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    posted a message on (BUDGET) Heroic Silverware Golem (Updated)

    Thanks for the deck. I had to change mine up since I don't have all the cards.

    But Tentacle of N'Zoth is a direct replacement for Explosive Sheep, so I used that. Also put in some Cornered Sentry and Protect the King as well as a Rotten Applebaum - the extra Taunts proved to be critical in saving my face and Frothing Berserker.

    Deck here: https://www.hearthpwn.com/decks/1092281-heroic-silverware-golem-witchwood



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    Kinda does ok except against Warlock and Voidlords. So not looking for winrate particularly. Might tech in Spellbreakers

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    posted a message on Cheap Rogue vs Lich King

    Failed first attempt is expected. I probably failed like at least 15-20 times, maybe more. But Vicious Fledgling is the clear winner. This is for those who want a cheap deck, feel free to use a more expensive deck.

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    posted a message on can't pass 19 rank (stuck on 20 most of the time) :(

    Aggro Druid is also another deck not mentioned that can get you high up the ranks.

    In the past few months I've mainly used budget versions of Mid-range Hunter, Aggro Druid, Zoolock, Aggro Priest, Secret Mage, to get to Rank 5. There's a bunch of decklists out there on Hearthpwn that you can look at and build on, and if you're looking for some more specific cards to craft, you'll ideally want more than 135 dust, maybe up to 1000 dust, or more packs, but it's a start.

    Let's say you have 200 dust and you absolutely needed to craft some missing cards right now (rather you'd prefer to open some of these in a pack, so be patient if you're buying packs through gold.)

    Aggro Druid: Mark of Y'Shaarj, Mark of the Lotus

    Mid Range Hunter: Eaglehorn Bow, Crackling Razormaw

    Aggro Priest: Kabal Talonpriest, Shadow Ascendant, Potion of Madness

    Secret Mage: Kirin Tor Mage, Kabal Crystal Runner

    Zoolock: Kobold Librarian, Crystalweaver

    Neutral cards: Cobalt Scalebane, Bonemare (these cards are super strong and common, from KFT). Also Corridor Creeper is the #1 priority craft right now, if you have 800 dust. That card is busted lol.

    Again, I would recommend that you do not craft too many of these, as dust is so valuable and you can open them in packs instead without wasting dust.

    These would be some key cheap cards you'd want to have for these decks.

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    posted a message on [Rank 5] Budget Aggro Druid

    Grats on Rank 10! I find that Snowflipper Penguin can be crucial in games to push out that extra minion in the first few turns as you buff it, it becomes a 2/2 with Mark of the Lotus or Power of the Wild, or 3/3 with Mark of Y'Shaarj, that can be coined on Turn 1.

    But Ironbeak Owl could be useful against Jade Druids running those Ironwood Golems, I just haven't encountered them much on the ladder. Perhaps against Control Warlock as well.

    This deck is still holding up well in January, just went 19W-8L from Rank 9(2*) to Rank 5.


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    posted a message on New Hunter Card Reveal: To My Side!

    Doesn't make sense, doesn't synergise too much. Can't run Kathrena Winterwisp. How many cards are out there that only summon minions? Sure there's a few, but not really enough for a good deck.

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    posted a message on Free to play rank4 72% winrate

    That's good, I've used this deck to reach Rank 5 the previous 2 months. This month I got stuck with it around Rank 8-9, so crafted Aggro druid instead to get to Rank 5.

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    posted a message on [F2P] Aggro Druid

    This is really good. I kinda got stuck around Rank 9 with my own Aggro Druid deck (with 1 Living Mana), spent 80 dust on this one, and went 24-13 to Rank 5. Well worth it, thank you!

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    posted a message on Free to play rank4 72% winrate

    This is the same as sonecaroxx's deck from a few months ago: http://www.hearthpwn.com/decks/939638-free-to-play-rank-23-to-legend-in-3-days-day-80

    Good to see it is still holding up.

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    Yeah, either silence the 3/9 or Mass Dispel your 1/3s essentially makes the 9 mana spent less valuable. Nevertheless it's an interesting card.

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    posted a message on New Warlock Card Reveal: Voidlord

    Wow this is not bad, definitely can give Warlock more time to control the board.

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    posted a message on F2p Lich king paladin

    I was missing a bunch of cards, so I made my own deck using what I have.


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    posted a message on Hearthstone... is good?

    Perhaps this game is lacking innovation. The game is looking exactly the same as it did on release, some stuff we still can't do, like reordering decks. My guess is that technically the game is not designed to be easy to update - it was designed like a small indie game but has grown into a huge audience that needs more frequent and long lasting updates to the game. It explains why their focus is on constantly releasing new sets - it's easier to just come up with new cards and visuals without having to change the core code of the game.

    I'm coming from a League of Legends standpoint here, where they have innovated and changed a lot of their core systems over time, to meet the growth demand.

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    posted a message on Free to Play Rank 23 to Legend in 3 days Day 80% win rate

    That's pretty good, I didn't think about trying Explosive Trap, I thought it might be too slow. I guess Grievous Bite can serve a similar purpose.

    I got to Rank 5 last month with Sonecaroxx's deck slightly modified (-1 Golakka Crawler  +1 Dire Wolf Alpha, -1 Bearshark for +1 Tundra Rhino). This month though it's been a lot harder, but perhaps it also being earlier in the season has an impact. I tried a few variations, putting in more 1 drops, removing a Cobalt, but eventually I grinded up to Rank 5 with nearly the same deck but with 2x Golakka Crawler. Having consistent draws in the mid/late game with 2x Bonemare and 2x Cobalt Scalebane really helps, though the problem is that sometimes they're just too slow. Early board control is difficult sometimes against rogue and shaman which makes you reliant on the correct draws, and drawing those cards early is just a dead card in your hand. 


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    posted a message on F2P Having Trouble Climbing The Ladder

    Hunter this season so far has been more difficult than at the end of September, when the nerfs hit. I got to Rank 5 last month with that hunter deck linked in the OP (just a few different cards). This month I used mostly the same cards and got stuck at Rank 9 a bit (currently Rank 6). It still performs pretty well at Ranks 20-10. If you want to climb you have to play smarter now. There will be more games where you are unable to do anything against Tempo rogue and Razakus Priest, but playing correctly against them will win you games you wouldn't have otherwise.

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