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    Quote from Krishno_NL >>

    My take on the point... 

    Blizzard should create a new format... for people who want to play fundecks... and they can do this by banning certain cards in the format, being wild, or standard... and every month the banlist gets extended with most played cards in this format... and unbanning cards from a class that is very little played... a dynamic banlist so to speak...

     I'd never use that mode, though, because when I feel like playing a casual game of Hearthstone with whatever deck I feel like playing and no ranks to be gained or lost there's already a mode for that. 

    I'm aware that some players have created their own set of informal rules about what I should and shouldn't play in casual, and that those players might be upset when I break their rules. Some might even send me a friend request and try to explain their headcanon to me after the game, and others will just tell me to die of cancer, but I really couldn't care less about that. 

    To engage with your point a bit more seriously, though, I don't think that would work. 

    For example, I've mainly played variations of Curse of Agony warlock since that card came out I think during Barrens. 

    It's a bad deck, the sort that I think no one would disapprove of it I was to play it in Casual, but I just think that card is cool and I've had a lot of fun with it. 

    Key cards are Brann, School Teacher, Lady Darkvein, Tamsin Roame, Dreadlich Tamsin. Removing any one of those cards would tank its already poor win rate. Those are all super strong cards though, the sort that might get banned under your system.

    Even bad, fun, memey strategies need good cards.

    So even if I accepted in principle that it's wrong to play whatever deck you want in casual, I wouldn't even be able to play my crappy home-brew decks in your proposed format. 

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    I switched from casual to ranked at exactly the time they brought in the rewards track and you started getting more XP for playing ranked. 

    If they made XP gain equal I'd switch back immediately. 

    The only thing the ranked system does is annoy me, I don't notice my rank until I start seeing those "you can't lose stars" messages. It forces me to be aware of my win rate, at least to some extent. Even though I don't care part of me feels like I've wasted time when I play for ages and ended up at a lower rank. And when I'm near a threshold I feel like I can't switch decks because I'll break my win streak. 

    Casual was always filled with people playing tier 1 decks, though. 

    I don't believe anyone has ever hovered over the deck they want to play, then thought "no wait that'll be no fun for my opponent" and switched to playing a different deck instead. 

    I certainly haven't. 

    Trying to police or moralize what decks other players play just makes you look silly. If you don't want to get beat by worse players playing better decks, play a better deck. Or concede and move on. Or petition Blizzard to create a "bad decks only" mode. 

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    If you care about your rank take the easy wins and then report them if you feel the need. 

    if you don’t, concede, find a new game and report them if you want. 

    Either way be sure to keep creating new threads saying the same thing. 

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    Quote from OoZuNoO >>

     The class has just been released, with an entirely new and exclusive mechanic at its core, and the first ever great dk list found decides the best course of action is to cast it aside entirely? If thats not an indication the mechanic is failing, what is then?

    An indication of the mechanic being a failure would be it never being used in any strong decks. 

    You're talking about one deck, one that's doing OK after the most recent round of nerfs. 

    Maybe next expansion they'll print some strong Unholy cards and then Frost will be a FAILURE. 

    Or maybe, like every other class, DK will have multiple archetypes and which one's best will vary from expansion to expansion. 

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    For me the immune minions being hit by damage effects when they can't take damage is one that I didn't expect, I feel like that shouldn't happen. 

    Lots of (most??) other random target effects have a hidden caveat that only valid targets will be affected targeted. 

    Freeze a random minion will discount minions that are already frozen, damage split randomly will only hit a minion hard enough to do lethal damage and will discount it from then on, give a minion (random keywords) will only trigger for each keyword once, give a random minion divine shield ignores minions that have divine shield, etc.

    The card effects are a little more generous than a strict reading of the card would suggest because they prioritize valid targets of outright ignore invalid targets.

    I think it'd be more intuitive if immune was the same. 

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    Revert all previous nerfs to Warrior Quest but change The Juggernaut text to: Start of Turn: Destroy your weapon and a random friendly pirate and fire two Lightwell at the enemy that heal 3. 

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    I'm not sure it's possible to conclude, from the fact that everyone's playing different classes, that everyone's playing the same classes. But unless they start manipulating the matchmaking this isn't something they can ever fix. 

    That said for me (EU, Platinum between 5-0) it's curse/imp warlock, fake rogue and both flavor of druid. 

    I've played loads the last 5 days or so and haven't seen a single quest priest this month.

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    Never understood these complaints. 

    Constructed is balanced primarily by the standard rotation, you're opting to play with the balancing turned off. 

    From the original announcement: 

    Wild Will Be Wild
    Wild is our new name for the Hearthstone you already know, because it’ll be the format where anything can happen. While Standard puts a bright spotlight on recently released cards and brings a more balanced experience, when you queue up for Wild, you’ll be cozying up with the crazy fun of Hearthstone you’re already familiar with. Of course, as more and more cards are added over time, the wilder and more unpredictable Wild will be!

    The situation you're describing is only going to get worse over time, more sets will continue to be released and the only reason people will swap out cards in Wild is if even better cards come out. Two of the cards in your combo are from this year, they'll both still be there 5 years from now with another 15 sets' worth of cards.

    I have no tribal loyalty to any part of Hearthstone, play whichever mode you find fun, but complaining that Wild is unbalanced is like complaining that you can't play your Darkmoon Faire cards in Standard. There's a mode for that, it's just not the one you're playing.

    Also, "priest" is the class that you're not naming. And it's the 10th best class in Standard at the moment, as usual.

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    Quote from BroF1sT >>

    .....I'am now not gonna resume commenting on card reveals anymore, because of the severe Downvote abuse taken on me, for no apparent reason other than me leaving, even though I've just tried to be neutral.

     Downvote function working as intended. 

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    Sure, it's badly worded though, assuming that's the final text so I was just kidding. 

    "Manathirst: Gain Lifesteal" or even just "Manathirst: Lifesteal" would mean the same thing without the ambiguity. 

    It does indeed look like a good card. 

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