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    I honestly didn't think it was possible for a meta to be this bad. I don't even feel like I get to actually play the game in most matches. It seems like the majority games are decided in the mulligan, with little to no decision making at all on either end. This game doesn't even seem fixable at this point. 

    It's also getting slightly nauseating to watch Rogues play 5+ cards every turn & ending up with more cards than they started with. 

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    Quote from Shed >>

    Tickatus is fine, 13 Mana to burn 5 cards and 23 to burn 10, all over the course of 3 turns, will be played only in control decks to fight combo decks and greedier control decks or in combo decks that aims to blow up your deck anyway. Meanwhile Rin, the First Disciple exists, is way more powerful, does not require setup, has taunt, has way more stats, actually deletes your deck and to balance it out, it costs 8 more mana. Was widely played during it's stay in standard and nobody complained to this extent.

     Rin?...way more powerful than Tickatus? Good lord, I’ve seen some hilariously bad takes on here, but this might be the coup de grace. 

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    Quote from Tyk3 >>
    Quote from PetiteMouche >>


    My god you guys are so toxic.. The op is being respectful and reasonable, says things like "it SEEMS problematic TO ME", can't you just tell him why you think he's wrong ?

    I like how everyone thinks of himself as a great card evaluator but in reality every expansion we are horribly wrong about most cards, we think we learn to be more accurate every expansion but in reality game mechanics and cards combinations evolve much faster than our ability to review them.


    I don't see this particular combo as being problematic, but I can absolutely see a world where someone makes Felsoul Jailer problematic in some way or another. If you can make copies of it, silence it or whatever, it can quickly become a crazy anti-control/anti-combo card.

    Comparison with tickatus is also unfair, the reason you don't brewmaster tickatus is because you can felosophy it instead, and also because it already costs 13 mana to corrupt and play. And it burns cards from the deck, essentially having 0 immediate impact in exchange for bigger impact later in the game. Felsoul jailer has immediate, potentially massive impact if he burns the right card, so brewmaster makes more sense.

    In the grand scheme of things, it's like Tickatus, never going to be problematic because Hearthstone will always be an aggro driven game, but i'm positive a lot of hearthstone toxic members and great card reviewers are going to cry a river because Felsoul discarded their wincondition and they couldn't get back the card in time.

     Agreed, it shows the state of the forums when everytime someone puts something people don't agree with and it becomes a hivemind of people snarking and bullying and getting their self satisfying little pathetic jabs in from the safety of behind their own screen. What do mods do about it? Nothing.

     That's the Hearthstone community in a nutshell. This game seems to attract a lot of the introverted, socially awkward, angry, basement dweller types, who are incapable of meaningful discussion. Any kind of disagreement, no matter the topic, usually results in unnecessary ad hominem attacks. Anything critical is automatically written off as whining by a large majority of this player base. I honestly have no clue why most players even browse the forums, since no topic is ever actually worth discussing in their minds. 


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    Quote from Shadowrisen >>
    Quote from Worldsapart >>

    Wow, you made an entire post without trying to validate your opinion with the fact that you “went to law school” and are “a lawyer.”  

    What an insecure b)%^* you are.  BTW, I agree with everything in your post.


    now..... remove this post for being too accurate and real.

     As I've said more times than I've mentioned being a lawyer . . . quite a few more times . . . I would be the last person to suggest being a lawyer validates anything except perhaps knowledge of a specific area of the law you might practice.  And even then, no guarantees.  Given some of the troglodytes that graduate Tulane, I would never suggest such a thing.

    Glad you read my posts closely enough to catch that, given that in 1108 posts, pretty sure I've mentioned that about 6 times.

    In any case, there was actually an intelligent reply here, which is noteworthy.  The folks who crafted golden legendaries are definitely going to go nuts.

     I’ve crafted plenty of golden legendaries & have no issue with what they’re doing. Those cards will still exist in wild & could be brought back at some point since the core set rotates yearly. I have no clue why people are up in arms over this.

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    I’ll be ready to complain if they don’t include at least one of the Highlander legendaries in the core set lol.

    I’m not ready to say goodbye to my beloved highlander mage just yet.


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    Quote from Killzun >>

    Any complain or observation brings the juice drinking trolls out

     This is the main problem I have with the hearthstone community. A large number seem absolutely incapable of having any kind of actual discussion. Click on any thread, no matter the subject, & you will see all the same comments. 

    "Quit whining/crying"

    "Play aggro" 

    "Git gud" 

    Very few meaningful comments, if any at all. Just an absolute unwillingness to even attempt to put together a compelling argument. This obviously doesn't apply to everyone, but this is the primary reason I no longer visit the main subreddit at all. 

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