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    There's a lot of weird interactions, the one I'm not sure is deathborne into rat king. I've been playing swarm hunter and so many opponents play deathborne while my rat king is alive, the deathrattle triggers meaning the rat king dies but no skeleton is summoned (I think the dormant effect makes it technically live but the deathrattle effect can only trigger when it dies...)

    Denathrius also wastes damage into immune minions while other random enemy effects don't.

    The whole Harvester of envy shenanigans working in a questionable way

    There's others but I cant remember them all.

    I tried party crasher in a big dude pally with renathal too and it actually worked nicely but I only have one copy and played it two/three times in total so not the greatest amount of testing...

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    It's probably the infuse as people said, technically it is the same card after its first infuse (same art and name) but the text is different. I was wanting to craft that priest card but this has made me think twice. I reckon this should be fixed bc even tho you can argue it's how it works, but it just feels very off to release that legendary with all the infuse cards that counter the effect.. 

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    posted a message on Topior (New druid legendary) Needs to get nerfed. Right. Fucking. Now

    Yeah that was a bit of a shocker for me, I, like many others thought that the card looked really strong and was in the same boat as you but in reality it ain't too ridiculous. Sometimes it can be but that's like a 1 in 10 games. I think Druid has other problems to be addressed before topior.

    Definitely feels like the Tickatus of the expansion, technically OP as hell but will probably not see much play after 4 months because it'll just be a little too slow for the meta 

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    I agree, also druid and warlock both looked like the strongest choices going into this expansion so most people would've started off playing those 2 classes the most to begin with and we yet might see the true mvp shine in a week or 2.

    But I've already made 8 decks that all seem really good and almost all of them have 10+ new cards in them, one of them has 20. Infuse/swarm hunter seems like my strongest so far followed by a new quest DH, having lots of fun with both of them and both classes have historically been in my bottom 3 favs too...

    There are some definite nerfs incoming but I don't think there'll be too much to begin with, the location and draw for implock are both worthy contenders but for druid I do honestly just think it's Guff that's the only problem still. 

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    posted a message on Can we nerf the questline hunter to 1 mana instead of 0 ? [STANDARD]

    Not only do I agree on balance terms but also bc I opened a golden copy 🙃 but at 1 it's probably too bad, I'd say it's probably better to up each stage by 1.

    3 more spells is a lot more to play for it I think and will definitely slow it down and remove more spells for their end game burst

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    Tbf every streamer I've seen (not many in all fairness) has said the same thing about the new druid deck, if you're talking about the token one. So there's a good chance that the dragon will actually end up getting nerfed to 8 or denathrius to start at 1 damage or something at some point.

    I've only watched zeddy a couple of times but I think he sometimes plays a satirical version of himself like that Boogie guy way back in the day. But sometimes I think he means it... Although he does seem like someone I'd actually watch on a live stream just in hopes of seeing him finally snapping and having a full on breakdown over the announcement of 4 yearly expansions or something

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    posted a message on Your favorite video game designer of all time

    I'd have to say my favourite are my friends, they ain't released anything yet but been making a new card game for the last 3 years (only 3 of them). The cards are just stand-ins but they're using marvel comics so its easier for them to design effects for the characters. It's looking pretty complex now with lots of ways to play but is still very basic in terms of animations and has zero interface or way to build decks yet, they have to literally programme the deck into the game but it's very fun to play when it doesn't crash or some bizarre bug happens, I'm just very impressed with what they have so far accomplished while running full time jobs and one of them recently gained a new family member. They could definitely sell it to a larger company and make a fair wedge or develop it without marvel properties and getting sued by them...

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    posted a message on New Neutral Legendary Card Revealed - Theotar The Mad Duke

    How will this work with curses? If I have a 4 damage curse in my hand and give it to my opponent will it remain as 4 or go down to 1 for my opponent?

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    posted a message on The most powerful/broken expansion yet?
    Quote from PetiteMouche >>

    How do you know they didn't nerf 20 cards before release of previous expansions ?

     They probably did, but they didn't announce the cards and then nerf them before its release like they have this expansion. Releasing cards and not knowing where the meta is gonna go and then have to make changes make sense but to have made a card and then reveal it and then go "oh actually that's too strong" after a single video/game clearly suggests they didn't test cards at a very fundamental level. It's not like a specific card turns out to shape a meta because there is no meta to shape yet. 

    And you clearly didn't read my comment that they probably hadn't tested the card up until the announcement video with the card in play (for probably the first time ever) otherwise that card would've been nerfed before it's announcement/release. My comment is the fact that it seems like the announcement of said cards were the first time they were played and if that's the case then this expansion could have some serious issues with balancing 

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    I just feel it's weird that they are announcing the cards and then nerfing them after they showed them in action. It's almost as if the mage and paladin card was literally never touched during play tests and initial balancing. 

