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    Rend's bad stats could be overlooked if there wasn't the dragon-holding condition. While the meta is indeed super aggressive and rushy, ladder is often filled with big-body legendaries (Tirion Fordring), which Rend can wreck easily. The necessity to hold a dragon to trigger his battlecry is however a real weakness. 

    Besides, Rend would be much more required if we saw hard to remove legendaries more often : Malygos, Ysera or even Kel'Thuzad on some occasion. In the current meta however, this is quite unlikely.

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    so balanced

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    Fun card. Garbage though

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    There is more to this card than a winged target for BGH. Two additional spells - random as they may be - might win you the game. The last few games I had in Dragodin actually convinced me to keep this guy in the deck, along with Ysera.

    Have faith in the RNG, gentlemen

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    Lem'ta Hakkar brothers !

    Lore : Hakkar the Soulflayer was a major loa of the Gurubashi trolls, and is infamously known as the deity who precipitated the Gurubashi empire to it's demise. A cruel god with a hunger for flesh and souls, he was known as the "Soulflayer" because of his cruel treatment of the souls of those his zealots gave him as offering. Many time was Hakkar defeated, and many time he came back, ever stronger. This might just be the good one. 

    Flavor text : "They say he has a thirst for blood, but secretly, he just wants strawberry ice-cream..."

    A rather interesting effect for a strong body - 6/8 (KT) are probably the best stats you could hope for, since it puts it out of BGH's range. Probably a good addition to a priest deck, since it combo's well with Mass Dispel or just Silence. It will also destroy your own minions, which is why the flayed soul are here, as a little upside. Since Hakkar is a late game card, these souls might just come after most aoe spells have been burned.

    Overall a strong card, although probably not as much as KT.

    Read more about my opinion on this card mechanics on the discussion thread.



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