor with a single Rancor: You can go for luck, or play a Wild deck with Mad Summoner followed up with Rancor.
    • Have 10/40/100 friendly minions survive damage on your turn, as Warrior: Play Frenzy or Rush Warrior, or go to Wild and use Risky Skipper.



    • Play 15/50 Watch Posts: Play a deck with Watch Posts, and this will come automatically.
    • Build costum Golems using 6/9/12 different herbs: Play Kazakus, Golem Shaper and keep track of every herb you have used.
    • Cast 10/40/100 Rank 3 spells: Play any deck with a Rank spell, and this will come to you.
    • Trigger 10/40/100 Frenzy effects: Play Frenzy Warrior, or fill a deck with Frenzy cards and play a few meme games in rank 10 or 5 (so that you don't lose rank).
    • End your turn with 7 Gruntled Patrons: Play Warrior Duels and choose Spiked Arms. Summon a Gruntled Patron while the weapon is equipped. (Thanks to Greym1)
    • Destroy 25 minions with Venomous Scorpid: Play the card, and this will come.
    • Start 10/40/100 turns with a Caravan: This is boring. No class has more than 2 copies of a Caravan, so if you want the achievement I suggest you play a good deck with the calss you chose, and put two copies of Caravan into your deck. This will slowly give you the achievement.
    • Find Mankrik's Wife + get lethal damage with the summoned Mankrik: Just play Mankrik, and this will eventually come. I will suggest Shuffle Rogue, as you can get more Mankriks in your deck.
    • Copy 5 Secrets with a single Horde Operative: Very hard. Play it in your deck against Secret Paladin and you might be lucky.
    • Swap a 0-Cost minion with a 10-Cost minion with Shadow Hunter Vol'jin: Easy. Make a deck with only 0-Cost and 10-Cost cards + Vol'jin, and you can swap your own minion. This is easy because you can guarantee it to hit a 10-Cost in you hand by playing all the 0-cost first. There aren't that many 0-cost minions, so fill the rest of the deck with spells so they won't interrupt.
    • Summon 50 Demonspawn with Burning Blade Acolyte: I suggest you put this in a Wild Deathrattle deck, because then you can trigger the Deathrattle several times with spells etc.
    • Summon 50 Hogs with Hog Rancher: Put this in your deck and play. To get this a bit faster, play Battlecry Shaman in Wild to get two copies played every time, or a Rogue deck where you can play it several times with cards such as Shadowstep.
    • Summon a 10-Cost minion with Primordial Protector: Use the Primordial Protector in a Clown Druid drawing Survival of the Fittest or in a Primordial Hunter drawing Nagrand Slam.
    • Solve the mysteries hidden throughout the Barrens: 

    Hope you all enjoy! If you have better suggestions for some achievements, please post them in the comments for people to see. I will also update the post if I see some better suggestions. 

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    It's misleading. But the portal itself says "at the end of your turn". It doesn't solve the issue with the wording on Neeru Fireblade himself, but the developers have confirmed it's a mistake. 

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    I think Rokara works just like intended. If it was as you suggests, it would be a very situational and awful card.

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    Quote from BlueTwo >>

    Dude... if you’re going to post something labeled as a guide, it implies strongly that you’re going to go well beyond the blatantly obvious I.e. not posting water brained tips like “put all achievement related cards in your deck and play until achievements unlock”

    I agree with you. But a lot of the achievements in Forged in the Barrens is sadly "do this x amount of times", for example the Demon Hunter ones. It's no better way to get these achievements than to put all the cards in the deck and play it many times. Sadly. I've tried to be more specific where possible, but I'm sorry you didn't like the guide. I also want to remind you that the guide is getting updated consecutively when people in the community find better options and put them in the comments (as have happened several times already, as you can see). 

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    Quote from TheHiddenNinja7 >>
    Quote from JustACheetah >>
    Quote from TheHiddenNinja7 >>

    I'd like to suggest some edits, if I may:

    DH: Can you please add the actual achievements like you have every other class?

    I also added the DH-ones separately. 

     Thanks! Now I know and can suggest that playing N'Zoth, the Corruptor is great for that achievement to summon deathrattles. Also Carnivorous Cube

     Thanks! Will add straight away.

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    Quote from TheHiddenNinja7 >>

    I'd like to suggest some edits, if I may:

    DH: Can you please add the actual achievements like you have every other class?

    Warlock: *Imp Swarm (Rank 1).  What do you mean "If you draw the other altar"? If you play your first Altar of Fire and it discards your 2nd, and you didn't discard any legendary of your opponent, you have to concede and try again. lorekeeper polkeit can guarantee that the 2nd altar isn't at the top of your deck for it to be discarded.
    there are also 4 shadow spells that cost 0 by default. Make sure to include them.

    Warrior: I think you mean Stage Dive or Town Crier, not athletic studies.

    Yeah sorry, fixed the error with Warlock and Warrior now. I also added the DH-ones separately. 

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