    I thought the rogue one can now be silenced down to a 1/1, the wording is similar to Edwin, whereas before it acted like jades. But I tend to get cards wrong when they're first announced like Drekthar

    Powercreep is always gonna be a problem but too much too quickly can be a major problem

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    posted a message on The most powerful/broken expansion yet?

    As of now not even 25 cards have been announced and 3 of them have already been nerfed. Deathborne went from 5mana to 6. Elitist Snob lost 1 attack and Rogue's new location can now be silenced. 

    Is this normal? I swear I've seen cards that were announced with a keyword or extra stats than what they're released with but I never knew if that was me misreading them to begin with or not.

    Either way, I don't think I've seen this amount of nerfs so early on and I don't know if I'm the only one worried with how powerful the other 110 cards are and how untested this expansion clearly is?

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    posted a message on Any promising Prince Renethal decks?
    Quote from Legend_Entomber >>

    Great to see people having success with decks starting 40 cards and 40 health, I'm just worried that the cause of this is that Dev team want to open design space / increase power level of future cheap-mana cost cards (basically helping Aggro/Combo decks to punish slower games, so we can have 1-2 mana cost cards dealing 5-6 dmg to the face...)

     What happens when he rotates out though? If they powercreep cards by 33% in line with the health gain so we're looking at stuff like 10 DMG fireballs and he rotates out, Blizz must realise the game would be unplayable without a couple hundred nerfs afterwards

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    posted a message on How about the idea of an All-Common Format?

    I mean they brought in classic mode that has a very limited amount of money Blizz can make per player and the vast majority of players didn't really need to spend any money on it anyway. So there could be a chance. But it'll more likely be a one off Tavern Brawl. One that I'd actually enjoy too.

    I do wish they added a little casual sandbox mode where there's like a dozen different permanent modes you can play for fun. All commons for one, all rares for another and all legendaries, 15 hp max, 100 hp, start on 3 mana, 5 mana crystals max, only neutrals. Nothing exciting or crazy but enough to come back and play or challenge friends on

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    posted a message on Downvoting , does this site need it?
    Quote from JJSawry >>
    Quote from JollyCroquet >>
    Quote from JJSawry >>

    Oh god, he talks about democracy, on a private site no less. It would seem you're not mature enough to understand adult world.

     What does democracy and this being a "private site" (which it certainly ain't) have to do with each other? I'm pretty sure the white house/10 downing Street etc are all private buildings too but are also part of democratic countries. 

    Also if anything, private sites are closer to a democracy than public sites (like this one is) because everyone who is allowed access to them generally have more say/power on the site. 

     The 'democracy' people mention is about 'free speech'. Free speech laws exists to stop THE STATE from controlling it, not a private party in a private setting. 10 downing and the White House most certainly CAN and WILL force you to control your demeanor, while if you're in my house i can control your speech and actions by kicking you out. You have no right to 'free speech' in my house, just like you have no intrinsic right to free speech on this site in particular. You have it because THEY allow it, in their private setting. Because they chose to moderate they have an obligation to keep doing it, so THEY don't become liable for something YOU say. A private site has nothing to do with democracy, it's not legally a public quorum, even if Musk implies it.

    That being said, from a functional point of view, having likes and dislikes counted and shown separately can show that a thing is popular yet contested. Having them shown together in the same situation can imply lack of interest instead. First approach just gives more information.

     Okay... That's nice to know about free speech, but I wasn't really talking about free speech.. I was pretty much only saying that this ain't a private site. 

    But if we're talking about free speech then I agree with you there, even in top economic democratic countries the idea of free speech is.. interpretational at best, with plenty of people being arrested for saying something someone else disagrees with... But when it comes to the whole "majority of a state have a say/vote on things" part of democracy, then this site technically has it with the upvotes/downvotes. I mean "vote" is written in the words and that's quite a big part of democracy, allowing everyone the right to vote.

    Also I have no idea what Musk has to do with this, I don't follow him or anything so I can't say anything on that. The way I see it is if over half the members on a site have the right to vote and speak, then it's pretty much a democracy as far as websites go. But the idea that a site can actually be a true democracy is naively optimistic at best, and a site dedicated to Hearthstone would definitely have some rules about what not to talk about. Basically anything not Hearthstone related 😂 which does take away the right of total free speech but when it comes to Hearthstone and blizzard, then I think we have a pretty large spectrum on what we can talk about, you can praise them or condemn them, claim they're the worst company, compare them to cancer, whatever you want and chances are, the comment won't be removed. But if I kept uploading muffin recipes on here every day, I'm pretty a Mod would send me a message saying "Dude. Can you not?"

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