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    It's a significant tempo loss, however. For practical use, no one plays this card.

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    Stegodon power creep

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    Rip, powercreeped by Hoard Pillager

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    Anyway, I made some changes and added Galvanizers, went on a winstreak afterwards, back to Rank 3. The Defender of Argus can be a pretty clutch card.

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    All Paladin secrets cost 1?

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    Nice one! Outlasted a Midrange Hunter with his Dire Frenzied Razormaws and Zombeasts, I mean it also helps that I happen to have Twig and Mecha'thun, so no need to craft.

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    posted a message on Five Wallet-Friendly Witchwood Decks for the Budget Conscious

    I can say the same thing for having 0 Armorsmiths and 0 SI:7 Agents.

    I think I crafted those missing Hunter rares, can't remember if I got duplicates.

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    Failed first attempt is expected. I probably failed like at least 15-20 times, maybe more. But Vicious Fledgling is the clear winner. This is for those who want a cheap deck, feel free to use a more expensive deck.

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    posted a message on can't pass 19 rank (stuck on 20 most of the time) :(

    Aggro Druid is also another deck not mentioned that can get you high up the ranks.

    In the past few months I've mainly used budget versions of Mid-range Hunter, Aggro Druid, Zoolock, Aggro Priest, Secret Mage, to get to Rank 5. There's a bunch of decklists out there on Hearthpwn that you can look at and build on, and if you're looking for some more specific cards to craft, you'll ideally want more than 135 dust, maybe up to 1000 dust, or more packs, but it's a start.

    Let's say you have 200 dust and you absolutely needed to craft some missing cards right now (rather you'd prefer to open some of these in a pack, so be patient if you're buying packs through gold.)

    Aggro Druid: Mark of Y'Shaarj, Mark of the Lotus

    Mid Range Hunter: Eaglehorn Bow, Crackling Razormaw

    Aggro Priest: Kabal Talonpriest, Shadow Ascendant, Potion of Madness

    Secret Mage: Kirin Tor Mage, Kabal Crystal Runner

    Zoolock: Kobold Librarian, Crystalweaver

    Neutral cards: Cobalt Scalebane, Bonemare (these cards are super strong and common, from KFT). Also Corridor Creeper is the #1 priority craft right now, if you have 800 dust. That card is busted lol.

    Again, I would recommend that you do not craft too many of these, as dust is so valuable and you can open them in packs instead without wasting dust.

    These would be some key cheap cards you'd want to have for these decks.

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    That's good, I've used this deck to reach Rank 5 the previous 2 months. This month I got stuck with it around Rank 8-9, so crafted Aggro druid instead to get to Rank 5.

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