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    posted a message on New Hunter Spell - Goblin Prank
    Quote from Uoeaa >>

    What happens if you play this with Dire Frenzy

    Will it kill the minions in your deck at the end of your turn?


     no, you'll shuffle normal copies of the card with +3/+3, if the card shuffled exact copies of the card, it wouldn't say at the end "Shuffle 3 copies into your deck with +3/+3" it would probably say "Shuffle 3 exact copies into your deck"

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    posted a message on New Warrior Spell - Rocket Boots
    Quote from Rainbowhorsehead >>

     Hand of Protection ----> Potion of Heroism

    Charge ------> Rocket Boots

    Next expansion:

    Arcane Missiles --------> 2 mana deal 3 damage split among enemies and draw a card.

    You know it will happen.


     I'd be perfectly happy if they made more of these types of cards, it lets you have more consistency in your decks, i'd especially like it with Shield Slam so you could make a more armor focused control warrior and not rely on Execute, would probably have to cost 3 mana though

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    posted a message on Dreampetal Florist

    Ben Brode never designed cards, he was just the friendly face of hearthstone

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    posted a message on We need to tamp down the Randomness, here's how

    Randomness isn't inherently bad for a card game, it makes games have a move variable outcome so your plans have to be flexible, and you have to react to situations you've rarely face. On the other hand having to much randomness makes your decisions largely unimportant. there's a happy medium where you have to decide how to minimize the chances of a negative random outcome.

    Many cards are rendered to bad or frustrating to play due to their randomness, the best way to solve that is to give randomness priorities. in order to do this i would add the "seek" keyword, then, after stating the effect have "seek (whatever target)" and if possible the random effect will have that chosen target, and if multiple targets apply, then it will choose randomly

    For example Knife Juggler can target either heroes or minions, so if you wanted to reduce its randomness you could add something like "seek minions" and then the knives would only  hit the enemy hero when there are no enemy minions on the battlefield. But if there are multiple minions, say 3, it would randomly choose which minion to hit.

    this keyword could help many mechanics that are already in hearthstone like Succubus. One big problem with discard decks is that there is no predictability unless you have a small hand size, and you can't very well make a card that just says something like "discard a minion" or else you'd just play it when you have no minions in hand. so instead you could have "discard a random card, seek minions". Heck you could even have multiple stages of priority, for example "discard a random card, Seek minions, then spells". which would discard a minion, unless you don't have any in hand, in which case it would discard a spell, if you don't have any spells in hand it would discard a random card (only two categories left, heroes and weapons)

    One more mechanic i liked but was poorly implemented was Recruit. Like Guild Recruiter if it said "Battlecry: Recruit a minion that costs (4) or less, Seek the highest cost." so that you could build a deck with a midrange curve and not only get the most value out of it, but also have much less likely to whiff (because you could add 1,2,and 3 drops)

    I know some of the random cards would become too powerful if this were implemented, so you might have to nerf their stats or abilities.

    thanks for reading and i hope ya liked the idea

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    posted a message on New Druid Minion - Dreampetal Florist

    Everyone seems to be ogling at how powerful this card is, but i really don't see it, your two types of decks you can play this in are control (ramp) and combo.  but in control it's basically a free 4/4 optimistically, except you can't leverage the tempo until the next turn, plus it's random so you might have to play a card at an inopportune moment like Primordial Drake. while i think this card could see play in a combo druid deck, it still might be too inconsistent because it's random, so unless Malygos is the only card in your hand you can't rely on the discount. i don't think this card is bad per say, but the amount of hype for it is unwarranted.

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    posted a message on New Mage Card Reveal - Celestial Emissary

    i don't think you know the definition of scrict

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    posted a message on Let Break the meta with Shudderwock!!

    i wonder what Saronite Chain Gang+C'Thun does. is it each one does 6 damage, or just the original one?

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    posted a message on New Hunter Card Reveal - Wing Blast

    absolutely what i was thinking, for a control deck you typically are either removing something in a turn or playing a midrange/big threat. in the first case you don't really capitalize on tempo, but in the second case you probably won't have a minion die.

    on the other hand for aggro, you can either get a favorable trade against a small unit and use it as a 1 mana deal 4, or you can use it as a pseudo Power Overwhelming by sacking a 1/1 or something into a midrange threat then dealing 4 additional damage

    So i'd be very surprised if it makes it into a viable control hunter, partly because control hunter needs a lot more support (like a hero tutor) and partly because it's mediocre in control hunter.

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    posted a message on New Warlock Minion - Hooked Reaver
    Quote from EternalFinality >>

    Whenever could they have gotten the idea for this excellent card.....


    Oh that's right.

     or you know, the warrior card Mortal Strike that existed before shadowverse did. Plus i'm sure Mtg at some point had this mechanic too
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    posted a message on Hearthstone’s Most Wanted Emotes

    Someone should make a poll for what emotes people want and how many people want autosquelch

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    posted a message on Thoughts on the Upcoming Meta

    What decks do y'all think will be tier 1, tier 2, tier 3, and not viable. And what cards from the new expansion do you think will be featured in those decks?

    For Example (this is not what i actually believe the meta will be):

    Tier 1: Lone Hunter (no minion hunter) Ft. To My Side!, Totem shaman Ft. Windshear Stormcaller, Big warrior Ft. Woecleaver

    Tier 2: King Togwaggle Warrior Ft. Explore Un'Goro, I want you Druid (recruit druid) Ft. Oaken Summons, Pain Warlock (self damage Warlock) Ft. Hooked Reaver

    Tier 3: Buffadin Ft. Potion of Heroism, Time Priest Ft. Temporus, Demonlock Ft. demons

    Not viable: fun gameplay (jk)

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    posted a message on New Hunter Card Reveal: To My Side!

    Assuming you get to choose the companion each time, i don't get all the rage from this card. I assume it's epic to not mess up arena, and if you get the requirement, it's pretty good.

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    posted a message on New Priest Card Reveal: Twilight's Call

    Seems good for thief priest

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    posted a message on New Paladin Legendary - Lynessa Sunsorrow

    If you Entomb this card, when you play it later on in the game will it cast Entomb on itself much like the Djinni of Zephyrsinteraction used to be?

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    posted a message on New Warrior Legendary Reveal: Geosculptor Yip

    i hope you know it's random and not recruit

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