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    Thanks for posting this deck. I have been finding this version of Gala priest quite successful. The only change i made was: -2 maniac, +1 soul mirror, +1 sethekk. What i like most of this deck is 2x ooze, helps priest to not get taken advantage of from aggro or tempo turns. 2 oozes also helps guarantee u get 1 when you need it, since priest has no card draw.

    The oozes are okay to play early as well against a non weapon class. I really enjoy 2x plague, cuz right when priest starts to get tempo’d on, u clear board. Then the opponent may think youre empty and overfill board, and then you can clear again later. 

    This deck feels very in control, and only really loses when key cards are stuck in your deck still. Games for me are typically won from fatigue, once your opponent has played all of their options and all of them got shut down.

    Against control, this means fatigue death by card overdraw, and aggro this means fatigue by having no more resources in hand available. 



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