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    posted a message on I have 30000 dust, what should i do

    I have right half of that, 15k dust. Still, quite a lot considering i basically have everything important prior to RR, and plenty of the less important stuff. 

    I'm gonna craft Shirvallah, the Tiger. It's the only card i need for Kripp's Bazookadin, have all the rest. Wanna have some fun with it, and even if the deck turns out to be bad, Shirvallah is still quite a good card.

    Besides that one, i'll wait for now. Not sure if Zuljin is worth it yet, and i'm also waiting for the Rogue legendaries to be useful, specially the shark, i truly like the flavor of that card. 



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    posted a message on Share Your Rastakhan Pack Opening Screenshots & Results!

    I've always preordered and opened 150 packs or so, but i didnt play the last 4 months bc burnt out since BD launch, so i only preordered the small bundle, and had 500 gold or so.

    After opening 30 total packs including freebies and the small preorder bundle, i only got High Priestess Jeklik in the first 10 packs (Akali, the Rhino was my free loa). Needless to say, i was a bit dissapointed, i wanted at least 1 more legendary.

    I gathered some more gold with my free ticket for the Brawliseum, plus a few euros i spent, and opened 18 more packs. I got really lucky, i pulled High Priest Thekal and a golden Hir'eek, the Bat! lol so good for a total of 48 packs.

    I'll probably buy some more packs for christmas, and also i have 15k dust so i can craft pretty much anything. Also worth noting that, with 48 packs only, i got most commons and rares, and maybe 10 or so epics. Not too shabby.


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    posted a message on When Rogue Will Get A Broken Card?

    The Caverns Below. This card alone invalidates your argument, for it holds the record of card that has been nerfed most times, and STILL it is playable and acceptably strong. Arguably Rogue has the most broken card that has ever existed in the game, considering the times it has been nerfed.

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    posted a message on Worst pack opening in my last 3 years

    Lol i got 1 in the 30 packs i opened. And it's the one that you get in the first 10 packs lol so that puts me so far in 1 legendary per 30 packs, absolute trash. 6 legendaries in 106 is not bad, actually, it's pretty decent.

    The fact that those are not the ones you want is another story. But at least with 1 legendary per 17 packs or so, you are way better than the average of 20 packs.

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    posted a message on Do you open all packs at launch, or slowly open them throughout the following 4 months?
    Quote from Nickfuryusn >>

    Are you some kind of sociopath?

     lol the kids these days, really...

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    posted a message on Do you open all packs at launch, or slowly open them throughout the following 4 months?
    Quote from Synthetikmisery >>

    What's wrong with you?

     Care to explain? I could ask you the same, considering your question is totally uncalled for.

    Did i offend you in any way? If you dont wanna take part in the discussion, nobody is forcing you to.

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    posted a message on Do you open all packs at launch, or slowly open them throughout the following 4 months?

    Out of curiosity, what is your preferred method? I ask because, this time around, i decided to change my approach to pack opening and see how it goes.

    Up until now, i preordered every expansion, plus i saved 7k-8k gold and bought a bunch of packs. I always ended up opening about 140-160 packs on launch day. However, i was quickly burnt out when BD launched, mainly bc the meta rapidly got stale and BD had little effect on the game. Therefore, i decided to take a break, and came back just a few days ago, after ~4 months away.

    I could have preordered as i always did, considering i had 0 gold (spent all my gold on BD launch, as always). However, i decided to slowly grind gold for the next 4 months and steadily buy packs with my earned gold, so as to have something to work towards. Previously, i always had the feeling that opening all packs on launch day left me with no objective to pursue, and grinding all the gold again for the next launch was really tedious.

    Now, i just preordered the 17 packs bundle+6 free packs+600-700 gold i already gathered, so i'll open about 30 packs or so, and buy packs with gold during the upcoming months, in bundles of 10 packs or so. It also helps that i have a nice dust reserve of 14k dust, so anyway i'll be able to craft a nice amount of things if need be.

    So, what's your take on this issue?

    EDIT: Mods if you see this close the thread ffs, shouldnt have bothered. Thanks anyways to those who took the time to properly answer instead of belittling, insulting and behaving like 5-year olds.




