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    posted a message on Oblivitron sleeper hit?
    Quote from n83dacoletrain >>

    So, I have been looking at the stats for the last 2 days on HSreplay, and Oblvitron seems to be one of the best performing new legendaries. Is this just a fluke, or is it actually really good?

     I'm kind of shocked its that high, Ive played alot of games and havent seen it at all. I'll have to test it out tonight 

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    posted a message on Mechathun Mage Game

    Check out the new video and see how i pulled off this Mechathun Mage ! 





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    posted a message on When to start competitive Hearthstone?
    Quote from Haussenfuss >>

    If the OP is asking a bunch of perfect strangers the answer to a completely subjective question, he likely already knows his answer - he's worried that the tournament grind won't be a rewarding experience (financially, and otherwise) for him. But it doesn't hurt to try - there are plenty of opportunities to enter "official" Blizzard qualifiers over the next year. In any event, it's likely best to judge "is it worth it" after making an honest attempt, rather than forgoing the attempt and listening to the salty bastards telling you "don't do it" on a casual HS fansite like hearthpwn.

     What he said lol.


    But really it's up to you to just go for and see if its something that you would want to put your time and energy in. I believe it would be atleast worth the shot. 

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    posted a message on (Possible) Upcoming Dragon Meta
    Quote from Pathod >>

    Calling it right now, Priest is going to get some dope Dragon cards since the class is losing everything good this rotation.

     i hope you're right 

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    posted a message on When the Baku refund hits, should I craft Zilliax?
    Quote from JarlBallin >>

    Unless of course we somehow get a more versatile and better neutral legendary, or Rogue, my main class, gets a legendary that I really want, I think my dust will be well invested.



     I've been saying to wait for the expansion to craft anything, but zilliax fits into basically any deck. I cant see him not sliding into any deck into the next expansion 

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    posted a message on Decks you will miss playing after rotation?

    Mechathun Druid 

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    posted a message on 3500 gold to get 15 packs+1 Golden Pack ???
    Quote from Gimpusoid >>

    What on earth is wrong with kids these days huh??!?!?!?!??


    You guys are really getting angry that a company wants to make money? A company that's good enough to give a free option? Do your quest everyday and you'll be able to get the content and the cards in a few weeks, easy, and FREE. Hearthstone isn't a job, you don't deserve payment for playing it (unless you promote it somehow of course).

    But no, you want it for free and you don't want to wait, cos you're spoiled little children who get everything handed to you, so that's what you've come to expect.

    Personally, I'll just drop in the 20 euro cos I would prefer the game to survive and for the hearthstone dev team to have as much motivation to do the best job they can.

    Which btw, I think all the new changes hat are FINALLY coming are awesome. Who woulda thunk that the absence of Ben Brode might be a good thing?!?!?


    p.s. Yes, I'm an asshole :-p

     i agree with all of this lol 

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    posted a message on 3500 gold to get 15 packs+1 Golden Pack ???
    Quote from ADXE >>

    It's the entitled generation whining about "free"dom.  You are getting something for free.  What you had before cost money, which means you paid for it.  It was never bought with gold.  Now you can get it with gold, and you get stuff, for free.  

    The old adventures were way too generous in that you received many legendary cards all for under 20$.  That is not going to happen anymore so get used to it.  Those were the good old days and they are over.  This is the power level that we're trying to get past.  

    If you want Legendary cards you should have to open many packs.  You should have to spend money to have all of the good cards.  

    It's always been that way.  


     I'll allow it lol 

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    posted a message on To Craft HOF, or Not To Craft HOF... That is the Question
    Quote from hydrafrog >>

    It should come as no shocker that Blizzard is destroying the meta by removing the Odd/Even issue entirely from Standard.  At least what they are doing is going to be compensating the players that invested dust into these cards.  

    So the question is... what are your thoughts as to whether it would be worth it to craft, regular or golden, any of the HOF cards before the change goes into effect?

    On one hand, having the dust on hand to craft other things is a nice thing to have.  On the other, you'll get your dust back AND have a card to play in wild.  What do you guys think?+

     you could craft it and then get the dust back when it rotates and disenchant it.....depends if you play wild but you'll get extra 

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    posted a message on Hall of Fame - What They Should Have Included
    Quote from merces >>

    If I craft for example Genn Greymane after the announcement do I get the arcane dust back or is it viable only for the cards you have had before the HOF rotation was announced ?

     You can do it now and still get the refund. 

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