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    posted a message on Group therapy! Need to blow off steam? Mega salty? Here is the place! V2
    Quote from Kaladin >>

    because i didnt tech in weapon removal in my 'just for fun' casual deck, that means i deserve to lose.

    god damnit.  i am so trash.  i hate myself more than anything else.  hopefully i wont wake up.

     Kaladin my dude, i love reading your posts in this thread, i'm addicted to read them daily. Still, i hope you dont mean what you say. 

    Come in this thread, vomit all your salt and move on :) 

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    posted a message on Group therapy! Need to blow off steam? Mega salty? Here is the place! V2


    Last year the fool huntard was abusing everyone's asses by playing super spellstone and the DK Rexxar bitch. Now, they still have the facetard hero power to the face.

    Please KILL THE HUNTER ALREADY. The hunter is a scum asshole moron who sucks my cojones, fucking motherfucker. 

    Also, ffs its for the fucking Malfurion to die too, always the most powerful class. Fucking grandpa with the force of nature bullshit and fucking trees everywhere and the fucking Harrison Ford, Malfurion is my bitch, go die in a fire you ecologic fucking vegetable, i like the city and the cars and i dislike the fucking wild and your moron beasts and bullshet, pollution will rise against you you piece of shet i use your fucking trees to make a big fire. 

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    posted a message on Rise of Shadows Official Launch Times Announced!

    When expac launches i'll be at work, and anyway i dont plan to open my packs right away. I'll probably wait a couple days, finish my legendary quests and then open everything (hopefully they will actually give 12 RoS packs from the quest chain) .

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    posted a message on Season 59 Is Cooking Up Deliciousness - The Pizza Stone Card Back

    I hope this is sarcasm, for i believe this is the most amazing cardback ever created. Previously there were others like the Old Gods one, or the lemonade one which are imo two of the best cardbacks out there, but this Pizza one is even better.

     The art is great, the tomato and olives are amazing, they give a "mediterranean" flavor to the thing, which is imo totally appropriate, and the onion is just great. I love onion, fight me :D

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    posted a message on Cannot quit Hearthstone even if I should

    "Unfair" or "undeserved" losses happen to everyone, everyday.

    I just went to do a number 2. While in there, i was playing a few casual matches with my Dragon Priest. Lost 3 matches in a row vs 3 different Hunters, 2 of them with the perfect draw of secrets+spellstone turn 5, and the other was using beasts, also with a sick draw. I never even drawed any of my Stonehills or Duskbreakers, even though i hard mulliganed for them, i did not even have a chance to answer.

    I truly believe had i drawn the card i put in my deck in the proper order, i would have had a chance to win. It's a pile of steaming bullshet, but that's how the game is. There is skill, yes, but ultimately everything depends on the luck of the draw, and therefore luck plays a pivotal role in this game.

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    posted a message on Winter Veil is Coming! New Card Back, Bundle Deal, Free Packs Through Quest

    I wont be getting the bundle, it should be 30 RR packs or they should include packs from RR at the very least.

    Still, the cardback is nice and the 4 boomsday packs will provide some free dust, so no complaints about freebies.

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    posted a message on Sharing my Demon Bee Gees Disco Lock

    LOL thanks so much for this deck!! I'm having a lot of fun, i'm only 3-0 so far, small sample size i know, but matches are a lot of fun.

    2 of my wins have been vs Odd Mages with FLJ, so long and in the end the infinite value from portal wins you the match, so much satisfaction. I've upvoted but for some reason it doesnt appear. Still, really fun deck, only had to craft the Quest, but it was worth it!

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    posted a message on Group therapy! Need to blow off steam? Mega salty? Here is the place! V2

    Shet shet shet FUCKING SHEEEEEETT!!!!!!

    I kill Malfurion, i kill the DRUID I KILL IIIITTTT, I-WANT-TO-KILL-ITTTTT!!!!! Useless piece of garbage, the fucking nature and the force of bullshEEET!!!

    My ass will rise against you, spectacular BULLSHEEET!!!! Fuck you, fuck you druid, fuck you forever, let my Anduin have some fun, fuck you good Malfurion you and your fucking taunts and the spiders and shet, you WILL WITHER MY ASS YOU MORON, MY FUCKING ASS WILL ROT IN YOUR FACE!!!

    You'll see, you worthless worm druid, i'm gonna stick a treant up your ASS you FOOL, i'll PUT THE FUCKING SCARABS AND THE FUCKING MALYGOS IN YOUR BED AT NIGHT, FUCKING SHIIIIT!!!! 

    PS: Ugh, i'm glad i let that out of my system. No offense bois, let's keep playing a bit :)

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    posted a message on Princess Talanji is unreal in quest or thief priest
    Quote from Shissan >>

    Sigh. The last thing we need to see is more priests on the ladder. I'm still trying to recover from the Raza metas, and I don't want this class anywhere near "competitive state" please.

     Speak for yourself. I love Priest and i want it to be strong again, nobody here bears the authority to decide what 'we' need. I suppose you want your favorite class/classes to be strong right? So it's legit for other ppl to wish for Priest to be strong. 

    I never understood why Priest attracts so much hate and negativity. Is it for the steal mechanic? Maybe it's the unpredictability of the class? Those things and more make Priest one of the best and most interesting classes to play for some of us.



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    posted a message on I have 30000 dust, what should i do

    I have right half of that, 15k dust. Still, quite a lot considering i basically have everything important prior to RR, and plenty of the less important stuff. 

    I'm gonna craft Shirvallah, the Tiger. It's the only card i need for Kripp's Bazookadin, have all the rest. Wanna have some fun with it, and even if the deck turns out to be bad, Shirvallah is still quite a good card.

    Besides that one, i'll wait for now. Not sure if Zuljin is worth it yet, and i'm also waiting for the Rogue legendaries to be useful, specially the shark, i truly like the flavor of that card. 



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