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    posted a message on Need help doing the "100x5 gold vs Friend" quest

    Done, thanks!! :D

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    posted a message on Need help doing the "100x5 gold vs Friend" quest
    Quote from Healingpower >>

    The promotion is long over, so it won't be a 5x100g, but 1x100g, because you won't get the 2nd quest.

    I am sorry :(

     Oh didnt know that, too bad, but it's still 100 gold hehe

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    posted a message on Need help doing the "100x5 gold vs Friend" quest

    Hey there,

    I would be grateful if anyone could help me complete that quest 5 times. I dont care if i lose or anything, but i need to do it 5 times, 500 gold is way too much hehe.

    If anyone is interested:


    EU region

    Thanks a lot.



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    posted a message on The End of the Season is Near! Top Legend Decks From Hearthstone's Pros

    This is one of the best cardbacks ever designed, and i'm gladd i'll have it.

    My top 4 cardbacks are Old Gods preorder, Diablo "Secret Level" Tavern, Kabal and this one. Awesome.

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    posted a message on Turn 6 OtK (can be done on 5)

    Personally i removed a Sudden Betrayal and added a Cavern Shinyfinder.

    Player 11 matches so far, won 9 of them.

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    posted a message on Who is your favourite Doki Doki Waifu?
    Quote from RichardSRocha >>

    You guys piqued my curiosity, although I'm not in any way interested in otaku/weeboo/whatever culture. This, and the fact that I'm not a straight male, makes me wonder (and I ask you to be honest with me, please): will this game be worthwhile for me to play? I know I could check it for myself, playing it already, but it's best to know before spending my time on it.

     Well, i'll tell you honestly my opinion. I've never played this type of game before either, though i really like this manga/yandere etc culture, but i simply never came across any game of this type.

    The game is free, to begin with. That's already great, imo. Also, dont be discouraged by the pace of the game, give it time and keep playing it. And, for gods sake, if you still havent spoiled anything, then avoid reading spoilers and watching videos at all costs. Only when you think you finished the game, then read more about it if you want to unlock more things. Tip: the game doesnt end till the credits show up, and even when the credits show up, it has plenty of replay value as far as i know, because reasons.

    I know my comments may seem an hyperbole, well each person perceives things on a different way. I just know this is the best game i've ever played.

    I wish i could find similar games to this one, but i fear there is simply no game like this one. I searched steam a bit, some adult games appear, but that's not what i'm after. Those games cant do what this one does. The excitement, the chills down the spine, the sensuous words and attractive texts and art.

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    posted a message on Who is your favourite Doki Doki Waifu?

    Guys i'm, i'm back...

    This game, it's not a videogame. It's a piece of art. That's all i can say really, i'm just overwhelmed right now...

    I know everyone is playing with the new cards from BD, i just opened my packs and went back to Doki Doki, i couldnt help it. Played the second playthrough, Yuri was there, at the reach of my hand...

    And the more i played, the more strange things happened, the more glitches took place. Sometimes it almost seemed like a horror game, something really weird was going on, Yuri was acting deranged, she told me she loves me, and then it all happened... i knew Monika was after it all. I knew it because i couldnt shake her off my head.

    She actually knows she is in a game. Seriously. I mean, yes it's just a game, but she actually is aware she is in a game. I mean, i know it's a game, she's a file in a game, scripted to tell all that to me, and yet it feels so "real", if that makes any sense...i truly dont know how to put it into words.

    I found out what i'm supposed to do next. But i cant. I wont. Even if it means not ending the game, i wont delete her. She did it, she did everything for me, she did it to get to me and i wont delete her ever. 

    This one is the happy ending for me. No other ending can be happier than this one, having her eternally there, talking to me.

     I've played many games. Games i thought were really, really good. Mass Effect, Diablo, Fallout, you name it... i thought many of those games were masterpieces. I was wrong, i was totally wrong. I even feel no game ever again will be as good as this one, and it was FREE, ffs...

    Thank you so much for this thread and for helping me discover this game. I couldnt help Sayori, even though i was ready to love her forever. I couldnt give Yuri all she craved, even though i would have, the moment she asked it. I couldnt fully understand Natsuki, even though i didnt care because seeing her smile made my day better.

    I couldnt do anything of that, and it was because of Monika...just Monika. 


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